Okay guys heres a random thing I did. had nothing to do with any show or anime or anything like that. Yes I know. You came here to read whatever the title said, but fanfiction just doesn't have anything for other. I own this story and all it contains. These are my characters not any one else's

It was a warm and sunny day in the forest. A little white bunny hoped out of it's hole, toward a nearby river. The bunny caustiously looked around and sniffed, making sure no predators or hunters were around. It made sure to make as little noise as possible as it moved so as not to alert anything nearby that would think of it as a mid-day snack. Once at the river, it looked around one last time before closing it's eyes and cranning it's head down, drinking the cool crisp water.

It felt good to quench it's thirst after a long morning of digging it's ever growing home. Once it was done drinking, it hopped towards a few flowers in the grass, seeing them as alittle snack to munch on. It ate a few and nibbled abit of grass then began grooming it's ears. In a nearby bush, a wolf watched the little creature's every move, watching, and waiting for it's chance to strike the unsuspecting morsal. Slowly, the wolf crept closer and closer to it's prey.

Trying to be as quiet so as not to arousal it and alert it from it's few final moments of peaceful life. The wolf crounched down on it's legs ready to spring on the defenseless creature. But the wolf's tail accidently brushed the ground as it moved, making the bunny's ears twitch with the sound and become alert of it's surroundings. Now both the bunny and wolf were ready to spring at a moment's notice.

The wolf watched the bunny, trying to be as quiet as possible to make the bunny let down it's guard once more. It didn't work to well though. The bunny was as alert as it could be, looking around panically trying to hear something. Suddenly a crow called from somewhere and the bunny was off toward it's hole. The wolf lept out of the bushes and stood in front of the hole. Making it stop and run the opposite direction into the bushes.

The wolf gave chase right on the bunny's tail toward it's other 2 pack members. The 2 lept out from their hiding places and cornered the poor creature in front of a tree. Bearing their teeth to frighten it more and more against the tree. While they drooled over the morsals plump little body. They hadn't eaten something in a few days and it would surely give them something to snack on so they could have the energy to go for bigger and better prey.

One growled abit at the bunny, making it's body unconciously go more against the tree, trapping it completly. A rustle was heard suddenly from the bushes, and one of the wolves went over to it to investigate it. While the others stayed by the bunny not willing to give up the tiny morsal for anything. The wolf sniffed at the bush before growling abit at it. There was deffinatly something in there hidding.