Author's Note: Just a bit of fluff. I've seen this done before and thought I'd give it a try.

Commander Feral: Why do you have to always write me as angst ridden, suicidal, depressed and pregnant?

Writer: Because it's my favorite form of story and there's not enough on you.

Commander Feral: I appreciate that but why pregnant? I mean really do I look gay to you?

Writer: Actually, you don't seem to be anything. The show's writers weren't very nice to you.

Commander Feral (blushing): Well that's certainly true. Then why am I always paired with that arrogant SWAT Kat T-Bone?

Writer: Now that's calling the kettle black isn't it?

Commander Feral (scandalized): You're saying I'm arrogant?

Writer: Well if the shoe fits...

Feral grumbles under his breath.

Writer: Anyway, I did write you with Razor a few times.

Commander Feral: Oh yeah and then you went and made me female!

Writer: Well I thought a change of pace would be good.

Commander Feral: Oh come on give me a break!

Writer: Well what about the tigers I hooked you up with? Did you really hate it that much?

Commander Feral: Uh...well...considering both of them tricked me into those situations, I should be really pissed but...I did kinda dig being with Shere though I have to admit Shakil was pretty hot too.

Writer: See! Sometimes a good thing comes out of being flexible.

Commander Feral: Is that what you call it? I've been made soo flexible that I've stopped looking like a kat at all in some of those stories...though I did kind of like having wings. Couldn't you have at least made me ordinary, just doing my job and maybe being with a she-kat?

Writer: Well I did that too. Don't you remember? There were two stories where you were hooked up with Callie Briggs and then there was the hot little fling you had with Raven at the bar.

Commander Feral: Oh yeah! Those were really good. Wish you'd do more of those.

Writer: Sorry, not my thing! No one wants to read bland, vanilla stories. They have to have some kind of drama to them or be really funny and unfortunately, I'm not very good at humor. It's more like hit and miss with me and writing het fiction just isn't where my mind is at.

Commander Feral muttered: Yeah! I can just tell where your mind is at!

Writer (eyeing him suspiciously): What was that?

Commander Feral (being innocent): Nothing. So what do you have in mind for me next. I'm almost afraid to know.

Writer: Ohhh...a really exciting piece, it's got magic, rape, other worlds, strange creatures, and of course T-Bone saves your butt again and you're pregnant.

Commander Feral (disgusted): Oh joy! Any chance I can find another writer.

Writer (warningly): I could just let you disappear in obscurity again...

Commander Feral (with a put upon sigh): Forget I said anything.

Writer (smug look on face): That's what I thought.