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The lobby to the office was small, only containing a wooden desk, a small couch, and two chairs with magazines underneath them. The only thing that seemed out of place was the glass pieces that were scattered all over the carpeted floor. Riku put his arm out to prevent Namine from stepping any further.

"Watch your step," he stated softly as he kicked the sharp shards out of their way, making a pathway to the front desk.

Namine stayed close behind him, swallowing a lump in her throat. Why did she get so nervous all of a sudden? Was she worried about what she would find out? Riku turned around as if sensing her distress.

"Don't worry. I'll get you taken care of," he said, placing a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

Namine felt goose bumps begin to rise on her skin at his touch, moving her head to the side so that he wouldn't see her heated face. Yet despite how flustered she was by his words, they had also made her less afraid. She heard Riku chuckle in amusement before turning around, the sound of a small bell filling the room.

"Thank you," she whispered in a barely audible voice. Riku nodded in response, signaling that he had heard her.

Footsteps were heard coming from the doorway on the left side of the desk. A petite brown haired girl wearing a yellow dress popped her head through the opening.

"Oh Riku!" The girl exclaimed happily, her jade eyes lighting up at the sight of the older boy.

Riku waved slightly as the girl approached them, "Hey Selphie. Glad to see that you're okay. How are you guys holding up?"

Selphie sighed, placing the broom and dustpan she had in her hands against the wall, "We're doing fine. Mom was able to save most of the medical supplies, but as you can see we did get hit as well," she stated while pointing to the glass scattered all over the floor.

Selphie's eyes moved from Riku down to the girl who was hiding behind him. Namine moved further behind Riku as Selphie tried to examine her.

"Riku, who is that girl hiding behind you?" she asked curiously.

Riku turned to Namine, placing a hand on her shoulder and leading her out so she was standing directly in front of the brunette.

"This is Namine. I brought her here to see Dr. Kadowaki," he explained, nudging Namine forward slightly.

"Oh so you're that girl," Selphie stated thoughtfully.

"U-Um…" Namine couldn't bring herself to say anything, a strange feeling of shyness overcoming her as Selphie watched her actions closely.

Selphie smiled kindly at the girl and extended her arm out, "I'm Selphie, nice to meet you. Riku has told me a lot about you."

Namine was hesitant for a moment before returning the gesture, "H-He has?" she asked, looking back to Riku who had suddenly turned his attention to one of the magazines lying on the desk.

Selphie nodded before looking to Riku again, "I'll go get my mom," she said before exiting the room.

Namine put a hand up to her chest, "She seems nice."

Riku shrugged, "Yeah she's okay. That's Kairi's best friend by the way. Though sometimes she can be way too hyper for my tastes."

Namine looked to the ground, "I see."

There was something that she wanted to ask him, but for some reason she couldn't find how she wanted to word it. Why was her mind so scattered? Maybe it was she was scared of the results of the doctor's findings. That had to be it.

"Hey Riku," Namine began, causing the silver-haired boy to look her way.

The courage she had suddenly built up faded away at the sight of his aqua eyes, her voice suddenly caught in her throat.

"N-Nevermind," Namine quickly replied, shaking her head fiercely.

Riku couldn't help but chuckle at her shyness, he could get used to Namine having emotions.

"Don't shake your head too violently or it could fall off," he teased.

Namine gasped at his statement, her hands going up to the sides of her neck, a fear crossing through her sapphire eyes.

Riku laughed at her reaction as he walked over to her, "Relax, it was just a joke," he said while shoving his hands into his pockets.

"T-Then my head…won't fall off?" Namine asked, still frightened by his words.

Riku shook his head, a smirk plastered onto his face, "I promise that it won't…but in all seriousness, are you sure nothing is bothering you?" he asked, his eyes piercing through her very being.

"I-I'm sure," she replied quickly, looking over to the cream colored walls, anywhere to avoid looking into his eyes again.

Riku sighed, "Just don't be afraid to talk to me that's all."

Namine looked back to him, watching as he leaned against a wall by the doorway, a sincere look on his face. There was a small tug from something inside her, that look had been familiar from somewhere, she just couldn't remember where. She took a deep breath.

