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It was just another day in Destiny Islands; the sun shined brightly overhead, the waves crashed gracefully against the sandy shore, and the wind lightly brushed through the leaves of the luscious tropical plants that grew around the small island. A young boy about the age of sixteen lay lazily against a rather large paopu fruit tree, occasionally letting a small yawn escape his lips. His unusual aqua colored eyes focused on the clear ocean with a look of boredom. It had been a month since Sora, Kairi, and himself had returned to their tropical home after the defeat of Organization XIII, and things have never been more boring.

"I seriously need to get a job…or find something to occupy my time," the youth mumbled to himself, brushing his silver bangs from his face.

After two years of nothing but battling heartless and nobodies, it had been rather difficult for the teen to readjust himself into the laid-back life that he had been living before the islands were attacked. Unlike Sora, whose intention was to find both Kairi and himself and return to Destiny Islands, Riku never really wanted to return home. He would much rather be free to explore worlds and fight the heartless with his Way to Dawn in his hands. However, those days of adventure were over it seemed and as hard as it was; Riku would just have to learn to accept it. He broke his gaze from the water in front of him when he the sound of someone climbing up the ladder behind him.

"I figured you would be up here Riku," his best friend said as he poked his head from below, a large grin evident on his face.

"Come on Sora, hurry up," a female voice complained.

"Oh yeah. Sorry Kairi," The brown-haired boy hastened his pace and made it to the top, assisting his female companion in balancing herself.

Riku sat idly against the tree as this scene took place, watching his friends in amusement. It was so obvious that they had a thing for each other, what he didn't understand was why they didn't just come out and say it.

"So what brings you two here to disturb my peace?" he asked as he noticed Kairi begin to scold at Sora.

"Yeah right. You're glad we took time out of our day to look for you, or you would have been bored out of your mind. Think of us as heroes coming to save you," Sora laughed.

Riku shrugged, "I'm beyond saving," he mumbled loud enough only for them to hear him.

Sora chuckled once again, "You're probably right."

His bright blue eyes looked back to the red haired female by his side, giving her a bright smile.

"Kairi and I wanted to know if you wanted to return to the main island to get some ice-cream, like the three of us used to do in the old days," he offered, while looking at Riku with a hopeful expression.

"I think I'm going to pass on that offer Sora, but thanks," Riku said, returning his eyes to the ocean.

Sora frowned for a brief second before the smile returned, "Well the offer is still available if you want to meet up later."

Riku waved to them without turning his head, to which Sora let out a sigh. He tucked his hands within his pockets.

"I'm worried Kai. He hasn't been the same since we came back. He just comes up here and sits in the same spot everyday," Sora whispered in a worried tone, he just wanted the old Riku to return, "What could have happened?"

"I don't know Sora," Kairi replied, while placing a comforting hand on his shoulder, "But I'm sure he will return to normal one day…you'll see," she said, giving him a warm smile.

Sora smiled in return and placed his hand on top of hers, "Thanks. You always have a way to make me feel better Kairi," he said, "Now let's go get some ice-cream okay? My treat."

"Okay," she said happily.

"Kairi," Riku's voice called, causing both her and Sora to look back at him. His eyes were on both of them.

"I need to ask you something," He said while getting up from his spot.

"What is it?" she asked with curiosity when he had finally reached them.

It took Riku a second to find the right words, he had promised himself that he would never think about her again because she was a painful subject to bring up, but he just had to know.

"How is Namine?" he asked in a surprisingly calm voice.

Namine was a blond haired artist that he had spent a lot of time with over the past year; who had the power to alter the memories of Sora and everyone connected to him. It was his job, as ordered by DiZ, to protect her as she returned Sora's real memories to him. The two had grown rather close during their time together, and needless to say, he had fallen for her, even though Riku was more than aware that she was Kairi's nobody.

"It's strange," Kairi began, "Lately I haven't been able to feel her presence, it's like she has disappeared," she continued sadly.

