Home for the Holidays

Black Diamond

(A/N: Okay I know, that I always write about none human subjects, but humans are just no fun. I mean I get into a creative spur when I'm talking about the supernatural... Humans are just so boring...Well not all of them, I'll try to write about human characters later... I sure hope you enjoy this story...I'm sure it'll be a twist.)

Summary: Heart-broken, confused, lost, and grieving Sakura Avalon signs up for a home exchange program online in which she'll switch homes with a stranger in the same program. Yukito Tsukishiro- confused about his sexual identity, heart broken, and lost signs up for the same program and ends up trading houses with a girl named Sakura Avalon.

Chapter1: Broken Glass


She woke up in the middle of the night, she was sleeping on the table of the police station, she hadn't been home since the previous night, she was working on a pretty strange and gruesome case. A murder who leaves no traces of his existence, he manages to drain all the blood out of his victims with bite marks on their necks, and most of the victims are male and he leaves them dressed in 17th century garments. Her desk was a mess and her hair was also messy, her cloths all wrinkled and she needed to freshen up major time. She looked around, the place was empty, all the other desks were neat, and empty, the place was deadly silent, she shivered, she wasn't big on quite, ghostly places, she was a noisy, outgoing party till you drop, kind of person. She sighed, dragged all of her papers into a folder and dumped the folder into her briefcase and headed out turning the lights off on her section. She called home, but no one picked up.

"Hey Steve it's me. I guess it's late huh. well I'm on my way home, I'm sorry you had to house sit for me all this time. I'm also sorry you had to cancel that dinner party you had planned." Sakura said on the phone hanging up. She got into her black Volvo and drove off, she was extremely tired by the time she got back home, she quietly walked into the house, took a shower in the downstairs bathroom and headed upstairs half asleep, she fell onto the bed still wearing her shower robe.


He was in his studio going over some last minute details when his cell went off, he wasn't the type of person who gets irritated, but his studio time was very important to him, he didn't like being interrupted during this time.

"Hello. Yuki here who is this?" There was a moment of silence before the person over the phone replied.

"Yuki it's me Mike, I'm so sorry but I don't think this is going to work between us, you're sweet and all, but not my type at all, you up and disappear for days locked up in that studio of yours, and not to mention your weird family, I mean that cousin of yours freaks the hell out of me, and what's the deal with Yue. I mean you go beyond split persona here. I'm sorry, but I'm looking for ordinary and you just aren't what I thought you were."

Okay so his boyfriend was breaking up with him over the phone. He placed his paint brush on the table and started to pace the small room.

"What are you talking about Mike. It's not like I can help it that I'm not perfect. Mike don't do this to us. I thought you said you loved me. What are you talking about us not working. Mike I like you very much, don't do this, not now." He was hurt, on the verge of breaking down and crying, he could feel everything closing in on him, Mike had been with him for more than two years now, that was his longest relationship yet. He had really believed that it would last with them, he was really hoped, he was even considering buying a proposal ring. It was a miracle that someone would stay with him after finding out about his split personality Yue.

"I'm sorry Yukito. It's just the same, you don't love me enough, you've never loved me, you just like me... I can't stay with you. You can't comprehend how to love, and Yue is even worst off. He's cold, I loved you, but I found someone else... Yuki...I don't know how to tell you this..." The phone went silent, Yukito felt his heart starting to shatter, this was the awakening of Yue, his other side. Yue often came up when he was in any form of pain.

"What is it Mike?" His voice was still the same, but colder is some ways, his eyes had turned a bitter icy blue, and his hair was longer.

"Yukito. I'm getting...I'm engaged, being with you, well it was hard, so I was seeing someone else on the side, I'm sorry, but I'm in love with someone else, and I'd appreciate it if you'd understand that." He flipped his hair back, removing the strands over his eyes, he sighed and smiled.

"Well congrats on your wedding Miky dear, I hope you get me an invitation sweat heart. I'd hate to miss your fucking' wedding now wouldn't I." Yue could feel his anger rising. He heard Mike's yelp and he couldn't help but smile.

"Yue is it you." Mike asked his voice getting quitter.

"who the fuck else would it be. Of course it's me... So am I invited to your wedding." He smiled when he heard Mike gulp over the phone.

"If you want...But I can understand if you don't want to come." Mike was trying to get out of inviting him. There was no way he was not going to give Mike hell. The bastard just broke his heart without a second though and over the phone damn it.

"No, it's okay, I'm fine with it. Well then see you soon." With that notion he shut off the phone and turned towards his painting. He took a white sheet of cloth and covered it. There was no use in painting the face of a man who meant nothing to him now, for the anniversary he wasn't going to have. Well just Fuck all of it. Mike, his intolerance for unordinary, Yukito's soft heartedness, and his own damn pain. So what if the first human to have cared for him, just broke up with him, and what if the one thing he'd been looking for all of his life just slipped through his hands while he was caught up painting. To hell with it all, he didn't care, he didn't…Oh shit here comes Yuki. Yue thought as he felt himself being pulled down into their minds.

