A Week At Wammy's Day 7

One could only sleep so late right? Well these six slept as late as humanly possible, well humanly possible for pre-teens or so, and woke up around eleven. Keiko was he first to arise followed by KJ. They moved around and eventually Kuro woke up as well. Then the three girls looked at each other. They got an idea. A very cruel and evil idea. They left the tent and locked the door by the zippers.

Matt was the fourth to awake only five minutes later and heard something outside the tent. It sounded like the Mario theme. Near soon woke up and heard what sounded like small wheels going across plastic. Mello was the last one to awake and heard the sound of something snapping. Then it hit each of them at once. The girls weren't there but they were in the room.

"Keiko away from my video games!" yelled Matt racing to the door.

"MY CHOCOLATE!" yelled Mello also racing to the door and they realized it was locked and went to where they saw the outlines of the girls.

"Kuro, why are you playing with my hot wheels? I thought you liked my transformers better," said Near sitting so his back was leaning against Kuro's through the tent. He felt her shrug and continue playing.

"KJ, don't eat all my chocolate!" whined Mello showing his major sign of weakness. He then saw the shadow move closer and then a loud snap was heard as she took another bite of the chocolate.

"Nooo!" he whined some more. But stopped when he heard someone else walk in the room.

"Watari wishes to speak with you girls," said L.

"Okay," said Keiko and she bounced up and waited next to L for her friends to get up. KJ put the chocolate bar in her mouth and pushed herself up off the ground followed by Kuro who pushed the hot wheels away from her so she didn't trip on them and then walked out the door behind the other three. Once the girls were at Watari's office L decided to be merciful and saved the boys from their polyester prison.

"Have you three decided on what you plan to do?" asked Watari as he sat in the office with the three girls sitting in front of him on chairs.

"Keiko and I liked staying here and wish to continue to stay here," said KJ. They then looked at Kuro.

"I want to go home," said Kuro after a slight pause.

"Why?" asked Keiko.

"Our parents brought us there to raise us and wanted to live our lives there, and since I can't please them in life anymore, I still want to respect their last wish. I wish to return to my home in America. I know I was made the guardian to you two but I'm willing to pass the job onto Watari and Roger for the sake of your wishes as well," said Kuro.

"I understand," said Watari.

"We can't split up now Kuro. After all that we've been through," said KJ standing up and looking at Kuro who just looked at her knees.

"Please stay, we moved on from the past why can't you?" asked Keiko.

"I'm not going to move on from my parents. Yes I know they are dead but they knew what was best for me and I'm going to trust them," said Kuro looking at the two.

"I see that you have made up your decision. KJ and Keiko will remain here at the orphanage, you shall move in to whoever rooms you want, and Kuro we will get a ticket for you to leave as soon as you see fit," said Watari.

"Tomorrow morning," said Kuro.

"I'll check the flights and get back to you," said Watari. Kuro nodded and they left the office in complete silence. They then all three walked into Kuro's room.

"I can't believe you're going to abandon us like this, we need you, you're our guardian," said KJ.

"Our parents clearly wanted us to be together if something were to happen to them, and something did. Can't you respect that wish?" asked Keiko.

"Look I already made my decision, now you're more then welcome to come visit. In the meantime, what do you want me to do with your houses. They belong to you now but since you want to stay here," said Kuro.

"Sell them, but keep the money for yourself to help pay for electricity and gas, but we would request a weekly allowance from the money," said KJ. Kuro nodded and the two other girls left her room and Kuro laid back down on her bed and sighed. She then got up and started packing her bags. Near then walked in as she zipped up her back pack.

"So you decided to go home?" he asked.

"KJ and Keiko are staying here, I am going home," she said getting her box out and putting her toys into it.

"When are you leaving?" he asked quietly.

"Tomorrow morning is when I requested but Watari is checking the flights for me," she said as she added her puzzle to the box. They were silent. Kuro put her box and backpack by the door and then looked around her room for anything that she might have forgotten.

"You didn't forget anything," said Near quietly.

