Deidara woke up the next morning to the soft sound of Sasori's breath against his neck from last night.Deidara placed his palm on Sasori's forehead "Good for him bad for me he doesn't have a fever anymoe but that means he can go hme now I liked having him here with me un."Deidara thought as Sasori curled up closer to him making Deidara blush red "Oh god.Remeber Deidara he is your friend so DO NOT MOLEST DO NOT MOLEST DO NOT MOLEST!!!"He kept screamnng in his head it didn't help though when Sasori moved his leg between Deidara's "NYA THIS IS BAD AT THIS RATE IM GONNA END UP MOLESTING HIM HE IS JUST TOO CUTE!!"He thought as he felt the redhead shift he saw Sasori's eye open "Morning."He said sleepily "Well good afternoon actually its almost one o clock un."Deidara said "It is."Sasori asked "Oh sorry."He said with that cute face "Its ok un."Deidara said as he twirled a piece of Sasori's red hair in his fingers making the shy redhead giggle "DAMNIT I CANT STAND IT."He thought he smiled there was a knock at the door "I wonder who that is un."Deidara thought "Sasori got off Deidara so he could go to the door to open it to see who it was.Deidara opend the door to meet the gaze of Itachi "What do you want un."Deidara asked "Nothing much just wanted to see how you were doing."He asked Deidara rolled his eyes "Yeay right un I know you were glaring at me and Sasori yesterday what is your deal."Deidara asked Itachi shrugged his shoulders with his eyes closed and his face in a smirk "Well you just work fast."he said "What the hel is that supossed to mean un."Deidara asked "Well you've heard the runors im-SHUT THE HELL UP UN IF YOUR GONNA MAKE FUN OF ME THEN JUST GO THE FUCK AWAY."He screamned and slammned the door in Itachi's face.Deidara stormend back into the living room swearing Itachi's name Sasori looked a little scarred at Deidara's actions.Deidara sighed and sat next to Sasori "Sorry just Itachi made me mad un."Deidara said "Its ok it just scared me alittle."Sasori said to him "If he keps acting so innocent im gonna make it were I cant stand it."Deidara said as he twirled some of Sasori's hair in his fingers again "You seemned to be fascinated with my hair."Sasoi said as he giggled a little "Well I cant help it your just too cute for your own damn good un."Deidara said making the redhead blush further "Sasori."Deidara started "Hmm."He asked him looking at him ""You do know that Itachi was my Ex right un."Deidara asked Sasori nodded "Yeay I heard from some girls in the hallways that you were having these on again off again relations with Itachi this kid named Tobi then with a girl named Sakura and that you rescently broke up with Itachi why."He asked "Well."Deidara started "Sasori I like you I really really do ok I cant help it your just too cute for your own damn good I think your just so adorable and..oh just fuck it."He said as he slammned his lips to Sasori's.The redhead melted into the kis with a slight moan when they broke Sasori was flushed his eyes half lidded "Dei-kun."He started as Deidara pushed him onto his back while they were still on the couch Deidara got to Sasori's ear "Well I love you Sasori."he said as he nibbled on Sasori's ear making the boy beneath him shiver with a slight moan "Dei-kun I-I love you too."He said with a stutter a slight smile on his face even if he was red in the face at that point Deidara got back up so he wasn't next to his ear anymore "Your so cute Sasori."he said a hint of lust in his voice Sasori smiled "You keep telling me that the same thing goes for you un."Sasori said teasing the blond by using un at the end of the sentence with a slight giggle which made Deidara make a frown "Not funny un."Deidara said pretending to be offended Sasori giggle some more "Sorry I couldn't help it."Sasori said as he wrapped his arms around Deidara's neck and pulled him into a passionate kiss Deidara flicked his tongue across Sasori's bottom lip.Sasori got the hint and shyly opened his mouth so Deidara slid his tongue in making Sasori shiver Sasori moaned into the kiss.When Deidara broke the kiss a train of siliva connected them together by there mouths "You taste good Saso"Deidara said as licked his lips "You o."Sasori said as Deidara moved his hand up Sasori's shirt making the redhead shiver with delight "Deidara."he started as he gasped as Deidara moved so he could unbutton Sasori's shirt with his teeth.As he undid each button he licked the newly revealed skin making the redhead shiver as jolts of electric pleasure would be sent up his spine "Oh god Dei-kun."He gasped out when Deidara had finaly unbuttoned the front of his schools uniform he starried for a moment at th redhead making Sasori squirm for moment "Whats wrong."Sasori asked him "Nothing."He said in a whisperd as he got next to Sasori's ear "Your just so beautiful un."He whisperd licking Sasori's ear and nibbling it as he traced the jaw bone