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Chapter 7: Emerald-Eyed Beast

July 20th, 1993

I awoke the next morning to my stomach's painful reminder that we hadn't eaten a decent meal in a long time. Maybe we had never eaten a decent meal. I wouldn't know, because Draco and I couldn't remember much from the time when we had parents. I only knew about them from what the Dursleys told me, and there again, I knew from experience that they were a miserable lot, more than willing to make everyone else just as miserable. My father may have been a smart man and not the drunkard that had been depicted to me, and I hoped it wasn't true that I had been an accident: unwanted and unloved, left with my only remaining family that had, oh so generously, taken my useless, burden of a self in.

Another stomach's grumbling joined mine and I knew Draco was awake. Idly scratching his chest, he looked up at me with a small grin but pouted when he saw I wasn't still asleep. Chuckling, I teased him while caressing his smooth cheeks softly:

"What evil plan had you come up with to pull me from sleep, hum, Dray?"

Blushing, he kissed my shoulder contently and then rubbed my stomach with the palm of his left hand.

"I know, Mine." Draco smiled at the familiar nickname. "I'm hungry too. Why don't you rest here for a bit while I go and find us something to eat?"

Draco's smile widened and he kissed me, his lips softly upon mine. I squeezed him to me more tightly as I deepened the kiss, his lips parting beneath mine submissively, letting me explore his sweet mouth at my leisure. Sucking on his tongue enticingly for a moment to hear him whimper, I finally let him go reluctantly. I knew I had to feed my angel before he fainted on me yet again. He yelped indignantly as I mussed his hair, and I quickly made my way out so he couldn't retaliate in any way, couldn't reach out to stop me. Taking the steps to the ground floor two by two, I jerked to a stop when I took notice of a small crowd in front of the manager's desk. The man himself was white as a sheet as their wands were drawn and trained on him. Knowing that there was no way they hadn't heard the ruckus I had made while descending the stairs, I waited, with dread, for the moment when they would all turn to look at me. However, I didn't wait for them to pick their jaws off the floor though and ran back up before I even registered someone calling my name. In an instant, I had Draco out of bed and in my arms, a heavy dresser against the door and us hidden behind the bed, which i had turned over in an attempt to offer us more protection from the strangers. Dray kept quiet, his arms wrapped around my neck tightly, and I could hear his panicked gasps as his whole body shuddered. My hand had been on his back in the hopes of calming him, but in less than a few seconds the door to our room was ripped from its hinges with a loud groan, the dresser reduced to splinters. Instinctively, I had a shielding dome around us. I didn't know who those people were or what they wanted, but I would be damned before I gave them the chance to lay a finger on my Draco. At that thought, my rage got the best of me and the whole room began shaking. I heard more than one shocked gasp before someone finally spoke softly, but firmly; this was someone who was used to being obeyed. Unfortunately, that wasn't the best way to get me to be reasonable.

"Harry, we are not here to hurt you. Please try to control yourself. Now, is young Draco with you?"

I growled at that. What did they want with what was mine? Who did they think they were, barging in like that and then saying they wouldn't hurt me?!

Someone cast a spell at us, but the protection held tight, merely absorbing it. The bright light and explosion-like sound made Draco cry out in fright however. That was when my vision turned red and my control was lost to nothingness. They had dared scare Mine enough to make him cry, I thought as I swore to myself that I would make them pay.

And I'd give up forever to touch you
Cause I know that you feel me somehow
You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be
And I don't want to go home right now

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