Adventures at Wammy's Day Zero

England wasn't anything special to these three friends. They lived in a small shack they found under a bridge. It was just the right size for them. They didn't need to do anything so it was okay.

No one really noticed them on the street, what being so young and short. They entertained for food. One girl would do complicated martial arts move that amazed others, the other would draw people for money, and the third would sing to get supplies. That was their living.

Don't get me wrong, they are young and don't go to school, but they are probably as smart as Socrates or Aristotle. Which is why they were perfect for this place.

"Excuse me but how old are all of you?" asked an old kind man to the three girls after watching them work a bit.

"Keiko and I are ten and the other is eleven," said the martial artist first pointing to the artist and then the musician.

"And where are your parents?" he asked.

"Gone, but we're happy together," said Keiko.

"Have you ever considered going to an orphanage?" he asked.

"We have, but it depends on the orphanage," said the martial artist.

"Well I work at Wammy's House for Gifted Children, ever heard of it before?" he asked.

"Located in Winchester it houses as many intelligent children it can and teaches them," said the musician, finally speaking.

"Yes, if you wouldn't mind I would like to ask you a few questions. How about lunch, my treat?" he asked with a smile.

"Sure," said the martial artist.

They walked to a nearby pub and all three girls ordered fish and chips and root beer.

"So what are all your names?" he asked.

"I'm KJ," said the martial artist.

"I'm Keiko, nice to meet you," said the artist.

"Kuro," said the musician.

"You're all very talented, but do you go to school?" he asked.

"No, we don't really need to anyway," said KJ.

"Why is that?"

"We're really smart and don't need it," said Keiko.

"Why don't you give my school a try?" he asked.

"We thank you for the offer, Watari-san, but please leave us alone," said Kuro.

"I don't believe I told you my name yet," he said.

"Which is rude of you to not, anyhow you could have guessed since I knew where the school was that I know about it and it's founder," she said.

"Personally I would like to go to the orphanage. It's better then our shack," said Keiko.

"She has a point, Kuro," said KJ and they all looked at her.

"I don't care what you two do, you know how I fell about other people anyway," she said.

"But we're your friends and we need to stick with you right now," KJ replied.

"How about this, you come for a week and if you don't like it then I will personally escort you back to your current residence," he said.

"Fine," said Kuro not caring all too much.

"YES! A heater!" exclaimed Keiko.


The three girls walked into the orphanage with a box in each of their arms carrying some things and each with a bag on their back. They walked in and the other orphans stared at them. Watari walked up the stairs and turned to a hall and then looked the other way.

"Excuse me girls but it seems we've ran out of rooms on the girls said, do you mind?" he asked.

"Nope," replied KJ and Keiko. Kuro just started at him with a look that said she didn't care. He nodded and they walked down the hallway. The three rooms were next to each other. On the right side right across from them were three rooms and when they heard people moving in across the hall they opened their doors slightly and watched the girls pick their rooms. Keiko got the first one they came upon since she couldn't wait to get her room.

She walked in and didn't know a brunette was watching her unpack. In her box she had sketch books, notebooks, and a lot of game boy games. Interest sparked in the brunette's eyes as he saw some familiar games be unpacked. In her bag was clothes that she folded and put in her drawer and then she laid down on her bed and looked up.

The next room was for KJ. She walked in and looked around. The blond across the hall barely held interest in her but that soon changed when he saw her pull out some fighting weapons. She then intently watch her and she skillfully maneuvered them and then put then in a safe place in her room. She then pulled her clothes out and put them in her drawers and then she sat on her bed and looked around her room. She then looked out in the hall and saw the door across close.

Third room was given to Kuro, clearly, and she walked in hesitantly. She felt eyes on here back but ignored it. The white haired boy across the hall was aware that she knew of his presence and was glad she didn't care. She put her box down and then her bag. She first put her clothes away and then walked over to her box. She pulled out a stuffed animal spider and put it on her pillow. Then she pulled out a puzzle and a few figures that were small but interesting. She put them on her desk and then sat on her bed with her back against the wall and picked up her stuffed animal. She sighed and held onto it. She then looked out the door and saw a flash of white before the door closed.

Night was already there since it took some time to get their things and then arrive at the orphanage so the three girls soon got ready for bed and fell asleep at their new home.