Riku nodded, "I see," he said and looked up to the sky, which had grown rather dark in color. It seemed like the sky itself was reflecting his inner feelings.

Even though his fear of giving up the thrill and excitement of venturing into other worlds were major reasons that made Riku reluctant to return to Destiny Islands, there was also another issue that had tormented him even more. It was the fact that every time he saw Kairi she would remind him of Namine, even though they were practically complete opposites. His biggest regret was not being able to do anything to prevent the inevitable from happening; all he did was watch her disappear from his life forever, silently from the sidelines. He began to remember what had taken place in their last encounter together, before she had given up her physical body.


They were sitting on top of the Memory Skyscraper in The World That Never Was, the pale glow from Kingdom Hearts being the only source of light in this dark world.

"You're going to go through with it aren't you?" Riku's deep voice asked. Though it wasn't exactly his voice to begin with, it belonged to an old adversary that had been defeated almost one year ago. He looked over to the blonde haired girl next to him, whose pencil stopped moving at the question.

"Yes. Kairi needs me in order to become whole again," she explained, not taking her sapphire eyes off her sketchbook. He should have known that would be her answer, it was the same every time that he had asked her that question, he didn't understand why he would expect anything different.

"Are you afraid?" he asked, watching her intently for any type of reaction.

She looked up to the sky, watching Kingdom Hearts float effortlessly over their heads and gently closed her book. Riku waited patiently for her to answer, not really in any rush to go anywhere.

"I'm a nobody, I'm not supposed to feel fear or doubt," she stated, finally turning her eyes to him, "Did you feel fear when you gave up your original form for that body?"

Riku felt slightly taken aback, he hadn't expected her to retort with a question like that. He felt her eyes on him as he looked down at the hands that looked so foreign to him. He had sacrificed his own body in order to return Roxas to Twilight Town; it was to save his best friend. He couldn't bring himself to lie to her, he had been afraid at the time.

"Yes. I was afraid. Afraid because I knew that I would never look the same, I sacrificed my body for the power over darkness. I did it to bring Roxas to Sora…at the time that was all that really mattered, that doesn't mean that I wasn't scared or didn't regret it. That would have been far from the truth," he confessed, he couldn't bring himself to look at her with eyes that did not belong to him.

He heard her scoot closer to him, but didn't pay any attention, he was too lost in his own thoughts, and her question had indeed struck a nerve within him.

"Riku…" she spoke softly, prompting him to look at her.

After a moment, he finally turned to her, surprised at how close she really was, her face only inches away from his. She had begun to reach for his hood.

"Namine what are you-" but was cut off as the fabric fell away from his head, revealing the face of Ansem. He tried to pull the hood over his face, feeling shameful that she had to see such a sight.

"Please don't," Namine pleaded, "Do not be afraid. Don't feel ashamed about what you have become, no one could have stopped the inevitable from happening Riku," she looked away, "It's the same for me. Even if I didn't want to give up my physical body, no one can prevent it from happening."

She slowly got up after saying this, her blue orbs focusing on something below them. Riku turned to look as well, he noticed three figures pass the skyscraper that they were on move rather hurriedly towards Organization XIII's stronghold.

"Sora has arrived it seems," Namine stated and began to turn away from him, it was almost time.

Riku reached out for her wrist, turning her around to stare into his now crimson eyes, she looked up to him with absolute shock. He pulled her into an embrace, resting his chin against her head. She stood stiffly against his chest, not sure of what to do in this situation.

"Please don't," he said, "Don't do it."

"Riku…" she began, but stopped. He felt her arms wrap around his back for a brief moment before pulling away, she looked at him with what looked to be sadness, "I'm…sorry, but I must."

They looked into each other's eyes for what seemed like an eternity, before turning to see that Sora, along with King Mickey's assistance had summoned a bridge to lead them into the fortress. He let out a sigh, why did it have to be this way.

