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Rukia Kuchiki let out a soft yawn as she awoke from a night filled with the sweetest dreams. Sitting up slightly in the bed where she had slept she felt her eyes wander immediately to the figure of the woman still sleeping nearby in the same bed. She gave a wide smile as she remembered the events of the previous night.

Kukaku looked so cute sleeping there. She was softly snoring; a line of drool trailed out of her half-cocked smile. What's more here side of the bed covers had been roughly tossed aside leaving every curve of her exceptional figure in perfect view of Rukia's lustful stare. Rukia couldn't help but feel warmth in her heart when she remembered this woman was now her lover.

With a subdued laugh to herself Rukia bent her head forward over the still sleeping Kukaku, smiling as she did so. She placed a series of short kisses at Kukaku's ear as she began to gently line the Shiba woman's back with a caress of her hand. These sensations caused Kukaku to awaken violently, startled by what was happening, sitting up at once and causing Rukia to almost lose her balance. The Kuchiki merely gave another laugh at this reaction and then without a word let her lips find Kukaku's before the other had time to make sense of what was happening.

Kukaku's eyes seemed to lose all surprise or confusion at once as she stared into those of the girl kissing her, the memories of the previous night surely returning to her. When Rukia removed her lips the Shiba spoke in a soft coo, "Good morning, Rukia, you sleep well."

"Oh yes. Believe me after all the exertion I had yesterday, that was some of the best sleep of my life." Rukia said in a sly tone that seemed to suggest she was more talking about the night she spent with Kukaku rather than the day of physical labor or the battle of the evening.

"You said it; I'm sure I couldn't have slept much harder than that. With how busy a day yesterday was it probably was a mistake to go for a second round when we got back home last night." Kukaku gave a rough laugh as she yawned and scratched the back of her head.

"You should probably come to expect busy nights so long as you keep me around." Rukia said in a playful way, smirking softly.

"That's relieving to hear. Looks like this isn't going to prove to be some sort of fireworks induced dream, too good to be true." Kukaku gave a sigh as she stared at her lover affectionately.

"Of course not! I really love you, you know." Rukia said hurriedly, not looking directly at Kukaku as she spoke. It was the first time she had ever used these words and honestly they made her a little nervous.

"Wow, I'm certainly lucky. All it took was a few days together, a couple near-death experiences and a single night of fun and you're willing to devote yourself to me…" Kukaku grin was inhumanly wide, her eyes focused intently on the face of the girl who had just confessed to her.

"Well aren't you the same?" Rukia asked shyly, a blush on her face, her eyes still averted. She didn't like showing such vulnerability, but Kukaku at least deserved to see it.

"I suppose. I mean I've had incredible sex with cute girls in the past and forgot about it entirely after a week or so. Something tells me that you're going to be different than that though, that you're someone I can actually say 'I love you' to, Rukia." Kukaku spoke reflectively, her smile never vanishing.

"Then say it!" Rukia commanded, she thought she deserved a full out proclamation of love.

"I sorta already did…" Kukaku laughed warmly at the other's cute behavior.

"That wasn't good enough." Rukia said simply, steadfastly.

"And your little half-mumbled confession was?" Kukaku seemed deeply amused as she asked this. When her only response was Rukia glaring at her, Kukaku decided to acquiesce to the other's demands, saying with a pure certainty in her voice, "I love you, Rukia."

Rukia smiled at hearing these words. Happily she let her lips find Kukaku's once more, the two women kissed lovingly for several moments as they embraced each other warmly. Rukia had never felt so wonderful

Then Rukia decided to let her eyes search out a clock. Finding one in the corner of Kukaku's bedroom she read the time; she was alarmed to discover it was already past noon. Slowly she let the kisses break off.

"It seems we really slept late. I bet your brother's probably worried." Rukia sighed intently, staring still at the clock so as Kukaku would follow the gaze.

Kukaku gave her own deep disappointed sigh, she spoke similarly, "And I was having fun there. You're saying we should actually try and get out of bed now?"

"Don't worry. We'll have plenty of time to kiss each other tonight." Rukia said in a loving way as she stood up and pulled her and Kukaku's assorted clothing off the floor.

"I suppose I got something to look forward to." Kukaku laughed as she too got to her feet and began to dress herself. Giving a loving stare at the other girl she added romantically, "Then again, I suppose I'll always have something to look forward to, now."

"You know, I won't always be there for you. There are duties I can't neglect." Rukia said somberly, slipping into her undergarments.

"I know. I'm a surprisingly patient woman. So long as you visit me as often as you can, I don't really mind periods of waiting." Kukaku said in an understanding way, she too continued to put on her clothing.

"That's a relief." Rukia let out a sigh as she slowly slipped into her shihakusho.

