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Journey to Nourasia, An After Oban Story

Ch. 21 Say goodbye

"Noooooooo!" Aikka screamed. The General let out a hardy laugh as he died.

Prince Aikka ran to her body. She lay there, hanging on a small, thin strand of life. He knelt down on his knees. The prince placed his hand on her cheek; her skin grew colder by the minute. "Molly, speak to me! Please, please….. I love you."

The groups watched in horror as the scene played before them. This was happening on their own fault.

A soft groan was heard. Eva fluttered her eyes open. "I…. love… too….Aikka."

"Eva! You're alive."

"Not for long I'm guessing." She said weakly.

"No! Don't say such things, you'll be alright." Aikka pulled her into his arms. She lay there with dull red eyes. Eva was loosing life, and she was loosing it fast.

"I like being in your arms, I just never thought it would end like this. The irony, I die in the things I'm in most."

"Eva don't." he nuzzled her face.

A bright golden light emitted from the sky. Jordan slowly floated down to the ground. "Ay, prince, long time no see."

"Jordan! What do you want?" Aikka asked suspiciously.

"To help, now let me look at her." he pushed the prince aside to look at Molly's wounds. The shot had gone right through her belly. The teenage Avatar pulled back Eva's shirt to better look at the wound above her enbindment mark. It was deep, very deep. He slowly reached for the hole. Aikka slapped his hand away.

"What in the spirit's name are you doing?!"

"Hey! You want her to live as much as I do? Then don't be so protective of her!"

"It's not that! If you touch her mark both she and I will die instantly!"

"I'm gonna have to!"

"You can't!"

"You've got no choice princey boy!"

"Yes I do, we might be able to bring her back if we combine our powers." Aikka placed his hand on Eva's stomach and started channeling his power to her. Jordan caught on and placed his hand on the prince's.

A bright blue and golden light emitted from the area. The boys scrunched their faces in pain; they were putting all their effort and energy into her body. The two were trying so hard.

The light faded. Jordan stood up and hoped that it worked. All was silent. Many were holding their breath. This was a tense moment.

Prince Aikka felt for Molly's pulse. Nothing. He pulled her into his chest and started sobbing. "No! Eva, why!?"

"She's, she's gone." Mina stated. All hung their heads low. Even Jordan. Small tear drops fell from all faces. Aikka's face was covered with salty tears.

"Molly, please come back! COME BACK TO MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!" he shouted. His tears fell from his face onto Molly's lifeless form.

A dull white light emitted from her mark. Her eyes twitched, her hands clenched and opened, the blood from the wound and the wound itself, disappeared. Eva opened her eyes and smiled. "I was hoping to wake up to see your face." She mocked the very same words the prince had when he woke up from his injury operation.

Aikka gasped, this was not possible! She came back from the dead! "My princess! You're alive!" he pulled her closer and tighter.

"I'm happy I'm alive too my prince!" everyone cheered! Many were hopping with joy! Riri ran out to Jordan.

"Jordan, Jordan!" he turned but before he could he was tackled to the ground. The two of them laughed.

Later at the palace meeting hall

"Now please Mr. Brock, if you would just sign here." King Naabu asked. Brock had appointed himself as the new general of the Earth Coalition.

"Of course. I think this is a pretty fair deal we're striking here. We humans get to live here if we like and you have more subjects under your rein your majesties."

"Yes, 'tis a very fair acquisition and your troops do not seem to mind as well." Brock signed a treaty signifying eternal peace between Earth and Nourasia. The whole gang screamed with delight!

Over at the deport pods

Jordan called the deport pods over to help transport those who wanted to go back to their homes on Earth. Aikka and Eva were waving goodbye to those who were leaving.

A flash of reddish orange hair flowed passed them. "Hey! Riri! Wait up!" Eva yelled. She stopped and walked back up to her and Aikka.

"What is it Eves?" she asked.

"Where do you think you're going?!"

"Yes, I thought you would stay with us?"

"I'd love to, but, I can't. I don't belong here on Nourasia. I'll admit, it was fun being here—other than the war part of it—but it's not my home. everyone here's great and you're all like my family, but you're not my real family and i gotta get back to them." She reached into her duffle bag and pulled out a portable telecommunicator. "Here, take this, incase you ever want to call me. My number is already on there."

"Riri, I can't hold this ship forever! It's either Earth or bust!" Jordan yelled.

"Crap! I gotta go! I'm gonna miss you Eva, and you too prince Aikka." She said as she hugged them both good bye, "Tell Emimi and Tokka I said goodbye. And tell Mina and Dakka good luck with their relationship and that I said goodbye."

"We shall." Aikka assured her.

"And that's a promise." Molly said with a wink. Riri ran off to the ship, kissing Jordan just before she got in.

The pod shot up in the sky. Aikka and Molly waved goodbye as the ship faded away.

End story

short Riri/Eva story

this takes place six years after the war

Eva is now married to Aikka and now the queen of Nourasia

Queen Eva walked down the hall to the new communication chamber. "it's been a long time since i talked to Riri. this is going to be fun!" she rounded a corner and walked through the door. the queen pulled up the screen and said, "communication to Earth."

"state the person you wish to speak to." the robotic voice of the communicator said.

"Rairiku Mikage Yoshimi Osonoke please." a red beam ran up and down her body. the thing beeped and a picture of Riri popped up. she was standing in front of a stove, apparently stiring someting for dinner. "Reez? can you hear me"

Riri turned her head to look at the screen, not stopping her stiring. "Eva! how nice to see your tattooed face again!"

"it's nice to see you again too Riri."

"how are things on Nourasia?"

"well, i'm now queen and i have a pair of three year old twins. let me tell you, they're a handful! how are things between you and Jordan?"

"oh, Jordan's as busy as ever, but i don't mind. and i guess that you could say things are giong well," she stopped stiring her concoction and turned to face the screen, "better than you might expect." Riri's belly was swolen near to it's limit. she looked about eight months pregnant. that's because she was!

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