"Then, let me protect you until then," he said, pulling his hood over his face and summoning the Way to Dawn to his hand. He wasn't going to be able to change her mind no matter how hard he tried, once she made up her mind there was nothing he could do, at least he could keep her safe from harm until the end.

"I will," she said and called for a dark portal that would lead them to Kairi's prison.

There was no turning back now; it was time for them to face their fate.

End Flashback

"Wow it looks like a pretty bad storm is going to be approaching soon," Riku heard Sora's voice say which had snapped him from his daze.

A drop of rain landed against his cheek followed by the sound of thunder rolling throughout the sky. It was strange, just a second ago, it was sunny and clear, now it seemed a hurricane was on its way.

'How strange the weather has been lately.'

"We better get back to the main island before we're caught up in it," Kairi stated.

Sora and Riku nodded in agreement and the three of them began to run towards their boats on the other side of the island. The wind began to pick up, the gusts making it slightly challenging for them to run, like a force that was repelling them. What was worse was that it had begun to rain harder as well. By the time Sora, Kairi, and Riku made it to their boats, they were completely drenched by the rain.

"My house is the closest so we'll go there," Riku yelled over the rumbling thunder as he fought to control his boat in the violent waters.

He looked back to see how the others were faring, both were having trouble paddling against the strong waves that fought to sink their vessels. Sora was fighting to keep Kairi's boat as close to his as possible in the event that something catastrophic would happen. The storm was at full force by the time they had reached the shore to the main island. Sora helped Kairi from her vessel and followed behind Riku, racing to his house in order to get out of the hurricane. Riku opened the door to his house forcefully, ushering the other two in before him. His eyes looked to the small island they had called their playground, watching as boards from their many clubhouses were flying through in the air. Then, something else had caught his attention; it looked like a shooting star falling from the sky.

'What in the world is that?' he asked himself as he watched whatever it was crash into the raging waters.

"Riku hurry inside!" Sora exclaimed, pulling him into the house and shutting the door before Riku could get a chance to see what it was.

Kairi was wringing out her wet red hair into the sink nearby, "We haven't had a storm this bad since the islands were attacked two years ago," she said softly, "Do you think that the heartless have returned?"

Riku shrugged, "I doubt it," he said as he pulled his wet silver bangs from his face.

Sora walked over to the shivering girl, "They won't be coming back Kairi. It's just a normal hurricane, we have these every now and then," He smiled, trying his best to console her.

Kairi turned to him and nodded, "You're right, I guess I worry too much."

Riku walked over to the window, watching the storm break apart the place they call home. He wondered if he would be able to see what had fallen from the sky once this was all over. Why did it bug him so much? It's not like he would be able to go to other worlds just because of a shooting star, after all the link that connected the worlds was broken apart once again after Donald, Goofy, and the King returned to Disney Castle.

"Riku, are you alright?" he heard Sora ask.

He turned his eyes over to his two best friends to see them both looking at him with concern. He sighed, they didn't need to worry about him so much, he could take care of himself.

"I'm fine. By the way if you guys need a change of clothes or something, just go into my room…and you can use the shower if you want," he said while walking over to the fireplace, using his fire magic to warm up the room.

"Thank you Riku," Kairi said. He heard her walk out of the room, her footsteps disappearing down the hallway.

Riku kept his focus on the glowing flames of the fire, the warmth spreading throughout his entire body. He placed a block of wood into the orange blaze, watching it spring to life as it ate upon what it was given.

"You sure you're okay Riku?" he heard Sora ask again.

Riku nodded without turning around to face him, "Yeah, I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be?"

Sora was silent for a moment, "It's just that you haven't been yourself since we returned home. It makes me wonder what happened to make you change so much. Both me and Kairi are worried for you."

Riku looked over his shoulder to see the boy looking to the ground messing with his shoe, he truly did look concerned. Riku sighed, he didn't mean to make them feel worried, he had just become more independent and closed off from the world.

