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Black Diamond

Summary: story based on the movie by the same name. A woman and a man trade houses only to fall in love with the relative of the other. Sakura after breaking up with her cheating boyfriend trades homes with Yukito and ends up having to deal with Yukito's mysterious and arrogant cousin Shoaran. And Yukito having lost her boyfriend due to his…indifference leaves the country to get away from it all and ends up falling for Touya Sakura's over-protective, self-assured, arrogant older brother. And with a dark secrete looming over each pair of lovers, it will take all that they are to salvage the bonds they begin to forge.

Chapter 4: Dinner for Two

Chapter 4: Dinner for Two

"So she is your sister. I am sorry I did not recognize you. I was not aware of the fact that you were picking me up." I said, Toya nodded smiling as he took a bite of his rice.

I sat in the Kitchen and watched as he prepared to make us dinner. The meal he was preparing was a Korean cuisine and it smelled wonderful.

I sat on a kitchen stool with a bottle of wine at hand. At first he refused to allow me a drink because apparently he thought I was under aged. Really, I was in my late twenties.

He of course quickly apologized.

"Here you go." I offered him a glass, he smiled, took a sip of it and then placed it back on the counter as he resumed cooking.

"So you're an artists." He looked up for a second then looked back down. I was aware that this was his way of making small talk- but I was not good at small talk. I can't remember who told me I had a habit of putting the horse in front of the carriage whatever that meant.

"Yes. And what do you do?"I took another sip of wine, but kept my eyes on him. The movement of his arm muscles as he stirred the pot of soup. The lift of his chest as he breathed in and out. And the gentle sway of his hair as he moved about the counter preparing dinner.

"I am a businessman for lack of better term." I watched as he drank more wine. Watched as he swallowed, his adam's apple rising then falling.

I could feel a strain in my trousers. A strain that I knew would only get worst if I did not bring myself to think about something else. Something that did not include sexy abs, sexy mouth, sexy…

"Really. What kind of business?" I said forcing my eyes to the food rather than his face.

"Oh this and that. But enough about me, how about you. Have I seen any of your works anywhere. I often get dragged to gallery showings with lady friends." His use of the term lady friends got my attention. Usually people would say girlfriend or something of the like, but his implication of them as merely female friends reveals the scope of his views.

He did not take those relationships seriously. That was not a good sign.

"I doubt it. I have not been featured in Asian galleries in a while. I was in Australia a few month ago, and I did a showing at a friend's studio." I finished my glass and made a move to pour in some more.

He placed his hand over the cup to prevent me from pouring anymore in.

"Dinner's almost done, here have mine." He took my glass away and replaced it with his half empty one.

I hesitated, looking first at him, then at the cup where I could clearly see the outline of his lips.

"Thank you." I took a sip, my lips brushing over the same area his had and it was almost like a jolt went through my body.

I placed it down and stared into the cup.

Did he add something in it, or am I really that into him.

"Why don't you begin setting up." I snapped out of my revere and took the plates he offered me.

The kitchen was connected to the dinning room, I walked out of the Kitchen and began to set up the old oak colored table.

The table was really beautifully crafted. The patterns on the legs of the table were so mystical it felt as if the pictures were moving about. I could make out the figure of a dragon, a woman, flowers, animals and so much more.

"Like the table. Its a family heirloom." His gentle voice came from behind and sent me nearly jumping out of my skin. When I straightened I bumped into him. He wrapped his arms around my waist to keep me from falling over him.

His strong arms around me, sent my heart into over-drive and nearly had me passing out.

"Careful." He said near my ears and that was it. I toppled over and lost consciousness for three seconds before He emerged.

Yue's P.O.V

"Can you let go." I asked shoving him away. I could feel Yukito pleading me not to let him know, to act…normal. Normal as in act like him because he was the first persona encountered.

"Oh! Most have had a little too much to drink. Here let me handled that." He took the plates and prepared the table. I sat down on the chair right in front of me and tried to be patient as he finished.

When he took his seat across from me, the table looked wondrous.

"Its bibimbap, naengmyeon which is buckwheat noodles in a cold broth…um oh and we have guk soup and a variety of other side dishes. Please." He motioned for the food and I dug right in. It tasted wonderful, really wonderful.

I hadn't had such good food in a while. With Mike and all the other men all we did was go out to eat or have miniature quickly and unprofessionally prepared meals.

"How is it?" I looked up only to find him staring at me, his gaze intensely focused on me.

"Yeah. How'd you learn to cook like that?" He poured two glasses of wine and offered me one. I took it thanking him, then set it besides me.

He chuckled. "My father, he used to make breakfast for us, when he goes off on vacation I had to feed my sister and boy was she a big eater. Plus she would never eat the same thing twice in a week, so every day for seven days I had to make something completely new. I ended up getting a job at a restaurant just to learn how to feed her and double majoring in culinary arts just out of habit." He took another sip of wine chuckling again at the thought. I nodded but kept eating the good food.

We finished dinner with light chatter. He tried to find out more about my art and I promised to show him some of my museum showings later on. I had no intention of doing that, but I could not bring myself to say that, and from his response I could tell he did not care.

We cleared the table together, but he loaded the machine. Had it been up to me, I would have either

"I guess I'll see you later then."

"Bye." I said leaning in to kiss him on the cheeks as was costumery. He seemed chocked for a second, but then resumed his smile. He walked out and I closed the door behind him.

"That was rather fun." I mumbled before returning to my chamber for a bath and a nap.

Sorry for the long wait.

I couldn't think of anything,

I wasn't sure where this was headed.