Both women went silent as they finished dressing. It was then that a sound came to the new lovers' ears from the house above. It was the sound of a loud voice, shouting, "Hey you! What the hell do you think you're doing?! You can't just barge into someone else's home without permission! Hey listen to me when I'm talking to you!"

It was easy to place this voice as Kukaku's younger brother Ganju, still Rukia thought all the shouting was odd, and she wondered what might be happening. Ganju continued to shout angrily "Look you bastard, where in the hell do you think you're headed?! Aren't you guys supposed to be more respectful than this?! Not to mention you got nerve showing' up here in the fist place after what you put me through!"

There was something said briefly by another voice though unlike Ganju's this voice was much to quiet to hear properly from where Kukaku and Rukia were. Ganju soon responded, a little less angry this time, "Oh, her. Well she was here the last couple days, but she left last night. All the guest rooms are empty. The only one still sleeping down there is sis, and she worked hard last night and doesn't need your interruptions."

Rukia continued to listen to what was going on over head as she now hastily dressed herself. Ganju shouted once more, this time much closer, "Look, I told you, she isn't down here. You're wasting your time, and all your gonna get is my sister pissed off if you go in there."

Soon the door to Kukaku's bedroom was opening. Rukia threw herself on the bed and made manic effort to look like she was doing something constructive. Kukaku sat back down on the bed as well, offering an apologetic smile already in the direction of the door. In that door soon appeared both the figures of Ganju Shiba and Byakuya Kuchiki.

"Look, brother, I-I can explain. This isn't what it looks like. Me and Kukaku… we were… we were just talking…." Rukia said in a frantic fashion as her eyes found her brother's cold expression.

"If that is so, then why is the sash of your shihakusho untied and at the foot of the bed?" The Kuchiki head asked in obvious disbelief.

Rukia had in truth overlooked her sash when she was dressing herself; not noticing it was misplaced until after the door had already began to open. Sheepishly she admitted, "Well maybe… it is… what it looks like then…but brother, please understand… this is important to me."

"No. Tell me you didn't, sis. Not with her… you couldn't have…" Ganju spoke now, in deep shock as it all set in.

"That's right, Ganju." Kukaku gave a soft laugh as she spoke in a light tone, none of this hid the fact that she was blushing just as intently as Rukia was.

"How could you sleep with the shinigami who killed our brother?!" Ganju shouted out in indignation.

"You've heard the story from Rukia and everyone else involved. Aside from just wanting someone to blame, I have no idea why you refuse to accept that it wasn't her fault." Kukaku said in a realistic tone, offering her brother a healthy glare.

"Well, okay, but forgiving her's one thing, going this far is a completely different story." Ganju still didn't seem too thrilled with the idea.

"Well I don't really care if you like it or not, because either way you've got to deal with it from now on!" Kukaku said in a raised voice, Ganju seemed to back down at once. Kukaku then asked, "Now why don't you leave us, so we can converse with our guest here."

"Uh, alright. If that's what you want, sis." Ganju said grudgingly, still dissatisfied as he complied, walking back out the door.

"Now then… Byakuya… It's certainly been a long time…" Kukaku approached conversation with the Kuchiki man with obvious difficulty.

"Kukaku Shiba." Byakuya said without expression, acknowledging the other.

"I suppose this whole scene comes as a bit of a shock to you. You probably aren't too happy with it... or with me…or with your sister." Kukaku spoke in a even tone through gritted teeth.

"I expected this would happen." Byakuya responded as callously as ever, never altering his inflection.

Kukaku stared back in shock as she heard this response. Rukia was even more confused, questioning her brother still frantically, "Wait. What?! What do you mean you expected this, brother? I didn't even expect it until it happened. And… wait a minute… how did you know I was here in the first place?"

"You're words to me concealed less than you thought. Knowing the history of this woman and your own history with her family I knew at once this was your destination, and in your failure to return yesterday and again this morning I knew you must be here still." Byakuya explained apathetically, both Rukia and Kukaku seemed to find his attitude awkward.

"Okay, I suppose there aren't many places I could have gone with fireworks, but seriously brother, you couldn't have actually expected me and Kukaku would… would… would end up… romantically together..." Rukia argued, finding it difficult to express her and Kukaku's relationship in terms that were appropriate.

"Oh, and why not? In my memories of when I was younger I seem to recall this woman and her persistent attempts at courting the other girls. Her astonishing success rate was a real cause for alarm within the noble families." Rukia was impressed that her brother was able to say even this without so much as smirking or altering his tone; his words caused a deep red blush to form on Kukaku's face.