"You don't have to worry Sora," he replied, getting up from his spot and giving his best friend a reassuring smirk, "I'm still me, and nothing will ever change that. Now go and get changed before you get sick," he said, ushering Sora out of the room, "You can have the spare room and Kairi can have my room, I'll sleep on the couch tonight."

"Okay then, goodnight Riku," Sora said before walking out of the room.


The sounds of the storm had calmed down as the night passed by. Riku laid on the couch with his hands behind his head, watching the dancing flames of the fire. For some reason he couldn't bring himself to fall asleep, instead his mind drifted to the object that had fallen from the heavens once again. He wondered what exactly it could have been since he remembered when he and Sora had returned to Destiny Islands, she described them as two stars falling from the sky.

'I can't take it anymore,' he thought as he got up from the couch and walked over to the door, closing it behind them.

The sky above was clear once again, it was as if the storm had never happened in the first place. The same, however could not be said for the town. Buildings were falling apart, some weren't even standing any longer, and a lot of debris littered the grounds. They were in for a real cleaning job come tomorrow afternoon. He walked down to the shore and climbed in his boat, which had miraculously stayed in tact. It didn't take more than five minutes for him to reach his destination. Riku swiftly got out of his boat and began to look around.

'What a mess,' he thought, looking at the clubhouses that were now torn apart, the seaside shack they had built so many years ago was no longer standing, and the ground was practically littered with pieces of wood of different sizes and leaves from the surrounding palm trees. There was also rubble floating in the now dark ocean. He sighed and took a seat on the sandy shore of the beach, despite what had taken place hours ago, this place was once again a refuge of peace, a place where he could dwindle on his thoughts. Something shiny had caught his eye close to the water's edge, making him get up to see what it was.

"What's could this be?" he asked as he began to pull it from the wet sand.

It looked to be a star-shaped charm similar to a poapu fruit. Someone must have lost it while trying to get out of the storm. For some reason it reminded him of Namine, then his thoughts took him back to what Kairi had said earlier.

"Lately I haven't been able to feel her presence, it's like she has disappeared."

He couldn't help, but feel a pang in his chest as he remembered those words. Had she really lost herself within Kairi that even the princess could no longer sense her anymore? It didn't make sense, how could she just…disappear? He turned the charm over in his hands and noticed there was a small scratch on it, his eyes widened.

'Why does this look so familiar to me now?'

He remembered knocking this very same pendant from the woman known as Larxene's hands back when he was trapped in the depths of Castle Oblivion. He remembered her saying that it belonged to a girl that they had held as their prisoner on the top floor of the castle, which turned out to be Namine.

'This couldn't be the same one though…could it?'

He looked up to the ocean ahead and noticed something rather large floating towards him, it almost looked like a person. Riku squinted his eyes to get a better look, wondering if he was just seeing things. The moonlight began to move slowly out of the clouds, making it easier for him to see. It was a girl, clinging onto a piece of wood for dear life, wait a second did she have blond hair?

"Namine?" he asked softly, dropping the charm he was holding to the ground.

Riku sprinted into the water, moving as fast as could towards her. It was Namine, he could see her more clearly the closer he got. Her arms began to unclasp from the bark she was holding onto and she began to sink into the dark depths of the ocean.

"Namine!!" he shouted, as he dove in after her.

The salt of the sea burned his eyes terribly, but he didn't care, nothing could stop him from getting to her. He reached out to her sinking form, barely being able to clasp for her wrist. He pulled her tighter against him as he began to swim for shore. He noticed that she wasn't breathing when they had resurfaced, making him frantically move to the shore. Her skin was colder than ice, it made him wonder just had long she had been in the water. When he made it to shore, he placed her gently on the soft sand, placing his ear near her lips for any signs of breathing, there wasn't any.

"No…" he whispered, and began to push against her chest, performing what little CPR he knew of.

It was a miracle, she was actually here in front of him, and he was not going to lose her a second time.

"I'm not going to let you die! I refuse to Namine!" he said as he continued to perform the CPR maneuver.

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