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Sasuke walked down the stairs, looking serious. He was angry. He had all the proof he needed and she still didn't believe him. Maybe she did love Neji that much. She was too blinded by love. Or so he thought. But anything seemed to make more sense.

"Didn't go too well, huh?" Ino's mom said, catching Sasuke before he went out the door. Sasuke shook his head, "No. She is so stubborn." Ino's mom laughed, "She got that from her father before you come to any other conclusion." She winked at him. He forced a smile, "Yeah."

He walked out the door. That was it. Nothing more to happen.

He clutched the camera so hard it looked like it was going to break into pieces. Why can't she believe him? He had everything to convince her. Did she trust that cheating liar, Neji more than she trusted him? It was crazy. Sasuke had known her ever since Kindergarten when Ino had accidentally broken Sasuke's arm. Now, they were juniors in high school. Shouldn't have the trust grew to be unbreakable?

He was pissed. He was mad. He was inconceivably angry. He was hysterically infuriated. He was every single damn synonym of angry. At himself and at Ino. Hell, he might as well be pissed at the whole world. Damn.

Sasuke slapped his forehead as he walked back home, 'what the hell takes to get this bitch to believe me?!' He sighed and the fire in his eyes died down. He had never called Ino a bitch. He had never got angry at her. He had never even lied to her. Except that time when she had asked him if she and Neji looked great together. He wanted to tell her, 'No! You'd look way better by my side. Screw that dyke.' That seemed like a long while ago.

He missed those times when it was just him and Ino. No Neji, no Ten Ten. Sasuke laughed at the thought. He sure did miss them. Maybe it was just time to let his best friend go, to let his little sister go. Maybe they were never meant to be together. Maybe Neji would change. Maybe this was meant to be.


Ino sat there on her bed, quiet and in deep thought. Why had she not believed him? It all seemed like it happened so fast.

She had clutched the camera with a tight grip. She had stared at the digital screen. It certainly didn't look like a photo shopped picture, and it didn't look like a fake picture either. How can this be? She didn't believe him. Neji would never do anything like that to her. Never. Never ever! No! Nuh uh! Zilch possibility! No way!

This wasn't happening. Her mind was confused. Should she have believed him? Sasuke was the one who had punched her in the face. He was the one who betrayed her. Bullshit. How was she supposed to believe him now?

She was definitely going to give him a piece of her mind the next time she saw him.

Yeah, a real hit to the stomach.



It was another day at school. Monday. The weekend had flown by so fast. It still felt like last week. Today, the sky was dark, the atmosphere felt cold. It was like an omen. A bad one.

Ino slung her backpack over her shoulder and entered the front courtyard. It was chilly still, so she brought along a big jacket and her favorite purple scarf. She hadn't bothered to fix her hair. She still hadn't gotten over the other day when Sasuke had shown her the camera. She felt like screaming into the world. She felt like hurting someone.

"Ino!" Neji called to her. She turned to see him approach her. He had a smile on his face and looked cheerful. She didn't feel like being happy-go-lucky right now. She had too much to think about than being happy right now.

Sasuke walked through the gate, without casting a glance at Neji and Ino as he entered. Ino left Neji standing alone and walked towards him. Sasuke caught her eyes and stopped in his tracks.

"Hey, Sasuke," Ino said without a smile. She stopped in front of the raven-haired boy, folding her arms and staring straight into her eyes. "Hey," he said flatly and started his way again towards the school.

"Hey!" Ino said, grabbing his arm and pulling him back, "Don't you go walking away when I'm talking to you." There was fierceness in her eyes, he could tell. "You didn't even say anything," Sasuke said coldly.

"Yeah?" Ino put her hands on her hips, "Well, you've got some nerve coming over to my house showing me that picture." Sasuke shook his head and chuckled, "I thought that you didn't believe me. So let's just leave it at that shall we? No more." Ino glared at him, but had nothing to say at that point. They stared at each other, daggers out of each of their eyes. Neji stayed out of it and decided to go find Ten Ten. Ino wouldn't notice. Things were heating up anyway.