"I won't be," she said as a middle aged woman entered the room.

"Good morning Riku," the dark haired woman greeted kindly while pulling a pen from the front pocket of her white coat.

"It's nice to see you are doing well Dr. Kadowaki," Riku replied, giving a slight bow of respect.

"Please there is no need for formalities. You and my daughter are friends after all," she laughed softly, her chocolate brown eyes turning to Namine.

"And who might you be dear?" she asked.

Riku walked over to the blond girl's side, sensing her nervousness, "This is Namine. She's an old friend of mine," he explained.

"I see. From your travels around the world no doubt. So I'm assuming this young lady is the patient?" she asked, writing a few notes on her clipboard.

"Yes ma am. Are you able to see her now? Or do you still need to clean up the mess from the storm?"

Dr. Kadowaki shook her head, "No I can see her now. Do you want to come in the room with us?"

Riku nodded, "Of course. Namine is a shy person, it would be easier for her to talk if I was in the room," he explained, Namine nodded in agreement.

"That's fine then," the doctor stated, putting the pen back into her pocket, "Would you kindly follow me then?" she asked before disappearing through the doorway.

Namine let Riku go ahead of her before following behind the nice doctor, her eyes wandering to all the pictures of Selphie that decorating the wall, it was evident that Dr. Kadowaki loved her daughter very much.

"You nervous?" Riku whispered back to her, striking up a conversation.

Namine nodded, bring her hand up to her chest, "A little. I'm feeling a mixture of things. A part of me doesn't even want to know what could be wrong," she confessed.

It was silent for a moment before Riku spoke up, "To be honest. I'm a little nervous too," he watched Namine's eyes widened in surprise, "I know that is a shocker right?"

"You just…don't seem like the type of person who gets nervous often," she stated.

Riku gripped the pendant in his pocket, it hadn't left his side since he had found her, "I know, I normally don't but…when it comes to my friends, it's something that I have no control over," he explained tightening his hold on the star shaped charm.

Dr. Kadowaki stopped at an open door, "This way please," she ushered to the pair, "Namine please take a seat on the examiners table."

Namine complied with the doctor's request and took a seat, the paper crinkled under her weight. Riku leaned against the wall by the door as if he were standing guard to prevent anyone from entering. Dr. Kadowaki took a seat on the doctor's stool, pulling out her pen once again.

"Now Namine, could you please tell me why you are here today?" she asked her pen ready to jot down notes.

Namine looked down to her hands; entwining her fingers around each other for a moment, "Well I…" she took a deep breath, "I can't seem to remember anything."

Dr. Kadowaki looked up from her clipboard, "Anything? So you don't remember where you were born or who you're parents were?" she asked.

Riku winced slightly at the questions, for he knew all the answers to those. Namine was born from the heart of Kairi, a princess of heart; it wasn't your average everyday birth.

Namine shook her head, "No…I'm sorry. Before yesterday…I didn't even remember my own name. Riku and his friends explained that to me."

The older woman nodded thoughtfully, jotting a few more notes down on her papers, "I see," she said while getting up from her stool, "Riku could you join me outside for a moment?" she asked.

Namine looked over to me her eyes relaying a fear of him leaving her alone.

"I'll be right outside Namine. I promise I won't be long okay?"

He watched her shoulders slump as she nodded reluctantly. A sigh escaped his lips as he shut the door behind him, "So what exactly is wrong with her Dr. Kadowaki?" he asked curiously.

The doctor looked down at her clipboard, "Well…from what I can tell, she is suffering from amnesia. I want to say it is post-traumatic related, but I didn't notice a head injury. My best guess it that it could be repressed memory," she stated.

"Repressed memory?" Riku repeated.

Dr Kadowaki nodded, "Yes. Something very tragic must have happened to her recently, causing her to lose her memory…but it's strange that her entire memory bank has been erased. Repressed memory should only block out the event that traumatized her," she explained.

'Well Namine is special. So maybe she was affected differently.'

"I see…is there anything we can do to help her regain her memory?" he asked, desperation in his voice, "I mean, yesterday she was able to remember the second time we saw each other so…"

Dr. Kadowaki smiled kindly at the boy, "Well I suggest you do is show her things that she used to like when she had her memory. Maybe then she'll start to remember bits and pieces. I take it you are the one taking care of her?"