Upon his resurface Yue broke down in tears, Mike had broken up with him, because he wasn't normal, because he was too preoccupied with work. It was all his fault, if he had just been a little more considerate then none of this would have happened. Mike had tolerated as much as he could, and then he just couldn't anymore. He didn't know what he was going to do, he'd been so lonely before meeting Mike, and he wasn't sure if he could survive with that void in him once more., and much bigger this time. He didn't want to resurface, he didn't want to be in this space, so he drew back and forced Yue back to the surface.

He slept in his mind, Yue came out cursing. " Damn it. Now Ki's gonna spend the holidays sobbing over some pathetic cheating bastard and I'm never gonna hear the end of it. There's gotta be something I can do...A stand in...Eri." Yue picked up the phone and dialed the one number that had always been his salvation. The phone rang twice before there was an answer.

"Which one of you is it?" He heard Eriol's husky, tired voice and he couldn't help but be nervous.

"Um...It's me Yue...Eri, I was wondering if you'd do me a favor and spend the holidays with me...Mike kinda broke up with me and Yuki's having a hard time. I think he's thinking about doing that thing he did two years ago, where he didn't resurface for a year and a half, and I really doubt I can handle that. So I was wondering if you wouldn't mind keeping company here." He could feel his face turning red, he'd always had a thing for his cousin, a kind of crush, even though he knew that his cousin was perfectly straight. Hey what could a guy mental guy do but hope that, that sexy bundle of hot jolly good chocolate candy of a man falls in love with him...wait okay that was perverted, Eri was his cousin after all and engaged to Tomoyo.

"Sorry Yue, but I can't I promised Tomo that we'd spend the holidays together here, she's having a hard time right now with her mother and everything. I'm sorry I know what Mike meant to you and all but you have to understand that it's up to you to lead your lives now and...hold on.

With Sakura.:

Sakura woke up with a startle, she'd had a nightmare about the murder again, but this time the person murdering her was invisible to her, but she could feel him, she could feel pain, his body cold, like death, she could see death in glowing blood red eyes. Cold hands running down her body, she felt the need to shiver, but couldn't move her body, she heard laughter but as if it was coming from somewhere far. She felt her life draining away and something against her chest, her heart beat like a drum in her ears, and the drum started to slow, and slow, and slow, and then stop, her ears ringing , she thought they might bleed, but the ringing stopped, everything stopped, and with a loud gasp she was sitting upright in bed. Sweating and panting, her heart beat like a drum played by the devil rank as if it was in her ears. She sighed and ran a hand over her hair, turned around and placed a hand on Steve's chest, his skin was smoother than she remembered, and what the hell...his nipples were rounder and... he had boobs? Sakura got up turning around to look at the love of her life.

"Holly shit, what the fuck is this." Sakura sprang up and fell backwards off the bed and onto the floor banging her head. She murmured and then got up again to face the hellish damnation upon her bed.

"What the fuck is going on here Steve...Who the hell is this little tramp." Her voice was quite, cold and menacing, she was white as death and her body was like a statue, she was shaking from her fury, she was frozen in it. She watched with cold, dead eyes as the bastard 'love of her life' rose from the bed, half naked and the little blond tramp next to him get up with the blankets because she was completely naked.

"Who you calling a tramp bitch...And what the hell are you doing here. This aint your house." Sakura felt her body ripple with anger and turned to face Steve who was caught between the two of them.

"Look babe it's not what you think... I was drunk last night. Swear on it. You know how I get... Mike and the others invited me to a party and well..." Sakura wasn't sure if she should break down laughing or beat the hell out of the bastard...Well the later was sounding pretty good to her.

This was the same excuse he used when he forgot her birthday. And to make matters worst, she could tell he was lying, his left eye always closes a little more than his right eye. She had lived with him two years, she knew everything there was to know about him, and there was no party because his closest friend Jason works with her, and he was in the office today. He would have let her in on their little party gathering. He always does.

Sakura took a deep breath and looked up at Steve, the blond tramp was off the bed, a blanket tied around her.

"Leave the spare keys on the counter on your way out. And before you say a word, I suggest you get the hell out because I'm so damn tempted to just kick your ass to hell, and Steve if you learned one think about me it's that when I lose my temper I lose it for sure. Because if you don't leave now, I'm going to give you a concussion and cut up the blond bitches face into pieces with my pocket knife, so get the hell out while I'm still in control will ya?" Sakura looked up with frozen eyes, her natural Lime green eyes turned into bright lime green. It was almost limelight green.

