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Summary: Goku wanted excitment, so he asked for it. And thanks to a meddling Merciful Goddess, he got it. Oh boy, did he get it! 'Damnit, I asked for excitment, not a baby!!' [Goku

Sweet Child of Mine

Goku was walking through a forest, looking for something to eat. They were camping out again, and Goku had been assigned the task of getting food. Gojyo had been assigned the task of getting wood, so he had originally started off with him, but somewhere along the way they had gotten separated.

Goku had been so BORED lately…he couldn't wait till they were attacked again, at least that would break some of the monotony of daily life. He didn't know why he was feeling this way…he just was. He let out a deep sigh, then looked up at the sky.

"Hey, god's up there! I'm supposed to pray to you when I want something right? Well I'm really bored down here! Can you send something -ANYTHING- to make things more interesting? Please? If you don't I'll be dead from boredom by the time we get to Houtou Castle, then I won't be any help in stopping that Gyumaoh guy's resurrection!" he called. Then, shoving his hands in his pockets, he continued walking.


Kanzeon Bosatsu sat on the armchair of Nataku's throne, gazing into the pond and smiling. She turned and smiled at Nataku.

"Well, Nataku?," she asked the comatose child, sitting blankly in his throne staring out at the pond, observing. "Do you think I should? After all, we CAN'T have our poor Goku bored to death, now can we?" Nataku sat deathly silent and motionless, like always. Kanzeon smiled.

"Alright then! Have it your way! We'll spice things up for the little monkey!" she exclaimed, clapping her hands together. She stood up, and walked over to the edge of the pond, and satisfied with her imaginary conversation with Nataku, did a stunning job of stirring things up in the Lower World. When she was done, she went back to sit on the side of Nataku's throne again. She winked at the comatose boy.

"Now, gods AREN'T supposed to meddle with the Lower World…so let's keep this between us, alright?" she asked. Nataku said nothing. Kanzeon smiled.

"I thought so."


Goku had found bunch's of fruits and berries in the forest, having shoved them in a bag, was walking back to camp. That's when he heard the crying. It was soft at first, Goku barley heard it. Then it grew slowly louder and mixed in Goku's sense's with the smell of blood and tears. It was loud, shameless sobbing coming from a bush at the foot of a hill. Goku drew closer to it cautiously, wondering if it were a trap.

The sobbing grew louder, and more desperate. Goku couldn't help but let his suspicion ebb away in favor of pity and worry towards whatever was making this despairing sound. He crept closer and closer till he was upon the bush, the sound of the pained and frightened cries enveloping his ears, and the smell of tears, two different types of blood, and something else…though Goku couldn't place a description on that smell…overpowering his senses.

He set down his bag and summoned his Nyoi-Bo, and with careful hands he parted the bush and peered inside.

His Nyoi-Bo fell to the ground with a clatter, and Goku jerked back, a gasp of shock on his lips. He fell on his bum, staring in fascinated horror at what he had found. When he finally found control of his body again, he found himself running on autopilot, as mind wandered vaguely to the heavens above.

He found himself wondering to that place in the sky, as frantic hands removed the cape from his shoulders in the pursuit of using it to wrap up his prize, had the gods really heard his call?

Because he knew, without a doubt, he wasn't going to be bored for a while!


Hakkai looked up worriedly into the thicket of trees to his left.

"Sanzo, are you sure we should just leave the monkey here?" Gojyo asked, voicing Hakkai's thoughts. Sanzo had found a village nearby, and told them that they'd be leaving immediately for it. Sanzo grunted, still picking up scattered items over the ground.

"The Monkey will find his way to town, just leave him a note." he said, "Don't worry about it." Then he climbed into the jeep and motioned for Hakkai to hurry up. The emerald eyed demon sighed, and climbed into the drivers side of the jeep and started it up. Gojyo sat in the back in his usual spot, and glanced back with slight worry in his eyes.

"Hurry up, Goku…" he muttered, as they drove away.


Goku was following the crappy map that Gojyo had left him tacked to the tree to the nearby village. Though he was a little angry and hurt that he had been left behind, he was also a bit grateful for the lack of his attention. He held his prize close to his chest and burst through the trees and saw the opening to the village and raced through it. Then he quickly got directions from a surprised passerby and made a beeline towards the general store.

He burst through the door and ran up to the counter, gasping for breath, placing his prize on the counter. The startled store clerk stared at the thing on the counter and lets out a strangled cry of shock. Goku finally caught his breath and turned pleading eyes towards to the lady.

"Please lady, I need help! Give me a first aid kit, this baby is losing blood fast!"

To Be Continued…

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