Ino's blue eyes weren't like the sky; they were like the deadly sea, against Sasuke's hard stones. "You know Ino," Sasuke began. Ino gritted her teeth and clenched her fists, "What?"

"I love you," Sasuke said like it was nothing. He shrugged at Ino's surprised expression. "I've always had," Sasuke continued, "But I was too caught up in thinking you might find a better guy than me, and now look. You have Neji. So I don't think anything matters now." He started to walk again. Ino stood there, watching him go. The anger was rising again. Oh, that sweet feeling of anger. She wished she could've- would've known. All the things she had been feeling wouldn't have existed if it weren't for Sasuke's hesitation.

Ino ran after him and pulled him back again, turning him around. She mustered up all her energy and slapped him in the face. A loud sound rang across the whole front courtyard. Everyone was looking their way. They whispered to each other, saying that this might turn out bad. Very bad. It's not everyday you see two of the best friends in the whole world fight like this.

It started to rain.

Sasuke rubbed his cheek and glared at her with so much hate, loathe and anger. He didn't know why she did that. None of this was his fault. It was all her. It was all her. She didn't believe him when she was supposed to. She didn't trust him when that trust was needed. All that, her friendship, her trust, her everything, was thrown away for Neji. She wasn't Ino, Uchiha Sasuke's best friend, anymore. She was Neji's toy.

The rain poured down harder.

And harder.

Until was it was pouring.

Sasuke couldn't take it anymore. Once again, he balled up his fist and struck her again. Twice as hard as before. But now, he knew exactly what he was doing. He knew what the consequences were, but he couldn't handle this any longer. His will had cracked.

Ino stumbled back as students began to crowd again. Another fight possibly. Ino regained her balance and stood straight up, head high. Blood slid down her chin in little rivers again. Her clothes were wet as well as Sasuke's. The rain was definitely pouring now. Their hair hung down from the wetness and through the raindrops, their eyes looked fiercer than ever. The small crowd was silent. The school bell hadn't rung yet and the teachers were probably safe from the rain inside their classrooms.

They both stood there, dead silent. Nothing was happening.

"Sasuke, why?" Ino suddenly asked, her voice quavering. "Why what?" Sasuke replied. "Why? Why did you have to wait this long to tell me this?" she said, sounding humiliatingly desperate. Sasuke sighed and looked down.

"Because," he said, "I was afraid." Ino laughed; a laugh full of shameful vain, "Afraid of what? Afraid that you'll lose me to another guy? I thought we were best friends, Sasuke." 'We are,' Sasuke thought. Ino continued, "It's always like they've said, 'best friends always end up together.'" Ino shook her head.

Sasuke stared at her and grew grimmer still, "Coming from you, it's a whole bunch of shit." Ino looked like she had been stabbed right through her heart.

"Ino," Sasuke said, "I've always tried to tell you, but all you think about or talk about is Neji. Neji this, Neji that. You're blind Ino. You're too blinded to see that your so-called boyfriend's cheating on you."

A pang of anger went through her again, "No he's not!"

"Yes he is!" Sasuke yelled at her, stepping forward, "Why can you not see that he is?! Why are you so hard-headed?! I've shown you all I can prove that he's cheating on you with Ten Ten! WHAT.ELSE.CAN.I.DO?!"

Ino swallowed, "I love Neji. And there's nothing you can do to make me believe you and to stop loving him like I do now."

Sasuke bit his lip, she still didn't get it. He was gonna give it another try. He swung and struck her, this time straight on the nose. Headfirst. Bulls-eye. Ino fell back as the crowd gasped.

Ino began to cry as the rain was still pouring, making splatters on the ground. He sobs were loud as she buried her face into her hands. Sasuke was breathing hard. That punch was supposed to knock her senses in again.

Ino got up and ran out the gate as fast as she could, things racing through her mind. "Ino!' Sasuke cried out, running after her, realizing what he had just done.

