I Love You

By: KellyCRocker59

Chapter One: Comfort

This is the first drabble based on the author Forde's 50 sentence fic titled '50 things KylexForde.' I owe most of the credit to that author (sorry, I don't know your gender). Enjoy the first drabble based on the first sentence (obviously), titled Comfort.

Kyle slid into the tight sleeping bag in only his boxers. It wouldn't normally be so tightly packed, if not for the fact that another man already laid in it. Forde watched his green-haired lover as the cavalier got into their shared bedroll. Forde also slept in only his boxers, so the two knights' bare skin pressed together as Kyle slid in beside Forde, facing the blond.

Forde turned slightly red at the touch, as he always did, and turned so that his back was to Kyle. He shifted his legs and stretched his arms up out of the bedroll. He turned again so that he was facing Kyle, only to gasp as the taller man pulled the smaller one against him with one arm, the other wrapping around the blonde's form afterward.

"Neither of us will be able to sleep if you keep moving around." Kyle grumbled.

Anyone else wouldn't have heard the gentleness under the gruff tone. Forde smiled and snuggled against Kyle's chest.

"Remind me to fidget more often." He whispered.

Kyle sighed, trying to sound exasperated, but only managing to sound tired. Forde slipped an arm under Kyle's so that it was wrapped around the green-haired knight's back.

"Good night, Forde." Kyle said.

"Good night, Kyle. I love you." Forde whispered.

"Iā€¦love you too, Forde." Kyle replied, blushing slightly.

They fell asleep comfortably.