Negima: Ninja Magi Sensei
A Negima Alternate Universe fanfic by Robster80

Chapter 1 – The First Encounter of the Sessha and Her New Teacher

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Opening notes: This is a Negi/Kaede pairing story. If you do not like this pairing, or not like Kaede, then please stop reading, and no flames! Otherwise, please enjoy!

Dean Kanoe smiled as a tall girl with a long ponytail in the back walked into his office at Mahora Academy. "Welcome, Nagase-san," he said warmly, "Thank you for coming on such short notice."

Kaede Nagase, 14, bowed at the dean. "What can sessha do for you, Dean Konoe?"

"Well, I just received word from a friend of mine about a new teacher we will be receiving in a few days. In fact, he'll be taking over Takahata-sensei as Class 2-A's teacher."

"Is Takahata-sensei retiring, sir?"

"Oh heavens, no! But he knows the boy who'll be taking over for him so he's stepping aside. His name is Negi Springfield, from Wales, England, and he is a gifted boy."

Boy? "If I may ask… is this Negi Springfield… fresh from college?"

"Actually, Nagase-san, he's super-fresh out of school. He's only ten."

At this, Kaede's eyes opened in surprise. "Ten?!" Holy smoke! This Negi must be a super genius, de gozaru!

Dean Konoe then cleared his throat. "Yes, well, he will be arriving in a few days, right as the new semester starts. I would like it if you and my granddaughter would go out and greet him first thing that morning; you'll be given passes so you won't have to worry about being tardy. You would go to the station and meet with Negi-kun, and then bring him to my office for his instructions. Will you accept my request, Nagase-san?"

Kaede bowed once more. "Hai, Konoe-sama. Sessha will meet with her new teacher as you ask. Also, I'm rather curious about him now that you've told me these things."

"Good to hear. …Also, there is one last favor I need to ask of you. We're short on room right now, so… could Negi-kun stay with you? I know you enjoy your privacy, but-."

"My home will be Negi-sensei's home as long as he sees fit; I do not mind at all."

Again, Dean Konoe smiled. "I am most grateful to you, Nagase-san."

Bowing once more, Kaede then turned and headed for the door.

"Oh, yes, Nagase-san?"

She turned. "Yes, Konoe-sama?"

"Please don't be afraid to ask Negi-kun to help you on your studies. And do try a little harder?"

Kaede sweatdropped; of course the Dean would tell her this. After all, she was one of the five worst scoring students in her class. "Hai, Konoe-sama…"

"Thanks for coming out with me, de gozaru."

"Oh, it's nothing, Kaede," Konoka Konoe, 14, replied to her classmate. "Grandfather asked me to help you, and who was I to refuse?"

"At least your grandfather gave us passes in case we're late," a third girl, with orange hair in two ponytails and bells in her hair, said in a huff. Her tone spoke loudly she wasn't thrilled to be standing out in the cold March morning, awaiting the arrival of the new teacher.

"You didn't need to come, Asuna," Kaede replied, "only myself and Konoka-dono were asked."

"Yeah, well, I had to leave early for my paper route anyways and I was on my way back for class, so I figured why not meet this new guy. Though I'm betting he's gonna be another old fart."

Kaede just smiled; she hadn't said anything to Konoka or Asuna about Negi's age. They were currently standing outside the train station gates, waiting for the next train to arrive which would bring the first wave of students to the campus.

Konoka pulled out a small fortune-telling magazine from her coat pocket. "Hmmm… Kaede, what's your birthdate again?

"11/11/88. Why?"

"Ah, a Scorpio…" Konoka smiled. "It says her that today's horoscope forecast states you'll have a very fateful encounter today, and that love is on your side."

But Kaede shook her head. "I don't believe in horoscopes, or fortunes. I make my own destiny, de gozaru. I take each day at a time."

"If you say so. …Asuna, it says here that you may get some very bad news concerning your love."

"Fah! I don't believe in that junk."

Konoka then smiled as she read on. "There's a way to undo this bad fortune, though; just say your love's name five times fast and bark like a dog, and he's yours for sure."


Kaede and Konoka looked at Asuna in surprise.

