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WARNING! Character death, quite possibly dark fic, Daxter Centric.

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For as long as Samos, the Sage of Green Eco, had been the sage of Sandover village he had vehemently forbid anyone from going to the shrouded island not far off of their shore. He told them that the island was extremely dangerous, filled with lurkers and Dark eco. The villagers heeded the words of their wise sage and kept as far from it as they could. To two young adventurous boys though the prospect of a mysterious, forbidden island was very exiting.

Which was why in the very early morning Jak and his best friend Daxter stole the village fisherman's boat, to go to Misty Island. Jak piloted the boat with ease and soon pulled up to the dock at Misty Island. Climbing out of the boat they tethered it to the dock to prevent the tide from sweeping it away. Daxter wasn't so sure about being there as he had been earlier.

"yanno, maybe we should just go back. Ole green-stuff did tell us not to come here…" Jak gave his best friend a look that clearly told him to stop being a wimp. After all, if anything went wrong Jak was there to protect him right?

"Yeah that's so reassuring buddy. Don't get me wrong, you could give any Crocadog a run for it's orbs, and those little lurker toads and snakes 'n such out in the forest for sure…but there's supposed to be REAL lurkers out here! Big, ugly, hairy lurkers that…mph!" Hearing voices ahead of them, Jak slapped a hand over his best friend's mouth and motioned for him to be quiet. Silently they crept up to peer over the cliff edge and down into the basin below. The boy's glanced at each other with wide eyes at the amount of lurkers gathered below them.

Silence fell over everything like a thick blanket as two people floated, yes floated down from the sky to address the lurkers. The floating people looked like elves, but they were purple! Though both had rather long hair only one was distinguishably female. The other proved to be a man when he spoke to the lurkers after a time.

"Yes this silo is filled with dark eco!" The man took a rasping breath before continuing in his nasal voice. "Make perorations to open it at once. Send word to us at once as soon as it is open." The two floating elves seemed very exited at the thought, though Jak and Daxter didn't wait around to find out. They scrambled down the rock face and made to head back to warn Samos about the two strange elves. They quickly discovered however, that they were slightly lost.

"Ooooo! I knew this was a bad idea, Jak! Now we're lost on this cesspit of an island. Ack!" Jak tensed and turned around quickly, but relaxed when he saw that Daxter had just tripped. Daxter grumbled irritably and picked up the thing that had tripped him before standing up. Shaking the object he held it to his ear. Disappointed that nothing happened he tossed it from hand to hand.

"Stupid precursor junk. Ole greenie is always going on about how great the precursors were. Well if they were so great why'd they leave their crap lying around everywhere! I mean come on." He tossed the object to Jak, and it lit up when it touched his hands. "Wow! How'd ya do that?" Jak shook his head, meaning he didn't know. Noticing the large hole in the ground for the first time, Daxter peered over the edge.

" Ew! What is that dark ooze? You don't suppose that's dark eco do you Jak?" A large lurker jumping behind the boys, blocking their escape cut off any reply Jak could have made. Jak glared at it while Daxter ducked behind him slightly. The lurker gave a mighty roar and charged at them swinging a large club over it's head. Daxter screamed and darted to one side, while Jak rolled to the other. Spinning on heel the massive lurker roared again and started after Daxter.

With a yelp Daxter scrambled out of the way as the lurker crashed it's club down where he had been. Scuttling on all fours he didn't get very far before tripping over himself. The early morning light cast the lurker's shadow over him menacingly. The lurker had it's club raised high, ready to strike. Seeing his friend frozen in terror, and about to be smashed flat by an angry lurker, Jak looked down at the glowing precursor object in his hands. An impulse shot through him and he charged the lurker with the object, determined to save his best friend.

The Precursor artifact exploded on contact with the lurker, evaporating it. Daxter opened his eyes just in time to see Jak being hurtled into the hole with dark eco from the explosion. Daxter pulled him self to the edge of the hole faster then he had ever moved. He looked around franticly but saw nothing other then the smooth surface of the dark eco. No air bubbles, no ripple marks, nothing to suggest anything had ever fallen into it. Nothing that suggested any thing was alive beneath it's surface.

" Jak?" Daxter whispered in disbelief. It couldn't be true, it just couldn't! His best friend, his only friend couldn't be…gone? Daxter just sat and stared into the dark eco for the longest time. Something brushing against his side made him come back to reality, if only slightly. A brightly glowing Muse chirped softly up at him. Wasn't this the Muse that the sculptor had lost not long ago, Daxter wondered? The Sculptor would be happy to see her; he should bring her back to him. Moving in a daze, Daxter scooped the muse into his arms and wandered away aimlessly.

Eventually He came upon the boat. The Muse had twisted herself around his shoulders, trying to comfort him. She could sense that there was something wrong with him, but was at a loss for what else to do. Slowly Daxter untied the boat from the dock and started the engine. Standing on Sandover's dock, the Fisherman was ready to scold the two boys that had stolen his boat. The hair on the back of his neck rose when only Daxter climbed out of the boat. Daxter walked past him as though he wasn't even there. The Muse jumped onto the Fisherman's shoulders and made an urgent noise. He put a comforting hand on her head and watched Daxter slowly make his way towards Samos' hut.

Hearing the boards outside his hut squeaking Samos smiled to himself. The boys were back from their trip to Misty Island. He had been readying his speech for them all week, and he knew what his older self had meant when he had told him that Daxter looked better as an Ottsel. Though the transformation only meant that their sheltered days in Sandover were coming to an end.

When the squeaking came to halt at his door, he took a deep breath and spun around to yell at them. Only to have the breath whoosh out of him as only Daxter stood there, looking dazed and definitely not an Ottsel. Daxter wasn't moving or talking, just standing there in his doorway staring blankly at the floor.

"Daxter" He tried "Where's Jak?" Daxter's hands tightened into fists at his side, but said nothing. A cold chill pushed it's way though Samos. He did not like where this was going. Sinking to the ground from where he has been floating near the ceiling, Samos was about to try addressing the young man again when Keira appeared in the door way.

"Daddy! I just spoke with the fisherman! He said that…Daxter!" She exclaimed. Noticing the blank look on his face she shrunk back a pace "Daxter?" she whispered. Seeing the normally lively boy so…dead was cause for alarm. Placing a hand on his adopted daughter's shoulder Samos acknowledged the Fisherman who was now standing out side, and tried talking to Daxter again.

"Daxter, this is very important my boy. Where is Jak?" Daxter's knuckles were white from how hard they were clenched. The air was thick and tense as they awaited an answer, hopefully not the one that they were expecting. That hope shattered like fragile glass when Daxter finally whispered his reply.

" Gone."

Samos pulled Keria into a tight embrace as she dissolved into sobs. The fisherman pulled his bandanna from his head and held it to his chest. The Muse that was still on his shoulders lowered her ears and whimpered at the sad atmosphere. Samos addressed the fisherman in a quiet voice.

"Can you take him back to his house? I will come see to him after I have taken care of my daughter…and told Jak's uncle the news." The fisherman bowed his head and somberly led Daxter out of the hut. Once they were out of sight Samos guided his Keira into her room and held her as she cried. Samos let a few tears of his own slide down his face. Not only for the future people of Haven city who may not even exist anymore, but for the quiet, smiling boy with bright blue eyes.