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The girl let out a heavy sigh into the tranquil night sky as she walked slowly down the street. It was still summer yet the air around her was unsettlingly cool. The ground beneath her feet was still damp and slippery from the heavy rains of the preceding day. The way the rain residue reflected off the warped carpentry of the run-down buildings at the girl's either side forced her into even deeper thought.

The girl had to wonder why she had come to this place in the first place, why she had returned to these sad, miserable empty streets. She hadn't had any real reason. It had just been that being placed in a cell at wait for an executioner's call has a way of unearthing thoughts in one's mind. It was in that thought that the girl realized she had never looked back, she had never once returned to this place since the day she left it behind.

It was hard for her to believe that all that separated this place and the other like untamed districts, with their broken windows and crumbling roofs, from the pristine beauty of the Seireitei with which she had become accustomed was a single wall. It made her wonder about the world she lived in. Soul Society was supposed to be a paradise, a place of peace and happiness, a place where the departed spirits of humans could find a comfortable home. Yet the shattering level of inequality in the comfort of this place, South Rukongai District 78 and the sprawling home of the noble Kuchiki clan, had begun to lay a shadow of doubt over the girl's thoughts.

It always made her uneasy when she thought about her past life here. It brought back memories. Some were of sadness, of pain, of desperation. She had seen great loss and grief, so much that it consumed her. Some of her memories, however, were happy ones. Her childhood, her friends, her successful struggle to make something of herself, to leave this all behind. These particular memories gave her hope, because after all, this was Rukia's first home.

"My my, what 'ave we got 'ere?" A man's voice came to Rukia's ears as she walked causing her to stop instantly in her tracks. A rough, ugly looking older man wearing a violent scowl emerged from a run-down alley.

"Huh? Oh, I see. A pretty one, nice and young, with not too much dirt on her. She's all alone too. You've got a good eye there, boss. I bet we can sure have a good ol' time with this little bitch." Said another man, this one younger, with a higher voice as he emerged from behind the other.

"No, open yer eyes ya damn fool! Can't ya see this 'un 'ere is worth a 'elluva a lot more than jus' that." The first man said in a disgusting way, scoffing at his companion.

Rukia got a sudden urge to run away from the two approaching men, sensing that they could mean only trouble. She turned to run away, only to find her progress impeded by a third, rather large man, "And why is that, boss?" said this third man in a slow voice as Rukia backed away from him, finding herself surrounded by the three.

"'Eh, I guess I can 'nly expect ya two to be clueless. It really 'elps business to know what's goin' on in the world 'round us. When's the last time one of you worthless little shits actually went and stole one of them papers." The first man, who was apparently the leader of the group spoke harshly to the other two.

"You know I can't read, boss." The third man, the great large one, said with a dismissive laugh.

"Readin' ain't even needed, you damned idiut! One flip through them papers be enough to see this bitch's little picture on all them pages." The boss scolded his subordinate viciously.

"So this girl's someone important than, boss?" The second man, the young one with the high voice, asked in anticipation.

"This bitch 'ere is miss Rukia Kuchiki, noble princess of the great, important Kuchiki family." The man explained with a cold-blooded smile as he encircled a frightened Rukia, his words were bitingly sarcastic, so much so that their bitterness chilled Rukia to the bone.

"Well, I'll be damned! You aint shittin us, are you boss? This girl we have here, she's an honest to goodness living breathing Kuchiki!?" The second man said overcome with a cruel excitement.

"I do believe so. Ain't that right ya little whore?" The man finally addressed Rukia to her face. Face to face Rukia felt further contempt for this man, he was scarred and gnarled, missing several teeth, and had simply rancid breath. He was scum of the worst kind.

"And what if it is?!" Rukia shot of in a fiery way as she pushed the man back. She began to wish she had her zanpakuto with her. She had recently regained her ability to use it after giving her powers to Ichigo, yet she had felt it unwise to venture into the Rukongai in full shinigami attire with it in hand, lest she be recognized. At this moment that decision seemed rather stupid to her.

"Well, actually whether yer Rukia Kuchiki or ain't ya isn't gonna change a 'elluva lot. All it's gonna change is jus' 'ow satisfied we are with ourselves when we're through with ya." The man replied callously cracking an even wider smile as if he enjoyed seeing them struggle.

"And what is it, may I ask, you are planning to do to me?" Rukia asked in a tough way trying her best to keep a strong face and good distance from all three men.

"Well that's simple really. We're gonna beat you to a bloody pulp, then we're gonna rape you senseless until all three of us is good and satisfied, and then we're gonna fucking kill you and leave you here in the middle of the fucking street." The younger man explained their plan with an excited laugh Rukia turned around completely to run away, only to find the large man once more obstructing her path.

"Are you three foolish enough to think you can take on an actual shinigami?" Rukia shouted defensively even though she realized it was little more than a bluff at this point.

