Blaise turned to see Hermione walking over to him, amist a swarm of students. Blaise really didn't want to talk to her so he pretended he hadn't heard her.

As he swiftly walked away, he turned back to see Hermione standing in the sea of students, looking quite alone, quite vulnerable.

Dear Journal,

She said my name today. And I had to ignore her, and pretend I hadn't heard. When I'd looked back at her, she was all alone. She looked as if she had the weight of the world on her shoulders (and the whole damn solar system too) and the sight of her looking like that made me want to hold her in my arms and never let go. It made me want to hold her in my arms and shield her from the awful things happening in the world.

But I knew I couldn't. I just couldn't. Anyway, she had Potter for that.

Potter, the perfect prat. Why should he be allowed to have her when all I can do is look at her? Why should he be allowed to hold her, to touch her when the most I can do is ask her for a bloody quill?

I mean, who does he think he is? Sure, hes the Chosen One and all that other crap, but other than that, what has he got going for him?

And I don't know why I still like her. I mean she used me after all. She never liked me, she was just leading me on. Probaby trying to make Potter jealous.

And why did I have to write that damn note? She was probably up in her room laughing at me when she read it. God, I feel so stupid!

Well I've got to go to dinner. Not that I'm hungry.


Blaise Zabini.

Hermione sat at the Gryffindor table. On her left was Ron who was stuffing his face with food (hey, what else is knew?) and on her right, was Harry. He was watching Hermione search the Slytherin table, with a small half smile on his face.

"Where is he?!" Hermione muttered, frustration oozing through her voice.

"There," Harry pointing to the Entrance Hall.

Blaise was leaning against the door way watching the school eat. His face showed absolutely no emotion, it was as if he wore a mask. He stood there for perhaps 5 minutes before Hermione decided to go and talk to him.

She stood and was about to walk over to him, when his startling turquoise eyes landed on her and his stare held her where she was. It wasn't as if his look showed anger, annoyance, rage or even any emotion at all. But those eyes froze her. Hermione couldn't have moved even if she wanted to.

Blaise's eyes studied her face for so long it was as if he was trying to attach her looks to his memory forever. Those gorgeous eyes slowly moved from her face, to her body. He showed no effort to even hide what he was looking at. He just let his eyes rake over her figure, taking in everything.

And she just stood there, watching him. It wasn't even as if he was being sleazy or anything. it was magic.

His eyes seeked reassurance and she could give it to him. He needed something real, and there she was, genuine as ever.

All the noise, all the people, everything faded until Blaise and Hermione were the only two people left on earth. The only things that mattered at that moment were each other. Nothing else even came close to that urgency. They needed each other.

Suddenly, Blaise made an awkward sort of movement with his left arm, and the spell broke.

Hermione came crashing back down to earth. The noise, the people, the world, everything returned.

Her knees buckled and she sank back into her seat, letting her eyes follow Blaise as he made his way to his seat, next to Malfoy.

"What the hell was that?" Malfoy asked Blaise before he even got the chance to greet him.


"Oh please. You were totally checking the mudblood out!"

"Don't call her that!" Blaise said, quite calmly, but his blood was bubbling with anger.

"Thats what she is," Malfoy said nastily.

"She is not!"

"She's a dirty little mudblood and you've fallen for her,"

"Shut up," Blaise said this in a dangerously quiet voice. His fists were clenched.

"It's true, Blaise. She's a mudblood and she's about to destroy your reputation and your purity," Malfoy said.

"I said SHUT UP! Don't call her that!" Blaise yelled. All heads in the Great Hall turned to the two Slytherins, and everyone saw the gorgeous Blaise Zabini pull his fist back and sink it straight into the pale face of the infamous Draco Malfoy.

Dear Diary,

Today I called out to Blaise and he completely ignored me! He left me hanging, all alone, when I had reached out to him and it hurt.

It really hurt.

I was seriously beginning to doubt that he had ever tolerated me, let alone liked me.

But then I saw him again in the Great Hall. I had been watching for him all through dinner when Harry spotted him. He was leaning against the wall, looking very laid back. He would have looked like the calmest person in the world if his face hadn't looked so forced. He was hiding his feelings from the world and I knew it. I just didn't know what the feelings were.

And I was just about to go over to him when he looked at me with those gorgeous eyes of his and I couldn't move. His eyes raked over my body, taking in every inch of me! No one had ever looked at me the way he did.

It was as if he needed something and I was the only person who could give him.

It was like magic.

And then he broke the spell and went over to Malfoy. I watched them talk for a while and I noticed Blaise's face close off completely and I could tell he was angry. He's one of those people who close down their expressions when they're mad. I'm the opposite. I show my emotions. Always have, always will.

And then Blaise yelled, "Shut up! Don't call her that!" and I knew they were talking about me. I knew that Malfoy had called me a mudblood. And then Blaise punched him.

I don't know whats wrong with me. I just feel so empty and helpless all the time. The only time I feel safe, and happy and content is when I'm with Blaise.

I need him. I really do.


Hermione Granger.

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