"Hey! Don't give Rukia the wrong ideas. I was young back then and there weren't that many girls and none of them were ever really important to me and they never lead anywhere. Out of all those broken relationships all I got was a few nice memories and a lasting friendship with a certain daughter of the Shihoin family. I wasn't so bad…" Kukaku continued to feel largely embarrassed as she attempted to defend herself.

"Calm down. I don't care about who you've been with in the past. None of that matters…. Though I suppose now that I know you have this reputation, Kukaku I have to wonder, if winning me wasn't your intention since the moment you saved me the other night…" Rukia spoke in a methodical way, looking at Kukaku searchingly.

"It wasn't my motive for saving you, but I'd certainly say it was a motive for letting you stay around the last couple days.' Kukaku gave a soft smirk as she said this; Rukia gave a short laugh in response.

"So, brother, are you going to scold me for this improper contact and attempt to dissuade me from seeing her?" Rukia asked expectantly.

"No. Of course not." Byakuya said with his usual cool.

"But is this relationship not something wholly inappropriate of someone of my standing? Isn't this something that could shame the Kuchiki clan?" Rukia seemed as if she was pleading for her brother to be harsh with her, as if that was the only way things would seem normal to her.

"Possibly. But it is not my place to get in the way of matters such as this." Byakuya's even frown broke for a split second to show very slight smirk as he said this.

"Well alright then…" Rukia said in an uncomfortable manner.

"I suppose you would prefer to remain here rather than return." Byakuya said with a cold stare.

"Yeah. If you don't mind, brother." Rukia said, for once taking the polite tone she typically did with Byakuya.

"Very well. I suppose I shall depart." Byakuya said coolly.

"You could stay a little longer if you want, Byakuya. There's plenty of food upstairs." Kukaku offered courteously, herself too settling down.

"I apologize but I must refuse. I have matters to which I must attend." Byakuya responded in a calm sense, Rukia couldn't help but notice a look of relief on her lover's face in hearing the refusal. With that Byakuya turned to walk out the door.

There was a brief silence before Rukia spoke once more, blushing and near speechless, "Why is it that when I saw my brother I got the feeling I was about to be forcefully ripped away from you?"

"I thought the same things. I'm honestly quite surprised that he didn't say anything at all about it and even went so far as to let you stay here with me." Kukaku showed signs of deep astonishment.

"I suppose maybe some of that Kaien-like man you perceived him as being when you were children still exists in there." Rukia gave a smirk as she verbalized this thought.

"The same man who married a common woman for love without regard for status." Kukaku reminded the other, who let a reflective smile form on her face.

"Yeah, I guess so... still it's somewhat unsettling to find a man as inflexible as my brother is so accepting of this." Rukia remained confused by this sentiment.

"It shouldn't surprise you, I mean you're obviously important to him. Enough to where he comes to Rukongai on a hunch and barges into someone's home without permission just to make sure you're safe." Kukaku said in a light fashion.

"But I wouldn't have expected your brother to be the one with the more negative reaction to finding us together." Rukia said in a low voice, remembering the other man's outrage.

"Eh, Ganju. That moron will come around. He'll have to eventually, because as I see it, you're gonna be a part of my life for a long while now." Kukaku said with a hard grin, she wrapped an arm around Rukia and pulled her in tightly to an embrace.

"Yes. A long time. I have a feeling my future will be filled with fireworks." Rukia said in a romantic lull as her head came to rest atop the other woman's chest.

"Couldn't have said it better. There will be plenty of both types we got to see last night." Kukaku gave a sensual laugh as she let her hand caress Rukia's cheek before softly combing through her lustrous dark hair.

"Hopefully next time, I'll be able to see the end of the display." Rukia cooed, completely at ease.

"You missed it?" Kukaku asked with subdued surprise.

"I was busy." Rukia applied with sexuality to her voice, as a sure means of reminding the other woman what had preoccupied her.

"I suppose you were." Kukaku said with a short laugh as she continued to hold the Kuchiki girl tightly in her warmth.

"I'll just have to wait for next time." Rukia said forcing a sigh.

"Somehow I doubt you'll ever see the ending if you watch it with me." Kukaku offered another healthy smile, though this one was of a more sexual nature.

"And what does that mean? Do you think I lack all self-control?" Rukia said in a more pointed, aggressive manner as she backed out of the other woman's hold.

"It isn't your self-control I'm worried about..." Kukaku said in a suggestive way before pulling the other girl close once more and this time forcing her into a passionate deep kiss.

Their tongues rolled against one another hotly while their lips pressured each other roughly. Either girl's gaze ever altered from its focus in th other's eyes. When the kiss broke off Rukia spoke, commenting in a sensual manner, "As amazing as your displays are, next to you I doubt I'm really missing much."

Kukaku gave a playful laugh and a deep smile before kissing the ons she loved one more.

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