Steve walked out without a word, his blond bitch behind him, Sakura sank into a chair next to the bed and looked at the ruffled bed, she got up and when into the bathroom and turned the hot water on in the sink and ran it over her shaking cold hands. She left her hands under the water until they turned red, she looked up at the mirror and saw her cold green eyes, eyes that were so bright they looked like they were glowing, enraged she drove her hand into the mirror, taking in glass into her flesh. When she pulled her hand back out, it was distorted, glass shards sticking out everywhere on her fist. She drove her hand in the wall next, sending the glass dipper in her hands, and not even a wince passed across her face. She pulled her shower curtain off and sent all of the bottles and soaps flying into the wall and shattering. Her hair was soaked and her hand bleeding but she didn't care, she went to the to the bedroom and out into the kitchen where she sent all of her cups and plates shattering and all of the chairs were upturned, the knife sticking in the walls or standing tables. She calmed down once there was nothing else in the kitchen to destroy and picked up the phone, she needed to call her before she did something she'd regret later on, which would probably involve her nine millimeter gun.

The phone rang once and immediately the person she called answered. She picked it up and in a very low and trembling voice started to speak.

"Tomo... I didn't know who else to call...I kinda went on a rampage again." Sakura heard her cousin and personal psychiatrists sigh.

"It's Steve isn't it. What the hell did that bastard do this time." Tomoyo was angry, she could tell.

"I got home and he was with some blond bitch. I actually crawled into bed with them without knowing...The bitch, how dare she try and take him from me, and as for him, I should cut his balls off that way the next time he wouldn't look for someone to calm his erection...Tomo can I do that." There was a sad smile on her face, and Sakura heard her cousin's silent laugh.

"As much as he deserves it, no you can't...Sakura can you stay there on your own, do you want me to call him to stay with you... I'm sure he'd be okay with it." Sakura winced and gasped shaking her head fast, she dropped her head in her palm and covered her face.

" No my brother's having a hard time right now, his next book is due and he's planning on selling his company if he doesn't get that contract he's been bustling about. Plus he might just go and kill Steve for me, then what would I do?" Tomoyo grunted her agreement and sighed.

"Wait hold on, let me get a word with Eri...I'm sure we can find a way to get you here, or he can book a flight for us to get there by latest tonight." Sakura was about to protest, but it was too late, she heard her cousin shouting for her fiancee who responded. She could barely hear what they were saying, she picked up a few things, and she definitely heard Tomoyo's enthusiastic yelp.

Tomoyo got back on the phone. " Hello Sakura okay , remember that home exchange I signed you up for, well you see Eri's cousin just got out of a bad relationship and he's a member of the program too and he's looking for someone to exchange homes with, his house is really nice, and it's winter so you'll love the place, and it's not far from our place so we can visit you and the view will knock Steve out of your mind in seconds. So check your e-mail." Sakura sighed but got up and walked to her computer in her study and checked her e-mail. There were a bunch of new massages she didn't really want to check, and there was a very recent one from someone named Yuki. She opened it and was blown away with the picture she saw, it was a painting of a very beautiful house, Sakura was immediately blown away. She responded to the e-mail, accepting the invite to home exchange. A message followed that one seconds later thanking her and stating that a key will be left in a small angel next to the flower pot with yellow roses in them. Sakura stated that she'd leave her key in a small little present box sitting under the door.

With that settle down Sakura picked up the phone again. " Tomoyo, I'll be there soon, I'm going to pack." Sakura said.

"Okay Eri here already booked your flight, it's due in an hour and hurry if you miss it you can't catch a flight in time for the holidays okay." Tomoyo said, Sakura nodded and said her byes. She hung up and raced upstairs trying to avoid shattered glass, she was half way up the stair when she realized that she had to clean up the place. She didn't have time, but she couldn't leave the place in a mess. she ran upstairs and got the phone and quickly dialed her brother. She got his answering machine.

"Hey Tori it's me, I was wondering if you could drop by my place as soon as you can and tidy up for me, I have a guest from far coming over. I'm going to Tomo's for a while, and I know it's sudden but things with Steve aren't good, don't worry I didn't hurt him and you shouldn't either, I just turned into a tyrannosaurus rex and banged up everything..So ya drop by and lend your only sis a hand, oh and get me some shower soaps, ask Julia to get them for me she knows what I need, tell her I need a whole new set, like my old ones...Call me, I'll definitely call as soon as I land. And I love you so please don't murder my ex. Oh and if you can, keep my guest company and take some time off. " Sakura was trowing cloths into her suite case as she talked, she packed her suite case full, and took out her small case and threw in her work folders and then she went up to the attic where she got her camera, gave the room a quick glance and zoomed out. She didn't like going up there, but she never left without her camera. The room up there held all of her family pictures, she majored in photography and she used to love taking pictures of the her family, she had a lot of picture of when she was younger, pictures of her and her brother and their parents when they were still alive. Sakura with her three suite cases made her way down her street, she would have to walk for a while before she could get a bus ride, then she'd have to get a taxi somewhere and get to the airport.