"Heh, shinigami! I see no shinigami. Ya ain't in one of them black robes and ya ain't got one of them fancy swords. All I see right now is a 'elpless little Kuchiki whore, a little girl surrounded by three much bigger men, who's about to die. I'm sure that'll make big brother's day when 'e finds out." The leader of the group replied as coldly as ever as Rukia looked helplessly for a way out. He gave a cryptic nod to his two henchmen.

Then it started, the large man made the first blow, his giant fist come crashing hard into Rukia's back causing her to dislodge blood from her throat.. The young man attacked next, delivering a fierce kick to the side of Rukia's head making her fall to the floor. She struggled to get up off the floor. When she did, she found that he lead man had drawn from his pocket, a short, dull silver knife.

Now Rukia was being barraged with cuts and stabs as well as punches and kicks. Her body ached under the bruises. Blood gushed from the knife wounds she had received to her shoulder, thigh, back and stomach. She was beginning to feel faint. She couldn't take anymore. Another hard kick sent her back to the ground and this time she didn't even try to get up.

Rukia felt as one of the men's hands grabbed at her blood drenched robe, tearing it off forcefully. Another man proceeded to rip off her undergarments. Rukia couldn't fight anymore. These were to be her final memories. She had already once, only too recently, resigned herself to accept death. Yet now she found herself doing so once again.

As Rukia saw it, these men had a right to hate her. After all, in truth, she was no more Kuchiki than any one of them. She had roamed these streets once too as little more than a common thief. What right did she have to be accepted in that far off world of luxury when so many others never would? She could accept this death.

Moments passed and Rukia began to feel that something was amiss. She had been beaten savagely and stripped naked, yet she felt no new pain during this time that passed, no foreign feeling between her legs, nothing. Her wounds had dulled her senses greatly but Rukia found herself compelled to find what had occurred. She focused her hardest and sound began to return to her pained ears; her bruised eyes managed to open ever so slightly.

It was a good thing Rukia recovered her senses when she did, because one of the first sights she saw was the figure of her largest assailant crashing to the ground just next to her, unconscious. She felt pain as she moved her body slightly to avoid impact with the large man. Only seconds later the other henchman came crashing down to the ground as well, this time a safe distance from Rukia. Her vision was still way too blurry to tell her anything about what was happening, but Rukia could tell now that she was being saved.

The next sounds Rukia heard were that of metal clinking against metal, a man crying out in terrible pain, and then metal hitting against the cold ground. Then there was a man's voice, "S-Shiba, how dare you? What right ya got to come here and stop us from 'avin' our fun?!"

Rukia's heart leapt as she prayed her hearings still wasn't off. Shiba was the surname of the only man to ever truly capture her heart. It was the name of her Kaien. The joy the name brought lasted only briefly, however, for Rukia found herself reminded of one simple, sad fact. Kaien Shiba couldn't be rescuing her; Kaien Shiba was long dead.

"What, so we've sunk so low someone actually needs an excuse to save a girl from being raped by scumbags now?" Came a familiar, female voice in a cool, strong tone. This woman and the man were both completely out of Rukia's range of sight.

"That's right Shiba! This sorta thing 'appens every goddamn day 'ere in the Rukongai slums, girls get raped and disappear and there ain't nuthin' you can do to save em all. You got no right to do what you jus' did ta me!" The man seemed downright infuriated and though Rukia couldn't tell for sure it sounded as if he was crying.

"I've got plentyright. This girl happens to be a friend." The Shiba woman spat venomously.

"Yer days as a noble are through, Shiba. Ya don't owe fucks like 'er a goddamn thing. Ya should jus' leave the lot of em behind jus' like they did you and yer clan." The man yelled hatefully.

"Just shut up already. This isn't even about crap like that. I didn't really even know Rukia back then. Me and her became friends much more recently than that." The woman said in a rough voice as if she had grown tired of talking to this man.

"Whether she's a friend of yers or ain't she really ain't a concern of ours. If a noble type like 'er comes strollin' through our streets we jus' ain't gonna be able to resist 'avin' us a little fun." The man still had a pained biting to his words.

"Well it just so happens, Rukia here was on her way to meet me, she was to bemy guest, and that sir, is why you are now short one hand." The woman said in a smart tone. Rukia felt an urge to laugh, this woman was lying, Rukia in fact had been on her way to see no one, but this woman still managed such a cool.

"Damn you bitch, I swear I'll get you for this!" The man shouted at the woman, he was beyond infuriated now.

"Fine by me, do as you please. I think I'll take her home and see if I can't undo all the damage you've done, now." The woman said in a carefree way.

Rukia heard the sound of approaching footsteps. Moments later the figure of Kukaku Shiba had appeared in her line of sight. Kukaku offered a friendly smile as she outstretched her arm ad wrapped it around Rukia's bruised and bleeding form where she lay. Rukia found herself draped across Kukaku's shoulder as that woman began to walk away from the scene.

Rukia studied her three assailants as they disappeared from her sight. The large man lie lateral across the street, the imprint of Kukaku's shoe clearly visible across his face. The younger man was clearly unconscious, the entire right side of his face inflamed with bruises. The thug boss was on his knees, clutching his bloody right wrist, from which Rukia noticed his entire hand had been completely severed. This man caught Rukia's stare and returned it with a horrible glare that caused Rukia to shiver.