She had tried to run across the road when Sasuke called out her name. She stopped in the middle of the street and looked back. She shook her head and started to run again when she saw a pair of lights coming towards her at a high speed. A car.


Sasuke watched in horror as the car's bumper banged against Ino. Her scream rang in his ears, embedding itself into his mind, forever. Her body was thrown several feet down the road, rolling into a stop. She was crushed.

"INO!" Sasuke cried as he raced to her. He took her in his arms and looked at her face. Her face was pale and blood was seeping through her wounds and mouth. He put his head up to her chest to feel her pulse, it was slow and unsteady. And to add to his terror, he felt her broken ribs over her heart and her left leg and arm were twisted the wrong way. The other students had panicked and went into the school to get help. Two senior boys had the driver who had hit Ino in custody.

"Ino!" Sasuke said, "Ino, answer me!" He gently shook her. The rain was pouring down onto her face, cascading down her pale cheeks. This can't be happening. No, this cannot be happening. No, no, no.

"Ino!Ino!Ino!" he kept on calling her name helplessly. He didn't know what to do. He was in the state of shock and panic. She didn't reply. Her pulse was getting sower and slower. "Ino! Please don't die! Please, please don't die!" He sobbed and hugged her close to him. "Don't...die!"

She wasn't replying. She didn't say or do anything. Her arms fell, hanging down her sides. Sasuke shook her again, this time harder, "Ino!!" There was still no response. Sasuke's tears flowed down with the rain. His hands and clothes were stained with blood. He had to do something, he couldn't just leave her here to die bleeding. It seemed like an eternity, him holding his dying best friend as her heartbeat almost came to a complete stop.

He heard an ambulance. He looked to the right of the road and saw an ambulance coming, fast. It whizzed past the car and screeched to halt to one side of the sidewalk.

There was finally help.

Four ambulance personel came out from the back door and raced towards them. "Get out of the way, boy!" One said, prying Ino out of his arms. Sasuke obeyed without protest. Theses people could help her better than he ever could. He watched them as they strapped Ino into the bed, that was folded down. They hooked it up to the back of the ambulance and pushed her in.

Sasuke could see students looking through the fences and through the wide windows of the building.

The personel jumped in right after each other and shut the door with a big bang.

Sasuke remained standing there, watching the white vehicle go at a high speed. A police unit might as well be chasing after the ambulance.

His mother once told him that when an ambulance had a person riding in it, the siren would always be going on. When the persnon died...there was no use of going fast. The siren would cease.

So there he was, standing in the middle of the road, listening intently for the siren to keep on going.

The classic question came back.

What the hell just happened?


Neji stared out the window with Ten Ten, looking down as the ambulance raced away. They had watched in silence, alone in a classroom. "Oh shit," Ten Ten breathed, "Tell me that didn't just happen." She bit her lip. Neji remained motionless but said, "That just happened Ten Ten. No doubt about it. The proof's all there on the asphalt. Her blood. Look at it and say that nothing happened there." They watched as the two seniors wrestled the man, who had rammed Ino.

Ten Ten shook her head vigorously, "This isn't our fault is it?" Neji didn't look at her, his eyes were still glued to the spot of blood and where Sasuke was standing. Neji smirked, "Well, it might as well be. He won't take the blame. It wasn't our fault that he had provoked her into running away."

Ten Ten gulped. "Are we going to get in trouble?" Neji shook his head, "No. Look at Uchiha. He's right there, on the spot. We're not. He's in the spotlight right now. You saw those kids who saw Uchiha hit Ino." She nodded. But we have to ditch. People trust Uchiha more than us, you know. He's an Uchiha. Neji, he might get us into deep trouble; he'll spill everything."

He shook his head again. He felt guilty. It was his fault and Ten Ten's. He knew it.