"Yes," he stated firmly, "So give her things that could remind her of the past?"


Riku felt a slight hope rise in his chest, "Thank you for your help doctor," he said, bowing slightly.

Dr. Kadowaki chuckled in amusement, "It's my pleasure."

Riku opened the door, "Namine are you ready?"

The petite girl nodded as she got up from her spot, walking over to Riku's side. Her eyes looked to the kind doctor.

"Um…thank you for your help," she said.

"It's no problem dear," the doctor smiled, "Now you two should head home. The sun will be setting in about an hour," she said sternly as she walked them to the exit.

"Don't worry. You guys take care of yourself," Riku said as he shut the door behind him, the salty air of the island playing with his hair.

"So what did the doctor say Riku?" Namine asked curiously as they walked along the sandy pathway.

Riku smirked, "She said that I should show you things that remind you of the past. There's a possibility that you will begin to remember things that way," he explained.

Namine smiled, "I see. That's good news then," she said happily.

Riku nodded, "Very much so," he said as he stopped in front of a small shop, "Namine lets make a quick stop in here," he said as he open the glass door.

Namine watched his back curiously before following behind him, her eyes immediately looking at the crystal trinkets hanging in the window. She watched them in awe as they caught the sun's light in their many faces.

"So pretty…" she whispered as her finger gently touched the point of a crystal star.

Riku watched her for a moment, letting a rare smile form on his countenance before disappearing down an aisle, knowing what he was already in here for.

"There it is," he said to himself as he picked up two items and head for the cash register.

The cashier adjusted his glasses as the young boy approached, "Oh Riku. Good to see you're faring well."

Riku nodded, "I'm glad to see that this shop is still intact," he stated, placing his items on the counter, "This will be all today."

The cashier eyed the items for a moment, "I didn't realize you had taken up a new hobby," he laughed.

Riku shrugged, "It isn't for me…it's a gift for someone else," he explained, feeling his palms begin to perspire.

The man just grinned, "I see. You're such a good kid. That will be 200 munny."

Riku reached into his pocket, placing exact change on the counter as the cashier bagged the items.

"Thank you very much. You take care of yourself. You hear me?" the man stated as Riku began to walk away.

Riku replied with a small wave, before walking over to the window and finding Namine in the exact same place she was standing before.

"You like those crystals I see," Riku stated causing Namine to jump at the sound of his voice.

She turned around, her face slightly flustered, "They're fascinating. I have never seen something like them before."

"Do you want me to get you one?" he asked causing Namine's face to turn crimson.

"N-No you don't need to do that. You've done enough already," she stuttered as she lowered her head to the ground.

Riku shrugged, "I don't mind. It's whatever makes you happy."

Namine shook her head, "I'm sure," she said.

Riku nodded, his eyes on the crystal, he would come back and get it later, "Well if you're sure then…let's go," he said as he opened the door for her.

The walk home was uneventful, but a strange excitement had built up within Riku's chest when he opened the front door of his house as he thought of about what he had gotten her.

"Hey Namine. Wait a second," he called to her before she left the room.

She turned around to face him curiously, "What is it Riku?" she asked.

"Could you take a seat on the couch for a moment?" he asked.

She looked at him strangely before complying with his request, her eyes focused on his as he walked in front of her, his hand shifting through the bag.

"I got these for you," he said as he handed her a brand new sketchbook and a box of colored pencils.

Namine's eyes widened as he handed her the items, "Y-You didn't have to…I mean," her face had turned cherry red again.

Riku smirked, clearly amused with her reaction, "You used to love drawing. So I got you these."

There was a strange glint in her blue eyes, "Riku…" she smiled then, her hand moving across the smooth cover of the book, "Thank you…I love it." She said finally.

Riku nodded, "It's not a big deal," he said while stretching his arm muscles.

He took a seat on the chair next to the couch, his eyes watching as she opened the book shyly, pulling a pencil from the box. A strange feeling wiping over him, a sense of déjà vu, he always used to watch her like this. He leaned his head back against the chair and let out a deep breath.

'Today had been a good day indeed.'

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