Negima: Ninja Magi Sensei
A Negima Alternate Universe fanfic by Robster80

Chapter 17: Party and Peril, Part 4 – Will The Real Negi… RUN!!!

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"What are our orders?" Hogi asked.

"Yes, what are our orders?"

"We must have orders. Otherwise, we wouldn't have been summoned."

Negi-Double shook his head. "The master only gave me orders to wait here. He didn't say anything about you four."

"Where is the master?"

"He went to the kitchens to get snacks."

"Does he know where that is?"

Negi-Double tilted his head to one side, placing a finger to his cheek. "I'm not sure. This is a pretty big house, judging by the size of this room here."

"Maybe we should go look for him."

"Yes, that way he can give us our orders."

"Plus we could help him find the kitchens."

"Then let's go."

"That sounds like fun. Maybe I'll go with you. There's nothing to do here."


Cocone cocked her head to one side. "Are you okay, Negi-sensei?"

"Y-yes… Though I just felt a slight chill just now, running up my spine."

"That's usually not a good sign, aniki," Heathcliff said from inside the backpack. "Maybe we should forget about this and head back to the room." Just then his stomach growled loudly. "…Then again…"

Negi chuckled. "There's your answer then, Heathcliff. We'll keep going."

"…Let's still keep our guard up," Cocone added quietly.

"Makie, what happened?!"

Frowning as the stripper bot carried her and Ayaka into the makeshift medical room, Makie replied, "I got overanxious and now I'm out of the game. But I hurt my ankle and this big lug brought me here due to some secondary protocol or something Satomi installed in him."

"And Iincho-san?" Akira asked as she was given the unconscious Ayaka.

Makie then grinned. "Oh, nothing…"

"Looks like she was knocked out by a blow to the head."

"Yeah, Ako, something like that. Least now she won't get her kiss, either. …But Kaede and some of the others still might, including Yuna."

"Yuna's still active? And alone?"

Akira shook her head, smiling. "I think she'll prefer it that way. You know how she is about this kind of playing."

"You should know – you have to put up with her and her Metal Gear Solid gaming as her roommate."

"Oh, it's not so bad. She makes sure that I get my rest while she's playing." Thanks to a little trick she shared with me, that is…

"I have fulfilled my secondary protocol functions; returning now to patrol."

"Yeah, you do that, big guy," Makie said as the stripper bot left the room. She then sighed while Ako examined her ankle. "So how bad is it?"

"Just a light sprain. Give it a while, and you'll be fine."

"Not really… I really, REALLY wanted that kiss with Negi-kun."

"Maybe there'll be another chance?"

In one corner of the mansion, Kaede and Ku stared down against Asuna and Misora. By chance, the two pairs had run into each other and now were in the middle of a face-off.

Misora's eyes locked with Kaede's; both knew they had to keep moving to find Negi and keep him from getting kissed. However, both also realized they needed to do something about their respective partners. While Asuna would be easy to deal with as she had no interest in the game at all, Ku was a different story. It would be difficult to stop her.

If we linger here too long, one of those bots will come by and one or all or us will be likely out of this stupid game, Misora thought. And you know this, too, Kaede.

Suddenly they all heard a loud scream. Turning, they saw Chizuru running towards them, with a stripper bot right behind her. A second and third scream followed as the Narutaki twins appeared, also with a pursuer.




"Time to go," Misora muttered, moving from Asuna.

'De gozaru," Kaede added, suddenly vanishing.

"H-HUH?! Misora, wait-!"

"Kaede, where you go-?!"

"Asuna, for the love of kami-sama, help me!"

"Save us, big sister Ku-Fei!"

"Targets acquired."

"Commence rapid firing."

"Oh hell no!" Asuna cried, rushing forward to one of the two bots.

"Me no be naked so easy," Ku added, getting into a fighting stance. "Satomi's bots no match for Chinese martial arts!" Though me wish Kaede no leave; me could use help.


Everyone looked up to see a ceiling vent open up and out tumbled Nodoka and Yue. The two fell, arms and legs flaying, right on top of Ku and Asuna, who were caught by surprise by their suddenly shout and appearance.

"Nodoka! Yue! Are you two-?" But before Chizuru could finish, she and the rest were struck by the beams, and were reduced to their underwear or no clothes at all.


"Sister, I don't; have anything on!!!!!"

