Disclaimer: If I owned Zoey 101, Jamie Lynn would have never played Zoey. Alexa Nikolas would because she is 1,000,000 times better.

There wasn't a greeting card or creative gift I could give you, so I just started writing and it all came out.

Maybe it was the day I first met you, I felt a spark right away, not neccasarily a spark of romance but a personality click. We meshed together I think we were meant to be best friends from the start.

Maybe it's the way we can sit with each other and just talk for hours about everything and about nothing. We don't need to see movies, or play games or whatever. We're just happy with each other's company.

Maybe it's when I'm sad and it feels nothing in the world can make me feel better. You come and somehow manage to make me smile or laugh. You bring my spirits up. You succeed.

Maybe it's when you look at me and I immediatly know what you're thinking.

Maybe it's the fist time you told me I was beautiful. I felt like the prettiest girl in the world.

Maybe it was at the Prom when you shyly asked me if I would dance with you even though I was already dancing with my date, Richard Prescott. You stumbled over your words until Rich finally got it, smiled at me, and let you take my hand. It was a slow song. I had my hands around your neck and smiled at you. We talked a little bit but mostly we just stared at each other and smiled.

Maybe it was our first kiss. It was soft, subtle, and sweet. It was perfect.

Maybe it was the day that you proposed. You were shaking. You were so nervous as you slowly pulled the ring out of your jacket pocket. In fact your hand was shaking so bad that the box flew out of your hand and our waiter, who also happened to be an amazing catcher, grabbed it in midair. I was cracking up by then and you looked embarresed but then opened the box, revealing the prettiest engagement ring I've ever seen. It was an interesting but extremely romantic proposal.

Maybe it was our wedding day. Everything was how I had imagined it. All my childhood dreams came to life. Time stood still and you were the only one I saw even if there was a bunch of our family and friends in the room.

Maybe it was the day our first daughter was born. Joanna Cecile Matthews- Six pounds and nine ounces, a small bundle wrapped in pink. You had a look of adornment and love on your face when you first met her, when you first held her.

Maybe it's now- As we spend a simple evening on the couch watching old movies while the babies are sleeping in the playpen peacefully. You're falling asleep too, after a hard week at work, I am not surprised.

Or maybe there isn't a way to pinpoint one thing.

Maybe it's just you.

I love you, Chase. Happy Anniversary.

Love, Zoey

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