He went out the door and ran down the steps. "Neji!" Ten Ten called, following him, "Where the hell are you going?!" Neji blocked out her voice and kept on running. He went past students and a teacher who yelled, "Hey! Young man! WALK!" They were acting like nothing just happened. Neji burst out the door and ran out the gate. He stopped once he was near Sasuke.

"Uchiha," he said in a low voice. Sasuke didn't look or pay any shred of attention to him. He looked down on the pool of Ino's blood. His mind was blank and his muscles were tight. "Sasuke," Neji said. That was the first time he ever said Sasuke's real name. That caught his attention. His eyes wandered over to Neji. "What?" he said through gritted teeth.

"I'm sorry," was all he said. Sasuke stared at him. His face held a serious expression. Eyes narrow, jaw firm and eyebrows furrowed, "What are you apologizing for...Neji?" He added.

Neji looked at him, "Go ahead and take a shot at me. I deserve it." He didn't know what the hell he was saying, but something inside him told him that it was time to apologize. "Neji!" Ten Ten called to him as she came up behind him, "What's going on?!"

"Ten Ten, stay back," Neji said to her, "This is between us." Ten Ten hesitated and stepped back, watching.

"Come on, take a shot," Neji said. Sasuke shook his head, "Ino wouldn't want that. She loves you so much and she wouldn't like it if I struck you again." Neji fired up.

"Just do it, Uchiha!" he yelled, "This isn't for Ino! This is for my sake. Don't you understand?!" Sasuke winced, it was back to Uchiha and Hyuuga again. "No, I won't," Sasuke replied. Neji snapped, he went forward and punched Sasuke again. Sasuke saw it coming but didn't move to make a dodge. He fell back on the ground, landing near the pool of blood. He really did want Sasuke to hit him one last time.

So Sasuke stood up and hit Neji as hard as he could with the energy he had left. A hard crunch was heard when his fist came in contact with Neji's jaw. Ten Ten gasped as Neji stumbled back.

And to her surprise, he laughed. He actually laughed, "That's what I needed. A good hit in the face." Ten Ten was confused. Sasuke smiled and helped Neji up. This wasn't a fight.

This was for Ino.


Sasuke sat right next to Ino's bed. They were in one of the hospital's rooms, a curtain blocking them out from the other patients. The sky outside the window was as dark as ever, the omen was still at play. The rain pelted down on the window pane, like little ants marching on glass.

Ino was connected to a life support and a breathing machine. Her whole body, her legs, her arms, her head, was wrapped tightly in bandages. It was a few hours after the accident and Sasuke had caught a ride with Ino's parents to the hospital. They had left early, hurrying to get back to work, so Sasuke was left alone. He reached for Ino's hand, the one that wasn't in bandages. It felt so cold, so...dead.

Sasuke tried to keep that idea out of his head.

Suddenly, Ino's eyes began to flutter. She beginning to wake. Sasuke sat up at the ege of his seat, waiting for her to say something. She moaned as she slowly sat up. "Ah!" she winced and lay back down from the pain. She cocked her head sideways to see Sasuke. Her hair fell along her face. "S-Sasuke?" she mustered up, her voice hoarse. Sasuke smiled, "Yeah, it's me."

"Where am I?" she asked, turning back to the ceiling. Sasuke heaved a sigh before replying, "You're at the hospital. You-." "Got got hit by a car," Ino finished for him, "Never knew it would hurt this much." She smirked. "This isn't funny Ino," Sasuke said impatiently, "You almost died in my arms." Ino laughed, but then ceased, coughing.

"Huh, last time I checked you didn't give a damn about me," Ino said, "So stop lying. I almost died in Neji's arms." Sasuke slapped his forehead. That hit by the car didn't change anything. "No! I'm saying this one last time Ino," he said, "Neji was cheating on you, okay?" Ino stared at him with her dull eyes. They were still saying, 'I don't believe you.'

Sasuke reached into his pocket, and dug up a note Neji had told Sasuke to give to Ino. "Here," Sasuke said flatly, "This'll clear everything up and then you'll believe me." Witha bandaged hand, she took it and unfolded it. She began to cry as she read it. It was from Neji, truly from him. There it was, his words in his distinctive cursive. Beep...Beep...Beep.