Rukia's head was still light from the impacts, so she remembered little of the time she spent draped across the other woman's shoulder. Her next moment of consciousness, Rukia saw herself being bandaged by the Shiba woman. Kukaku was managing to wrap her wounds quite effectively, much to Rukia's surprise.

"So you're awake?" Kukaku said with her mouth still shut, clutching tightly to some bandaging, the other end of the bandage was in Kukaku's solitary hand which had begun to wrap it around the knife wound at Rukia's thigh.

"Yeah..." Rukia said as she braced for some pain, feeling the bandage raw against her wound.

"That's good. I almost got you cleaned up here. These wounds shouldn't be too serious in the end; shinigami heal quickly." Kukaku said, bending forward to tie the bandage, to Rukia's surprise never pressing against the wound.

"Yeah I had thought that was the end..." Rukia gave a short sigh, she didn't even know whether it was a sigh of relief or not.

"Trust me, if you weren't damn lucky tonight it would have been." Kukaku said coldly.

"Yeah..." Rukia said simply.

"'Yeah?' Is that all you can say?" Kukaku said raising her tone.

"Huh?" Rukia grunted nonchalantly. She soon found the back of Kukaku's hard against the back of her skull.

"Hey! What was that for?! Why did you hit me while I was injured!?" Rukia raised her own voice into a yell, shaking her own fist at the other woman.

"Simply because, as of tonight you now top that dead idiot brother of mine as the stupidest shinigami I've ever known." Kukaku shouted forcefully, offering Rukia an angry glare.

"How dare you talk about Kaien like that! He was a great man!" Rukia shouted back, peculiarly deciding to defend this other rather than herself.

"I know that! That doesn't change the fact that, as you would know, that idiot went and got himself killed!" Kukaku explained in a still raised voice.

"Hey! I thought you said you wouldn't hold any of that against me anymore!" Rukia also continued to yell.

"Well this isn't even about that! This is about you being an idiot!" Kukaku replied in a forceful bellow. She tapped Rukia lightly with her fist in the same spot she had previously hit.

"Yeah... well... I'm sorry..." Rukia said searchingly, her eyes filled with doubt.

"What kind of brainless shinigami decides to go off and walk the streets of the Inuzuri district at night without her zanpakuto?!" Kukaku scolded; Rukia began to feel really, really dumb.

"I'm originally from there. I thought that I knew the area well enough and that it I was faced with danger I could protect myself with my kido." Rukia explained her reasoning, she already was anticipating a response.

"A good kido technique can do a lot for you, but when you're surrounded on all sides by ruthless thugs with knives who want to see you dead something fancy like that isn't going to do you a lot of good." Kukaku argued smartly, Rukia gave an understanding nod.

"And even if you say you know the place, I fail to understand why you would want to go there in the first place." Kukaku continued, raising her voice slightly once more.

"I realized I hadn't been back there since the day I left for Seireitei. I wanted to see it at least one more time, just in case..." Rukia said fully expecting another reprimand. She doubted this notion made much sense to anyone who had never spent a month of their life locked away awaiting their inevitable death. Most people who got the opportunity to leave a place like South Rukongai 78 would give anything never to return. Rukia braced herself for Kukaku to call her an idiot once more.

"That makes sense to me. Memories can be worth a lot. Still I wouldn't say their worth your life. Next time you do something stupid make sure you bring your zanpakuto just in case." Kukaku offered another light tap to the other girl's head as she got to her feet, and made for the door, leaving Rukia to lie in bed.

As the door opened so Kukaku could make her exit Rukia called out to the other, "Kukaku, wait!"

Kukaku turned in the doorway to look at the girl lying bandaged in one of her beds, "Yeah, what is it?"

"Thank you." Rukia said simply, in a low uneven voice as she slumped into the bed, it was rather clear that her body was very tired.

"No problem." Kukaku said with a faint smile as she turned and walked out the door.

A/N: Well this chapter was certainly intense. I think it makes for a nice start but I suppose that remains to be seen. Rukia X Kukaku really is an odd pairing. As I said before I don't think I've ever seen it before. It's quite easy to infer romantic feelings of Rukia for Kaien, yet that never is really transferred to his siblings. With Ganju, perhaps the most under-appreciated and ignored character in Bleach, I assume this is probably due to his complete lack of popularity and less than desirable physical appearance. With Kukaku I think the only thing in the way is the yuri component which certainly doesn't get in my way. In case you didn't place it this fic takes place after the Soul Society arc but before the arrancar arc. Also, I'm finding it interesting writing a character with one arm in a lead role; makes me have to think about actions in scenes a little more. Oh, and on that subject, I doubt I'm really gonna mention it too much, so feel free to imagine Kukaku as you wish, either with or without the prosthetic arm from the anime; personally I think she's hot either way. Anyways, tell me what you think (not specifically about Kukaku's hotness but just about this fic in general). I think it will all be good.

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