"Yes I did," said Kuro. Near gave her a questionable look before she walked over to him still in the doorway and she hugged him tightly. He hugged her back and felt her tears on his shoulder. He also had tears coming out of his eyes.

"Are you saying that you forgot me for a moment?" he asked.

"No, that I still needed to hug you and thank you for this past week and to spend the rest of my time here at Wammy's together," said Kuro. Near just nodded and they pulled apart and Kuro reached up and pulled her beanie off her head and handed it to Near.

"Wh-why are you giving me this?" asked Near stuttering a bit and wiping his tears on his sleeve.

"I know you won't forget me, but take this so you can always remember me and my hair," said Kuro. Near nodded and then L walked in and saw the two with red eyes and sad expressions.

"I guess you're leaving tomorrow then?" asked L. Kuro just nodded and Near walked over so he was standing next to her and looking at L. "Well the others all want you to meet in the living room. Come on," said L and he held his hand out. Near took L's hand and then he grabbed Kuro's hand and they walked to the living room.

When they entered Kuro noticed each person dealing with Kuro leaving their different ways. KJ and Keiko were sitting on the couch next to each other quietly. They knew how to keep in touch with Kuro and they would no matter what. L just understood how things were and sat with the two girls on the couch. Near and Kuro went and sat on the ground in the middle of the room. Matt was keeping all his attention to his game as he sat in a recliner. Mello was pacing back and forth and when Kuro and Near came in he went and looked out the window. They were all silent.

"Look-" started Kuro but Mello interrupted her.

"So that's it, you're just going to leave?" asked Mello looking at Kuro," without even thinking about KJ and Keiko? They're your friends and you're just going to abandon them. What a great friend and guardian you are. I bet your parents are real proud of you, as well as their parents who left them in your hands. All you wanted was to go home just because you hate school. You didn't even kill your parents and your still all emotional? We're all without our parents here so the next best thing we have is our friends, but you don't even want them anymore!"

"Mello!" said L shocked as he stood up, well, his way of standing.

"Mello we already talked about it we're okay and in an understanding!" said KJ getting off the couch and walking up to him.

"I don't care, and what about the friends she made here, is she just going think this past week was just some dream?" asked Mello and he looked at Kuro with hatred in his eyes.

"I know what you're getting at Mello and I'm sorry to be going, but this is something I have to do, in order to move on. I promise I'll return some day, but I can't say when," said Kuro looking at her hands that were in her lap. Then there was silence.

"Well since it's Kuro's last day we should make it her best one of this week, so she has to know it's reality," said Matt.

"Yes, make it so great it becomes a scar in her mind. You always remember where you got the large scars," said Keiko.

"So what do we do?" asked KJ.

"How about breakfast," said Near.

"Good idea," said KJ and they all walked to the dining room and no one was there anymore so they grabbed some breakfast and took a seat at a single table and began eating.

"These muffins here are really good," said Kuro.

"Chocolate's better," said KJ.

"Well I hate chocolate so I'm happy with my blueberry muffin thank you," Kuro said taking another bite.

"I haven't had a blueberry muffin in a while," said Near. Kuro looked over and saw that they breakfast was already cleaned up and then handed her muffin toward Near. He just looked at it then up at her.

"You want to share with me?" asked Near.

"You never know when the next chance is when we get to share a blueberry muffin," said Kuro. Near smiled slightly, not fully because, I mean, it is Near we're talking about here. He took a bit of the muffin and the others stopped watching them and continued to eat as well.

They then returned to their room and took the tent down and had L put it away and they all just laid on the floor and looked at the ceiling. Kuro then put her hand up and looked at it, for some reason the others followed suit.

"Is my hand really that small?" asked KJ looking at it.

"It fit▓s the rest of your body," said Kuro. Mello, Matt, and Keiko started laughing.

"That's not nice," said KJ huffing and glancing at Kuro who smiled back at her.

"I'm going to miss Kuro's short cracks on KJ," said Matt.