"Guess we shoulda turned right instead of left."

"What were you two doing in the air vents anyway?"

"Is no fair, me no ready for that."

"I'm gonna kill somebody over this! That Negi-bozu, Ayaka, Asakura, Satomi, SOMEBODY!!!"

Peeking around one corner, Misora allowed a large bead of sweat to appear on her forehead. "I think you and I are gonna be less popular with them after this, Kaede."

"We'll worry about that later," the ninja girl stated. "Come, let's get to Negi-kun before the rest do, especially Makie-san and Iincho-san."

"Right!" Though, why wasn't Chizuru with Ayaka? Aren't they partners in this game?

Hiding behind a different corner, Yuna had both hands to her mouth to keep her from behind heard as she laughed. Ohhhh, there is NEVER a camera when you need one at times like this! That was just hilarious!

"Whoa," Asakura said aloud, "that was sure a shocker! A massive out-call on Asuna, Chizuru, Nodoka, Yue, Fuka, Fumika, and Ku. Now we're down to three girls, each from a different team, to try and find Negi-kun and score a kiss." Oh man, this was NOT what I had in mind about eliminating the weaker of the candidates.

Inside her robe, Chamo mentally swore up and down. Only three girls out of the original twelve he picked out for the game were left. Also, since Kaede and Misora were two of the three, the chances of Negi getting lots of pactio cards was now a pipedream. There goes my moola…

"I think you shoulda left out those robots," Misa stated loudly. "This kinda ruins the fun."

"Yeah, this sucks!"

"This whole game is just ridiculous," Chisame muttered. Then she looked up at the screens and blinked several times. "…Okay, I must be tired. I'm seeing more than one Negi-sensei."

"Say what?!"

Sakurako pointed at the monitors. "It's true, look! Each one has Negi-kun on them!"

"Hey, what's the big idea, Asakura?!"

Chamo popped out to see for himself, and he paled though his fur kept this form showing. Oh damn! Can it get any worse than this?!

At that moment, the power suddenly went out in the whole mansion.

"Okay," Takane said after the power had gone out, "tell me again WHY this massive blackout is necessary?"

"It's simple – the curse placed on me by Nagi is linked to the school, and is connected to the school's power supply. When the power goes out, the field suppressing my powers is eliminated and can only be restored when the power comes back on." Evangeline held out her hand and concentrated. She smirked as she saw a glowing magical ball appear, illuminating the room slightly.

"It will take approximately 17 minutes and 58 seconds before the power will be restored, Master," Chachamaru explained. "And even then, it will take an additional 3 minutes for the power to return to all corners of Mahora."

"Then we'd better act fast; Satomi's robots will have back-up generators to keep them going, and we need to have them corral those girls up and incapacitate the more serious threats."

Chachamaru nods. "I will begin now."

"Good! Meanwhile… I'm going to gather up my other little helpers… Let's go, girls. We have a boya to suck the blood out of."

Ayaka woke up to darkness, which she found strange. "Where… where am I? What's going on?"

"The power's out," she heard Akira reply.

"Okochi? Oh wait! I remember now! …Sasaki, you double-crosser! Where are you?!"

"Never mind that, Iincho," Ako stated, standing by the window. "It looks like the whole campus is without power. I don't see any lights on."

"What?! A massive power out? …Negi-sensei! He must be alone and afraid by himself!"

"Uh, he's with Misora's one friend from her church, so he's not alone-."

"That's beside the point! We must find him and protect him! This can't be a coincidence! Sasaki, you agree with me, don't you?"

Makie opened her mouth to reply…

Makie Sasaki… Ako Izumi…

Makie stood frozen, like she was in a trance. Ako was the same.

"Sasaki? Izumi?"

"Ako, Makie, what's the matter?" Akira asked, concerned.

It is time, my servants. Initiate Yukihiro and Okochi! I have use for them as well.

Slowly, both Ako and Makie turned to look at Akira and Ayaka respectively. They both smiled strange smiles… fangs poking out from under their upper lips.



"What the hell is going on?!" Asakura yelled. "Satomi!"

Pulling out a mini persocom from inside her robe, Satomi typed away. "Looks like it's a massive blackout. I can't get any wireless connection. Luckily, I always have a back-up plan for these sort of emergencies. I can hack into a satellite and find out what's going on."

"What about your robots?"

