He was an elite fighter in every sense of the word. He had surpassed all of the leaders of his village before him and probably the leaders of every other village as well. His teacher was one of the legendary sannin, Jiraiya, whom he had surpassed in strength long ago. He had even beaten the teammate of his teacher without getting touched, a feat his teacher had failed, just for insulting his master and friend. He was the Hokage, leader of the strongest country in the known world.

He was going to be a father. This thought had consumed his mind for eight and a half long and yet short months. He and his wife were very happy.

His village was under attack. It was the Kyuubi who was on the rampage now. The strongest demon on this plane. It was up to him to save his village from complete obliteration.

He was young and foolish even if he was a genius.

He was in a specially prepared room, he had designed it himself. He had designed it for the sole purpose of sealing the demon outside his village. He was finishing the preparations needed to allow his child to live through the sealing process.

This was where Sarutobi found his young protégé: scrambling around this small space.

"Are you sure there is no other way to go about this?" Sarutobi asked, knowing full well the answer.

"Yes, and don't try to wiggle me out of doing it, Sarutobi-san," the young blonde said as he was flying about finishing seals.

"I won't," the old man said tiredly. "But I am not ready to come back out of retirement." With that one statement and the decision that followed it, he changed the course of the future. He had quietly snuck closer to the young man. And as soon as Minato was done with the seals and had turned to go and face Kyuubi, Sarutobi chopped Minato on his neck, knocking him out and leveling the young man.

"I'm sorry, my young man, but this is not your time to die," the old man said looking back on the unconscious man who he still considered a child. He sighed as he moved out of the room heading out to the edge of the village. Where he would make his last stand, the last fight of an old man who was no longer in office, a man who still loved his country, a man who would die in a matter of hours.

He had read the books the Yondaime had written as he had planned his defense from the Kyuubi. He understood the process and everything involved in the process. He only had to rip the demon's spirit from his body and hold it until Kushina gave birth to the hero of Konoha, Naruto Uzumaki, then seal the vile being into the poor child.

Simple enough considering his age: sixty-five.

Minato woke up to the sound of a crying baby. He woke-up confused. Why was he waking up at all? Wasn't death supposed to be a sudden awareness not a waking moment? Then it hit him. All of it at once made sense. Sarutobi had knocked him out and done the sealing himself, the crying was Naruto, he would be alive to be the father he had wanted to be these whole nine months.

He launched himself to his feet only by his arms, he then bolted across the room to get his crying babe. He lifted his son and coddled him, shushing his cries. His son slowly stopped crying and slept in his father's arms, arms that wouldn't have been there to hold him if it had gone according to the original plan.

Yondaime was glad that it had not had not gone as he planned.