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My Last Kiss.

"Hey Sasuke!" Ino smiled at the raven-haired Uchiha. It was a normal day at school. You know, shining sun, laughter of high schoolers, teachers yelling at couples to stop making out. You know the usual lunchtime. Sasuke looked over to Ino; he was sitting down on a small grass hill, leaning against a tree. He sighed.

Ino walked over to him. "Hey, you want to hang out with me and Neji?" she smiled sweetly at him. He grunted and closed his eyes, pretending to doze off. She poked his knee, "Come on, Sasuke, you're my best friend. At least eat lunch with us?" He cracked open on eye and looked at her with no interest. "No thanks, I'm just a little tired today. I just want to doze off before class starts again."

Ino giggled, "Since when is the All-mighty Sasuke tired?" He grunted again. She frowned, her brows furrowing. "Well…okay, well see you in class all right?" she smiled at him. "Yeah, whatever," he said, lying back down. She went over to Neji, who was waiting near the lunch tables. She glanced back at Sasuke and waved. He only raised an arm in response.

Once she was gone, Sasuke banged his head on the bottom of the tree. 'Damn!' he cursed in his head, 'Why am I so…' He shook his head. Ino and Neji were together. He wasn't the one Ino chose. Not him. She and Sasuke were friends for so long and now…he loved her. More than a sister. More than just a friend. More than life itself. It was just that he was afraid of exposing his feelings. He was afraid of rejection.

They've been dating for a month now, and it was the happiest Sasuke has ever see Ino. She was laughing everyday, from Neji's not-meant-to-be- jokes to his ridiculous attempts to make her laugh. Sasuke could tell that she loved him. He could tell that Neji loved her. It was a disaster. Well, for him anyway.

He watched Neji and Ino chat at the lunch tables as they munched down on their lunch. Neji must've said something funny, because Ino burst out laughing, almost choking on her drink. He glared at Neji's back. Yeah, he was jealous, but he tried not to show it. Whenever they kissed each other on the cheek, his jealousy would boil inside him. He even had to admit himself; he was not good at keeping feelings inside.

He put his hands behind his head, shifted and laid down on the grass, looking up at the tree's tops and the blue sky. He closed his eyes and tried to relax, also attempting to keep his thoughts out of his mind.


Sasuke was walking around the school grounds after his ten minute nap. Sometimes he thought that his school gave too much time for lunch. Like, an hour and ten minutes? That was a whole class time.

He rubbed the back of his neck and shoved his other hand in his jean pocket. He was bored, even after fending off his fan girls who were watching him sleep. "Damn, those girls are annoying," he mumbled. One even had a camera at hand was taking pictures. He had to confiscate it from her. Well, he only asked and the girl obeyed, mesmerized that he was actually talking to him.

He fiddled with the camera. It was digital, so the pictures were possible to delete. But he knew he had to return the camera eventually.

Sasuke was continuing his way to nowhere when he heard low murmuring behind one of the big statues in the back of the school. No one was in sight, because everyone was in the courtyard, at the side of the school building.

"Oh, Neji," a girl's voice giggled, "You're so funny." Sasuke's ears perked up at the name 'Neji'. Sasuke edged closer to the statue, trying not to be seen at the same time. As he thought, it was Ino's Neji. From where Sasuke could see, he was sitting at the pedestal of the statue, a girl leaning on his shoulder. Sasuke wasn't surprised to see that it was TenTen, a senior like Neji, who was with him.

She was giggling. Neji put his arm around her and whispered something in her ear that Sasuke couldn't hear. She squealed and kissed him on the lips. Sasuke looked wide eyed. He finger was hovering over the camera's shot button. "I can't believe it," Sasuke breathed, "That liar and cheater."

And without thinking twice, he took a picture of the two kissing and quickly hid behind a tree. Neji broke away from TenTen with a start. "Who's there?" he said loudly. Sasuke held his breath. "I know someone's there." He got up from his seat and stepped forward. "You know, you should've at least turned off that flash of your camera."

Sasuke heard TenTen yelp. "Neji!" she squeaked, "She'll-." "TenTen, shhh," Neji said. "Show yourself!" Sasuke had crept low under the bushes and had broken into a run to the courtyard. He had to find Ino.

"Ino!" Sasuke called to his best friend, who was talking to Temari. "Yeah, Sasuke?" Ino said, smiling, but then that smile was gone once she saw Sasuke was panting and looking alert. "Sasuke…are you okay?" he nodded, still taking fast breaths.

"Ino I have to show you something," he said, tightening his grip on the camera. "Sasuke, what is it?" Ino said, putting a hand on his shoulder looking worried. "Uhm, Ino, I think I'm gonna go now, catch you later okay?" Temari left, trying to locate her brothers.

Ino didn't even take notice, "Sasuke, what's wrong?" she said. "Ino, Ne-."

"Ino!" Neji called to her. They turned their heads towards where he was coming from. Immediately, Sasuke hid the camera in his pockets, pretending to act cool like he always does and tried to slow down his breathing.

"Uchiha," Neji nodded his head to Sasuke in greeting. "Hyuuga," Sasuke said back, trying not to show anger. Ino flinched. She hated it when they both addressed each other like that. No friendly greeting like, 'Hey, Sasuke! Want to hang with me and Ino?' and 'Yeah sure.' Nooo, it just had to be just 'Uchiha' and 'Hyuuga'. At first, Neji was the one who was playing it nice. But it was Sasuke who was hostile to him. Then that was when Neji started to act like he hated him.

Sasuke cursed in his head. He couldn't tell her when the culprit was standing right there. "Hey Neji," she kissed his cheek. Sasuke could feel his anger boil. 'Oh only if she knew…' Sasuke thought vilely, 'She would instead spit on him than kiss him.'

"So Sasuke," Ino turned back to him, "What were you going to show me?" Neji raised an eyebrow. "Show?" he mouthed at Sasuke. Sasuke acted like he knew nothing.

"Uhm…I was about to show y-you…," he stammered and caught sight of Ten Ten passing by. "My new girlfriend!" he blurted out, grabbing and wrapping an arm around her without thinking. "Huh?!" the Ten Ten said, aghast. "What?!" Neji blurted. "Ten Ten?" Ino said, smiling and clapping her hands, "Really?! Yay! You finally found your girl!"

TenTen looked like she saw a ghost, frozen and pale. What the hell was happening? Sasuke smirked. This was it. He had Neji in a headlock. 'Gotcha,' Sasuke said in his head from his little triumph. Exposure. He thought too soon.

Neji slowly swallowed, "G-good for you." Ino smiled, they were finally nice to each other. For once. Sasuke saw, from the corner of his eye, TenTen shoot a warning look at Neji. Ino didn't even notice.

"Yay! So we can double-date! Ohhh, this is going to be so much fun!" Ino squealed.

'Boy, is this worse than fangirls,' Sasuke thought.


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