"What," she asked, "didn't think I'd do it? I'm so dedicated to Takahata-sensei."

"Uh, you do know Konoka was pulling you leg, right?"

Asuna blinked at kaede's words, then looked at Konoka. "You… you were joking with me?!"

"Uh, yeah? Sorry."


Suddenly, the train came roaring into the station and slowed down to a complete stop. Seconds later, the doors opened and out rushed numerous students for their first day of school. A voice over the loud speakers announced to the students that they had ten minutes before the first bell.

Kaede, Asuna, and Konoka stood where they were, watching as the flood of students passed them without any second thoughts. They kept their eyes open for the new teacher.

"Any sign of him?" Asuna asked impatiently.

"Not that I can see," Konoka replied, scanning over the crowds. "Don't worry, Asuna, we'll make it in time for Takahata-sensei's class."

Kaede said nothing, but keep looking. She stood on a nearby bench to get a better view. Suddenly her eyes spotted a staff sticking up among the crowd, and she focused on it. Soon the crowd dispersed and see saw a small boy with brown hair and glasses walking by himself, glancing around his surroundings. One look and Kaede could tell he was a stranger to Japan itself.

Ah! That must be him! Kaede raised her hand high, waving towards the boy. "Negi! Negi Springfield! Over here! Negi Springfield!"

Hearing his name, the boy looked up to see the waving hand. Curious, he started forward, heading directly for the person calling and waving to him. As he made his way through the crowd, he soon saw Kaede's head and then her full figure. His eyes also saw the other two girls with her, and they looked puzzled when he came into their line of sight. "Uh, Hello," he said politely in perfect, unaccented Japanese.

Kaede hopped down from the bench and bowed to him. "Hello, Negi! My name is Kaede Nagase, Class 2-A, seat 20. My friends and I were sent by Dean Konoe to welcome you." She motioned to Konoka and Asuna. "These are my classmates: Asuna Kagurazaka, seat 8, and Konoka Konoe, seat 13, and the dean's granddaughter."

"…Is this some sort of twisted joke?!" Asuna cried, pointing at Negi. "That brat's the new teacher?!"

"This… doesn't sound like something grandpa would pull on us," Konoka muttered, sweatdropping at the whole situation.

Negi gave a cough before he bowed at the three. "Pleased to meet you, girls. My name is Negi Springfield, and I'll be your new English professor this semester."

Asuna paled. "E-English?! But… But that's… that's…" She suddenly grabbed Negi by his coat and shook him. "Look, I don't like little kids' games! There's no way somebody like you could be the new teacher here at Mahora Academy, an all-girls school! Just get back on the train and head on to the elementary school one stop back!"

"Asuna," Kaede cried, grabbing Negi and freeing him from her angry classmate. "It's not a joke! Negi-sensei's really out new teacher."

"That's a lie-!"

"She's not lying, Asuna."

The four turn their heads to see an older man with grey hair and glasses approaching them. In his mouth was a lit cigarette. Upon seeing him, Ausna blushed and bowed in his direction.

"T-Takahata-sensei! Good… Good morning-!"

"Hi, Takamichi," Negi replied cheerfully, "it's been a while!"

Takahata smiled. "Hello, Negi. Boy, it has been quite some time. You've sure grown. Kaede, Asuna, Konoka, thanks for coming out here to greet Negi-kun, or should I say Negi-sensei."

"It's nothing, Takahata-sensei," Kaede replied. She then turned back to Negi. "We should get going now; dean Konoe's expecting you, de gozaru." She held out her hand to him. "Shall we?"

"Why, thank you, Nagase-san." Negi took her hand and followed her and Takahata away from the station. Asuna and Konoka followed after them, not wanting to be left behind.

"I think maybe my magazine was off the mark this time," Konoka said to Asuna. "Negi-kun's cute and all, but him being Kaede's fateful encounter?"

"Good thing Kaede doesn't believe in that sort of thing," was all Asuna said.

Dean Konoe stroke his long beard as he faced Negi. "So, Professor Springfield, are you ready to get your feet wet?"

"Hai, Dean Konoe."