"Oh, they'll be fine; I installed back-up power units into them so they'll still function."

"Maybe we'd better find the others and Negi-kun and stay in a group?" Konoka suggested. She was holding a flashlight that was given to her by Setsuna. Several other girls now had flashlights as well, courtesy of Mana.

"I'll send commands to my robots to round everybody up and bring them here so we can stay together until the power comes back on-. …What the heck?!"

"What's the matter?" Asakura asked.

"This… it can't be! I'm being blocked out! Let me try hacking the server and… …Nothing."

"You can't send anything out?"

"I'm being blocked 200%; I can't even run an anti-virus scan!"

Realizing that something bad was going on, Chamo slipped out of Asakura's robe and took off out of the room. He had to find Negi, and fast. I betcha that Evangeline is behind this! Negi might be in danger!

Mana pulled out two handguns from inside her robe. "I'll go and look for the others."

"I'll help," Chao said.

However, before they could move, two beams fired form one open corridor, hitting both girls. They suddenly were frozen stiff, unable to move; they looked like store mannequins in unique poses.


"What the heck was that?!"

"Look out! It's the bots!"

"Let's get outta here!"

"No good, we're surrounded!"



Two of the robots herded Asuna, Ku, and the others into the room, and then all the stripper bots surrounded them, encasing them in a wide circle. Ku, like Chao and Mana, had been frozen.

Only one other person could pull this stunt and overpower Satomi, Asakura thought, paling a bit. Chachamaru!

Yuna pulled out her cellphone and turned it on. "Crap! No signal. Okay then…" she pulled out a small datacard and jacked it into the one end of her cellphone. Suddenly her signal strength indicator rose up to full bars.

"Yes!" she speed-dialed a number.


"Dad, something's wrong. The power suddenly went out at Ayaka's on-campus mansion."

"It's the entire campus, Yuna; everyone's without power. We don't think it's a coincidence. Is Negi-kun with you?"

"No, but I'm gonna find him."

"Good girl! I'll try to find out what's going on and see if I can help get the power back up. You stay near Negi-kun; the force-field that keeps Evangeline's powers in check is tied to the campus' power supply. If there's no power-."

"Then she'll be free to terrorize to her heart's content," Yuna finished for her dad. "Gotta go, dad! Bye!" She then closed her phone and pocketed it. "So that's it-."


Yuna whirled around to see one of the stripper bots approaching her, its eyes glowing red. Yuna frowned "Leave it to Satomi…"

"Yuna Akashi, you will come with me quietly or else-."


The robot twitched a bit before falling backwards, its upper neck exposed and various wires sparking a little; its head had been blown clean off.

"I don't think so," Yuna stated, a magic gun in her right hand. "I haven't played the Halo and Gears of War series for nothing." She then turned and ran.

"The kitchen… where is the kitchen?" Negi wondered to himself as he walked around in the darkness of the mansion.


Slowly, Negi turned to see Makie. "Oh, Sasaki-san. …What's with the maid costume?"

Indeed, Makie was wearing a maid's uniform. But what Negi failed to notice was her eyes; they were dull in the pale light of the moon, almost lifeless. Also, when she flashed him a smile, it was a predatory smile, fangs exposed.

"Can I get a kiss?" Makie asked darkly, still smiling.

"A… a kiss?"


"No fair, Sasaki," Ayaka's voice said. "I want a kiss, too."

"Why should you two have all the fun?"

"Yes, we'd like a kiss, too."

Soon Negi found himself facing Makie, Ayaka, Akira, and Ako; all four girls were in maid outfits. Also, all four looked like they were in a trance.

"What do you say, Negi-sensei?" Ayaka asked. "Will you honor me with your first kiss? And mine?"

"Who said you could go first, Iincho?"

"Yes, I was here first."

"But this is my house, girls. So I get first dibbs."

"Now, now, girls," Negi said. "There's no need to argue about this. I'd be happy to give you each a kiss."

"So would I."

"Me, too."

"I'll give you each some sugar."

"There's plenty of me to go around."

The four girls looked around, still under Evangeline's spell. They were still slightly surprised, however, by what they saw.

They were surrounded by five Negis.

"Oh… my…"

"So many… Negi-senseis…"

"But… which is the real one?"

"Only one way to find out… let's… GET HIM!!"

End Chapter 17

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