with his tongue as he moved to his neck biting firmly on the connection between the shoulder and the neck making Sasori yelp a little "Sorry un."Deidara said in a low lust filled whisper into the redheads ear "Its ok I trust you I know you wouldn't hurt me."Sasori whisperd as he undid Deidara's shirt and threw it aside just as Deidar did with his "Dei kun."Sasori whisped as Deidara began to suck the spot on his neck he just bit making it red with teeth and bite marks.Deidara then got up and looked at the newly formed hickey on the redheads neck making sure to tell people that Sasori was his and no one else's Deidara then leaned down and kissed the redhead again "I love you Sasori."Deidara said "I love you to" Sasori said as Deidara moved his hand down into Sasori's pants the redhead had a scarred look on his face "don't worry im not going to hurt you."Deidara said with love in his voice "I-I know but-First time"Deidara asked inturrepting Sasori the boy nodded wit slight embarrassment "Its ok Saso it may be painful at first but you'll get used to it I promise un."Deidara said as he grabbed the boys length in his hand making Sasori gasp as he arched his back into the touch "Um Deidara kun."Sasori said trying not to stutter "Yes."he asked "Um."he pointed to the pants when Deidara rememberd the both had only gotten rid of there shirts "Thank you for reminding me un."Deidara said as he pulled his hand away from Sasori's length making the boy under him whine in disapproval Deidara smirked "Relax Sasori trust me I know what im doing un."Deidara said as he kissed the redheads nose before grabbing the blue dress pants that went with the boys uniform.In one quick motion the blonde had removed Sasori's pants along with his own so know they were both only in there boxers "Deidara um do you think we could move to some place more private?"Sasori asked as he pointed to the window even if the blinds wee closed "Sure un."Deidara said as he picked Sasori up bridal style and carried him to the bedroom lucky Deidara had a double bed or else they would have to do it on the floor.Deidara gently placed Sasori down on his back as he kissed him again "I love you saso."Deidara said "I love you to Dei-kun how many times have you told me now."Sasori asked Deidara shrugged as he planted butterfly kisses down from Sasori's chest to his stomache stopping at the waistband of his boxers before slipping his thumbs into the elastic as pulling them down and flinging them to the side

Sasori was about to ask what Deidara was doing when his thoughts stopped because Deidara had just started to give him a blow job "Oh god Deidara."He moaned as he blushed deep red arching his back into the feeling as he grabbed the sheets so hard that his knuckles were turning white as his toes did the same thing "DEIDARA"Sasori screamed as he gummed into Deidara's mouth gasping for air as he did so.Deidara then got up again and removed his own boxers as he got up and spred Sasori's legs Sasori gulped as his muscles tensed as three fingers were placed in front of his mouth "Suck."Deidara said as Sasori took the three digits in his mouth making Deidara moan in pleasure.After a few moments Deidara removed his fingers from the redheads mouth and positioned one of the three lubricated digits at the other boys entrance "Relax un it may hurt at first."Deidara said as he inserted the first finger into Sasori's entrance.Sasori grabbed Deidara shoulders for support he whimperd as he felt the second one enter "It hurts Dei-kun."Sasori said as he whimperd again "Shhhhh I know I know it hurts just relax you'll see un."Deidara whisperd to him as he stroked the inside of the other boys thigh making the boy blush slightly as he wrapped his legs around Deidara's waist.he flinched when he felt another finger added to him stretching him further.He winced when he felt Deidara pull the fingers out of him he gasped when he felt something larger be inserted "AHH DEIDARA"He screamned as Deidara seethed himself inside of Sasori "Shh yes I know it hurts Sasori it'l get better un."Deidara soothed as he thrust in and out.Deidara was right as soon it was pleasure not pain "D..Dei.k..kun h..harder."he groaned which Deidara complaied by going harder and faster at the same time "OH GOD DEIDARA."he creamned as he gummed again all over there stomach's and chests Deidara soon cam after Sasori.Both of them panting and sweating in a happy mess Deidara kissed Sasori again "Deidara kun please don't leave me."Sasori begged "I would never think of it un."Deidara said as he hugged Sasori "I love you all over the map."He said "To the northern sea's."He said as he kissed him forhead "To the southern shores."he said kissing his chin "To the western plains."he said kissing his right chek "And to the great sunny eastern ranches."He said kissig the other cheek making Sasori giggle as he yawned and fell asleep "I love you Dei kun.