"Just gives me a chance to once in a while," said Mello.

"But you usually can't because Kuro is too quick," said Near, "either that or you're really really slow."

"Shut it!" yelled Mello.

"Don't start fighting now," said KJ.

"Kill joy," muttered Mello.

"What was that?" she asked turning to look at him and crossing her arms.

"You ruin my fun," he said crossing his arms and looking at her.

"So that's why you continue to pester me and the other orphans, because it's fun. You really are a bully," said Near.

"Don't be so surprised, women can be bullies too," said Kuro.

"Yea look at Kuro," said Keiko.

"I'M NOT A WOMAN!" yelled Mello.

"Uh oh, she's PMSing," said Matt. The others laughed as Mello sat up and glared at all of them.

"I'll never do anything for any of you again," said Mello.

"What have you done?" asked Keiko.

"Well I give KJ chocolate, Matt a friend that isn't electronic, Keiko gets protection from me cause we all know she's an easy target to pick on, Kuro get's KJ off her back now, and I let Near be first," said Mello proudly. A few others snorted.

"I hope you realize those are all lies, right?" said Kuro.

"How so?" asked the oblivious Mello.

"You never give me chocolate," said KJ.

"Keiko is another friend that isn't electronic," said Matt.

"No one picks on me except you," said Keiko.

"I know, easily, how to get KJ to leave me alone," said Kuro.

"You know deep down that I▓m better, L knows, Watari knows, and Roger knows," said Near.

"Whatever," said Mello and he just slumped in a corner.

"Now he looks like a little depressed kid," said Matt.

"The black clothing choice adds to that," said KJ.

"Well I don't want to be here when he takes his life so let's re-locate," said Kuro. The others nodded and they went into the living room, area where they decided to go through all the board games, minus Twister, of course. They settled on LIFE.

"I get the red car!" yelled Matt as he grabbed the red car that everyone backed away from so they didn't endure the wrath of Matt. The others picked their cars less enthusiastically. Near got white, Kuro got green, KJ got blue, and Keiko got orange.

"Should I go get Little Miss Depressed?" asked KJ. Matt sighed and nodded and she left to get him while the others set the board up. Soon they were just waiting on KJ and Mello, having no clue what was taking them so long, when L walked by and stopped and looked at them.

"LIFE? There are six of you, why are there only five cars out to start?" asked L.

"Mello is upstairs being moody and depressed so we came down here without him, but KJ said we should let him play with us for reasons unknown and now we're wasting our lives away waiting for them," said Kuro.

"Shouldn't you be packing?" asked L.

"Thanks for bringing that up, L," said Keiko.

"Plus what's there to pack, I have nothing of possession here except for a few clothes," said Kuro.

"Carry on," said L, nodding to Kuro and then left most likely to his room.

A few minutes passed and KJ finally returned with Mello and they set him up and begin the game. They spun the spinner to see who goes first, and who should it but the only person whose first in everything, Near. Followed by Mello, always second, Kuro, Keiko, Matt, and then last and certainly least, in height that is, KJ.

The game began and things seemed to be going smooth for some, and utterly horrid for others. In the end the results were as followed:

Keiko was the first to reach end. She had the job of entertainer and was paid 40,000. Her house was Dutch Colonial and she was married with 1 girl and adopted twin girls. In the end her final total was 1,045,600.

Second was Matt. He was a computer consultant earning 70,000 and living at the Cozy Condo. In the end he had 1,000,000 and was married with 2 girls.

Next to come in was Near who was a sales person and was paid 90,000 and lived in a Victorian house with his wife. He finished with the most money with a total of 1,785,000.

Fourth to come in was Mello. He was paid 50,000 and was an athlete. He lived in the house that was hit by an earthquake (A/N: which makes since at first he was in California then Japan). He had a stock and was married with 2 sons. In the end he had a total of 1,710,000.

Next was Kuro who was an artist but had a mid-life crisis and had to change jobs to an accountant but was still paid 80,000. She lived in a log cabin with her adopted twins and in the end had a total of 1,090,000.