Standing off to the side with Konoka and Kaede, Asuna fumed at Negi. She still couldn't believe this child was replacing Takahata as her homeroom teacher. What was worse was that Negi was Takahata's friend, so she couldn't take out her frustrations on him. This won't end well, I know it.

"Now, Negi," the dean continued, "you'll be teaching temporarily until the end of this semester. After that, if you've met my expectations, you'll be assigned permanently. However, should you fail, there will be no second chances. Do you understand?"

"Hai! And I don't intend to fail, sir."

"Good, that's the spirit! Now before I forget, we're short on room, so for the time being, Kaede-san has graciously consented to let you stay with her."

Negi turned to see Kaede smile and nod at him. "I understand, and I promise, Nagase-san, I won't be a burden."

"I'm sure you won't, de gozaru."

"And by the way, Negi," the Dean added, "if you're looking for a girlfriend, my granddaughter is available." This earned him a light knock to the head from Konoka. He then said, "And you'll be supervised in your classes by Shizuna-sensei until you get a better grasp of things here."

A busty woman with glasses and flowing green hair walked into the room towards Negi. She patted his head gently with a hand and smiled. "Feel free to ask me anything if you need help, Negi-sensei."

"H-hai," Negi replied, blushing.

Kaede couldn't help but giggle at this scene. Negi-sensei's so cute. And so polite, too.

"Well, girls, you'd better get to class," Dean Konoe said to the three. "I'll have Negi-sensei follow you shortly."

The three bowed to the dean before they exited the office. Before she left, Kaede gave Negi a reassuring smile and a little wave. Once they were gone, the Dean coughed again and took a more serious expression.

"Now, Negi-kun… let me remind you that secrecy concerning your magic is of the utmost importance. Your students especially must not find out about you being a wizard."

Negi frowned. "I'm well aware of the consequences if I'm discovered, Konoe-sama."

"Just be careful, my lad. Use your wits more than your spells, and you'll be just fine. And come to me, or Takahata or Shizuna if you need assistance."

Takahata handed Negi a small book. "This contains information on your students, Negi. Use it as a back-up; I left plenty of notes."

"Thanks, Takamichi."

"…You knew, didn't you?" Asuna asked Kaede as they and Konoka walked down the hallways towards their classroom. "You knew that brat was replacing Takahata-sensei, didn't you?"

"I knew, yes. The Dean told me recently about it when he asked me to greet Negi-sensei today at the station."

"Why didn't you tell me?!"

"Because you probably wouldn't have believed her, Asuna," Konoka pointed out. "I'm not sure I believe it myself. I mean, someone so young as Negi-kun as a teacher? He's gotta be some sort of super genius."

"He's still a brat to me."

"You should still show him respect, Asuna."

Asuna looked at Kaede oddly. "You're pretty accepting of that kid, Kaede. How come?"

"Because, he is our teacher, no matter what his age is. And the way he looked when we all were before Dean Konoe, he's very determined. Normal boys his age worry more about sports and trading cards and having fun, but not him. He's sacrificing his youth to educate others. That deserves… no, that commands respect in my opinion."

Both Konoka and Asuna were surprised by Kaede's words, and by her strength in them. It seemed she already developed great respect for their new young teacher, and he had yet to actually hold class.

"Well… maybe Negi-kun will motivate you, Asuna, and three others to boost your grades in class," Konoka said.

"Did you have to bring THAT up, Konoka? Look, let's just get to class and await the brat."

They soon come to their classroom of 2-A and enter. Their fellow classmates were busy with their own affairs, such as sports, a new camera, and setting booby-traps for the new teacher. Apparently, some of the students had heard about the change in staff and were in the mood to play tricks. The three sat down and readied themselves for Negi's arrival or joined in conversations.

Kaede glanced about the class quietly. These girls are quite the characters. I hope Negi-sensei is up to teaching the likes of these girls. Already Asuna-san doesn't like him; who know how the rest will take to him. But no matter what their opinions, I'll support Negi-sensei 100 …I just hope I can get my grades up to scratch under his tutiledge.

Then, the girls noticed it was almost time for class to begin. They all sat down quietly and awaited the teacher. Soon they heard footsteps approaching and the door to the room began to open.

So it begins. Good luck, Negi-sensei…

End Chapter 1

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