Dear Ino,

Yes, Sasuke is telling the truth. You can trust me, and now you can trust him. I'm sorry for everything. Ten Ten is too and we hope that we'll come to an understanding. And I say again, I'm- we're sorry. I wish you the best of recovering. Sasuke loves you, always remember that.


Ino stared at the note. She felt something inside that flipped upside-down. Sasuke was telling the truth all along. It was Neji who had lied to her. He was the culprit. And she had ignored the one who was speaking no lies. Her confusion was gone, reality was here. If she had believed Sasuke the first time, all this wouldn't have happened. She wouldn't be dying in a hospital bed now. She suddenly felt weak. She dropped the note and it sank down onto the floor. Sasuke didn't bother to pick it up. He only stared at her. She stared at him.

"I'm sorry Sasuke," she breathed. Her breathing slowed down and her heartbeat along with it. Beep...Beep...Beep. She reached for his hand and squeezed it hard, "I should've believed y-you." Sasuke smiled, "It's fine, don't be sorry. This was all my fault. I should've told you straight when i had the chance to." "No," Ino said, "It wasn't.It was just my own wrong doing." There was silence. Her heart was trying the best it could to keep on beating.

"Sasuke," Ino said. Sasuke sat up to listen to what she had to say, "I want you to pull the plug to my life support. And then go. Just go. Go home." Sasuke was stunned. "What?" he whispered. She nodded, "That's right, pull the plug. I don't need to be alive any longer." She coughed. Blood. She chuckled, "You see that? Blood. When blood comes out of me, it's my time. So unplug it." Sasuke was speechless. He didn't know what to do.

"Ino," he said, "You don't need to do this. It's all over. Everything's all right.You still have a chance at recovering." "No," She smiled up at him as she shook her head, "This is it. I want this. D-don't stop me from d-doing thi-this." Sasuke braced himself for what she said next, "It's my dying wish."

Sasuke only stared at her. This was crazy. Over crazy. She wanted to die. Once she was disconnected, her heart was alone to function for itself. It needed help to beat, to pump her blood. No assisstance, no beat. Why? Oh why? Everything was back to normal. Didn't she want i this way?

"Ino," Sasuke protested, "No! I'm not gonna do it." "Kiba!" Ino hoarsely called to the other patient behind the curtains, "When the doctors find me, tell them it was my time. My time to die. Don't tell them who pulled the plug though. Don't. Or my spirit's gonna get your ass." The other patient chuckled, "Of course.Wouldn't want that to happen." Ino turned back to Sasuke, "So. Pull it please? And tell Neji and Ten Ten I'm sorry. To my parents too. Send them, and everyone all my love." She said that to him with a weak smile on her bandaged face.

Sasuke hesistated. This was what she wanted. Her dying wish. He had to obey her, no matter how much he didn't want to. So reluctantly, he went over to the lefi support and his hand reached out at the heavy plug. "And oh Sasuke?" Ino said. Sasuke turned his head. He had to do this before he changed his mind. "Yeah?" She smiled her sweetest smile, "I love you." Sasuke pulled the plug. The life support went dead. The beeping had slowed down to a dangerous rate. Sasuke's mind automatically went blank. Had he done the right thing?

Ino smiled at him and he smiled back. "Thank you," she mouthed. She closed her eyes as her heart beat one more beat and came to a complete stop. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. That smile was still on her face. An angel's smile. Sasuke stood there motionless.

His facial expression was blank. He bent down over her and kissed her on her cold, grey lips.

"I love you too, Ino," he whispered.

He brushed the curtain aside and walked past Kiba's bed. "You did the girl good, man," Kiba said, smiling showing his sharp teeth. "I hope I did." And with that, Sasuke exited the hospital and started his way home.

'My last kiss,' Ino would've thought.

It would've been worth more if she was alive.


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