Last, was KJ. Her occupation was a doctor and was paid 100,000 and lived in a farm house with her husband and daughter. In the end she had 1,695,000.

So according to total money Near came in first, followed Mello, then KJ, Kuro, Keiko, and last was Matt.

"Well that was fascinating. I'm glad I got to experience that," said Kuro. The others just looked at her.

"I'm not putting it away," said KJ getting up and leaving.

"Nor am I," said Keiko and eventually they all got up and left leaving Mello behind.

"HEY! I'M NOT PUTTING THIS AWAY BY MYSELF!" He yelled but everyone just ignored him.

Since that game is among the never ending board games, like monopoly, and since there was six of them playing, by the time they finished it was just passed lunch time so they all headed to the dinning room. Later Mello joined and was furious, but what else is new.

"Look who finally decided to join us," said Matt as they all stared at Mello.

"What? Can't you let a guy eat in piece?" he asked taking a bite of his nutella sandwich.

"You seriously eat way too much chocolate," said Kuro.

"And he makes it so obvious that anyone who takes one look at him can know his weakness," said KJ with an evil smirk, well the best one she can muster.

"What type of face was that?" asked Near looking at KJ.

"I was trying to be evil," said KJ.

"Retarded is more like it," said Kuro.

"Just like that one time you were trying to frown," said Keiko.

"SHUT UP!" yelled KJ.

"I want to see you frown," said Matt.

"That's the problem, she can't, and she has tried," said Keiko.

"I can frown, see," said Near and he did a pretty good frown.

"Well I can too," said Mello and he ended up having trouble just like KJ did before. They group broke out into laughter.

"Not that easy is it?" asked KJ crossing her arms. Mello just grunted but secretly, or not, still tried to frown.

"The only other person that I know can frown is Kuro," said Keiko.

"Well now it's Near too," said Kuro.

"Can you frown Matt?" asked Keiko looking at him. He tried and failed as well.

"Well aren't you two just special," said KJ. L then came over and took a seat, well, you know what I mean.

"Who's special and why?" asked L adding sugar to his tea, or more tea to his sugar.

"Near and Kuro because they can frown. Can you frown?" asked Matt. They all turned and looked at him, even Mello took a pause in his attempts. L tried and got halfway but then couldn't go any further.

"Sort of, but I▓m taking that as a no," said KJ.

"So it isn't just me. I can stop," said Mello.

"We never told you that you couldn't," said Keiko looking at Mello. He just grumbled and ate more of his sandwich. The others continued to eat as well and carry small conversations.

That afternoon they sat on the steps leading outside and ate ice cream. That's when Kuro felt eyes on her. She looked toward a bush and saw it rustle a bit.

"Someone it watching us from that bush over there," said Kuro pointing to the bush.

"That's B," said L and he licked his strawberry ice cream.

"Who?" asked Keiko taking a brake from her cookies and cream ice cream.

"Beyond Birthday, he is basically a copy of L," said Mello as he eats his chocolate ice cream.

"So he's here because L is?" asked KJ who stopped eating her rocky road ice cream to stare at the bush.

"He's been watching us for a while, off and on since the beginning of the week," said Kuro who licked her mint chocolate-chip ice cream.

"He probably thinks since L is close to us he must observe us too," said Matt taking a bite in his napoleon ice cream and then waving his hand at his mouth because it was too cold. Kuro then stood up.

"What are you doing?" asked L watching her.

"I hate stalkers," said Kuro and she walked over to the bush and heard it shake a bit and then she reached down into the bush with her left hand while holding her ice cream with her right, and when she felt cloth she pulled and she had a guy who looked exactly like L but the collar of his shirt. There were some noticeable differences in appearance between L and B, however.

She dragged him over to the group and he looked at them and then stared at her.

"Now B, who were you watching us you know I don't like you watching the younger orphans," said L. B kept his eyes on Kuro as she want and sat down and licked her ice cream.

