A/N: Wow, I bet this is a story you didn't see coming from me, huh? Well, I hope it pleases everyone. Don't know if this kind of story has been done before, but here we go...

Full Summary: Usagi's parents are accidentally killed in a car accident, leaving Usagi all alone. Since she's only 16, she cannot inherit the money her parents have left, and is also in the need of a guardian. However, what she's not expecting, is for 7 gorgeous men to show up on her doorstep, all of which proclaim to be her older brother! Life goes on...can her 'brothers' teach her how to live again? You bet! Can it get worse? Probably.



"I'm sorry, Tsukino-san, but we were unable to save your parents from the crash. We did all that we could possibly do to try and save them, but I'm afraid that their conditions were too critical." Usagi trembled at the doctor's words, and had the feeling that her stomach was going to fall right out of her butt. Her throat was dry, a direct contrast to her eyes which welled up with tears at the news of her parent's death. Apparently, while she was at school, her mother and father and Shingo had gone shopping, and on their way, a semi-truck had accidentally lost control and rammed into them. Feeling her legs slip out from under her, Usagi's eyes were as wide as dinner plates, still attempting to let it sink in. She couldn't believe it.

"Wh-What about my little brother? Shingo?" she asked, tearfully returning her gaze back to the doctor who still stood in her front of her. Flipping a few pages on the clipboard that he held, he cleared his throat and began, "Considering the little boy was in the back seat, he didn't receive nearly as much damage as your parents did. However, he's still in critical condition." Instantly after the doctor had finished, Usagi blurted out, "Let me see him!" Looking a little taken aback at this, the doctor agreed with a nod of his head.


Usagi shuddered at the pitiful sight of her younger brother. He was hooked onto a life support system, his breathing so peaceful looking due to the machine. His body was wrapped in numerous bandages and casts, and well as a piece of gauze that was strapped over one eye. "No..." Usagi whispered, coming to his bedside and resting on her knees to receive better access to his bed. "I'm sorry Tsukino-san, your brother has broken his arm as well as a few of his ribs, hence the machine. Also, we were forced to remove his left eye-"

"No more! I don't want to hear anymore!" Usagi shouted in agony as her dam exploded, and tears poured down her cheeks. Her blue eyes wavered at the sight of his seemingly unconscious form and she buried her head into the side of the bed. Nodding in understanding, the doctor simply took his leave quietly and inconspicuously.

"Nei-chan?" Usagi's head jerked upward at the familiar addressing and saw Shingo with a far off gaze in his barely opened eye, "It hurts...I hurt..." Usagi gently lay her soft hand across his, the one that wasn't covered in bandages, "I know..." she managed to choke out in what she hoped was a hopeful voice, "but you'll get better Shin-chan."

Shingo's eye closed then, Usagi's entire psyche filling with fear at this until she noticed the easy lifting and dropping of his chest. "I don't want to die..." he whispered so softly that it almost was too hard to hear him through the breathing mask. "You won't!" Usagi exclaimed, climbing back to her feet, "Don't even talk like that because you won't!" Usagi once again felt the tears sliding back down her cheeks as her hands clenched into fists.

"Shingo..." she whispered quietly after an excruciating long pause, but received no answer. Deciding that he had fallen back asleep, as his heartbeat could still be heard on the monitor, she merely stepped away from his bedside and moved to sit in a chair off to the side of the room. Climbing into one of the seats, she brought her bare knees up to rest against her chest and buried her face into them. "Tsukino-san?" Knowing immediately that it was the doctor again, Usagi only murmured a silent question into her kneecaps as to why he had returned.

"I'm sorry to disturb you but there are some men here that need to discuss something with you." Usagi looked up, turning her puffy red eyes to the man in confusion. She questioned him why, "Obviously you aren't old enough to live by yourself, nor take care of your brother considering that you cannot inherit any money that has been left behind by your parents-"

"You think I care about that?" Usagi anguished, "Money? That's not important and it'll never be...not as long as they're gone!" she choked in agony, her throat burning from the effort of holding back sobs. Her entire body shook with fear and uncertainty at what the future might hold for her, but the doctor seemed to ignore this as he continued on,

"Tsukino-san, I'm afraid that you misunderstand. I didn't mean that the way it might have sounded, I only meant to warn you that since you are not 18, you and your brother will more than likely be adopted by another family." he explained impassively, much like very other time he'd have to announce bad news.

Usagi started from her chair, making sure to keep her voice in check for her sleeping brother, "What?! Why? I can take care of my brother!"

"I'm afraid that you cannot until you are 18 years of age. However, if you can supply us with the name of a blood-relative, then leaving the both of you in their care wouldn't be a problem."

"What about a friend of mine? He's 18! Couldn't we stay with him until I have a chance to call one of my aunts or uncles?" Usagi pleaded more than asked. It was already bad enough that her parents were gone, and she couldn't stand the thought of learning to live with a new mother and/or father. It just seemed so wrong, especially when they'd been so good to her! She hadn't even had the chance to say good-bye to them!

"I'm sorry, I don't know that Tsukino-san. If you'll just come this way, there are some kind gentlemen who would be more than willing to answer your questions." Usagi's body relaxed then as she stared in confusion at the floor. Finally swallowing a lump that had entered her throat, she nodded and followed the doctor from Shingo's room. Usagi couldn't resist the final glance at him that crept over her shoulder.

The slamming of the door resonated, hollow and empty in her ears.

"Oh my God! Usagi-chan!" Usagi broke from her reverie at the sound of the familiar voice, but didn't flinch in the slightest when the amicable being embraced her. "Rei-chan..." she mumbled plainly, without emotion. "Don't worry," Rei assured her, still holding onto her tight, "We'll get through this together. The others should be on their way."

Short, I know, but its merely the prologue into what I hope will be a much better fic. Just don't have your expectations too high, although I promise to try my best! Note: Rating may go up...you were warned! By the way, Shingo will pretty much be out of commission for this story, but don't worry, he won't die...