"They intrigue me. Especially her, she is special," he said pointing at Kuro. Near scooted closer to Kuro and licked his vanilla ice cream.

"B would you like to try to get them better? I'll let you hang out with us for the rest of the day if you wish. And if he doesn't bother your group," said L who was watching B who was watching Kuro and glaring somewhat at Near.

"We don't mind," said KJ with a shrug.

"Um, he keeps staring at me, other then that I don't care," said Kuro.

"I would like to hang out with you," said B as he continued to stare at Kuro.

"Then stop staring at me," said Kuro. B blinked and then turned to look at L.

"Would you like some ice cream?" asked L, "with jam?" B just nodded. "Follow me. We'll be back shortly," said L and the two look a likes left.

"He's strange," said Keiko.

"Yea, and I think he likes Kuro," said Mello with a smirk.

"Or just wants to kill her," said KJ.

"But he was glaring at me," said Near.

"Okay he wants to kill you then," said KJ.

"Just finished your ice cream," said Kuro not really wanting to talk about this. They sat there eating their ice cream in silence. Soon L and B returned and they were all sitting on the steps looking at the kids playing outside. It was a rare moment with the sun just barely out. It wouldn't last long so they were enjoying it for the time being.

"What should we do after this?" asked Mello when he finished his ice cream.

"I don't know," said Kuro trying to get the ice cream off her fingers because her cone had holes and started to drip the cream onto her fingers.

"Come one Kuro," said Near and he helped Kuro up so she didn't get everything sticky and they went into the house to wash her hands.

"Okay that will last 2 minutes, then what?" asked Mello.

"Why don't you think of something for once," said Keiko.

"How about we spar," said Mello turning to KJ. She sighed.

"I'll kick your ass like always," said KJ and they walked over to the lawn where there weren't younger kids running around and started to spar. Matt and Keiko were still eating their ice cream as was B, L was the first on finished with his.

"So, B, why do you keep staring at Kuro?" asked Matt. B just shrugged.

"There must be a reason," said L.

"She's something to stare at," said B.

"Or is it because you trying to be just like the top people in this house, which are L and Near who are both close to her, so your trying to be close too," said Keiko. B stayed silent.

"Well I'm sure you can reach your goal if you stopped staring at her," said L. B just stared at his ice cream before biting into the cone and finishing it off.

"Ah I see KJ is busy killing Mello," said Kuro when she and Near returned.

"And he asked for it too, literally," said Keiko.

"Doesn't he always?" asked Near.

"Yea," the other said nodding their heads.

"I'm going inside," said Kuro.

"Ah yea the vampire must avoid the sun," said Matt.

"I'm not a vampire, I just don't like the sun," said Kuro standing.

"Wait don't leave me with a bunch of guys," said Keiko standing up.

"I'm coming too," said Matt after Near stood up.

"Come on B," said L and those two stood up as well.

KJ caught site of the group leaving so she joined the group and Mello finally caught on that she wasn't chicken just bored with him. He ran ad caught up with the group as well. They all just played games and talked till dinner where B went missing from the group and they just shrugged it off and ate at their table.

Eventually the group got tired and they all decided to sleep in Kuro's room. They stayed up talking till eventually they passed out.

Unfourtunetly they were all awoken by L who just came from Watari. It was around 5 in the morning and was the only available flight. They put Kuro's stuff in a car and piled everyone in, B even insisted on going.

At the airport the checked Kuro in and they went through security and headed to her gate. They sat in silence waiting for the call to start boarding. Once it was heard they all looked at each other and Roger and Watari decided to go first.

"Well Kuro you were a great addition to our school while you were here, and I'm sure we'll be seeing you soon," said Watari as he hugged her.

"You'll be very successful I know it," said Roger as he hugged her too.

"Thank you," said Kuro.

"Have fun in America, eat many yummy sweets and tell what is good," said L.

"Will do, and I'm sure I'll hear about the famous detective that you are soon," said Kuro and they hugged as well.

"Even though I met you yesterday, you're a very unique girl," said B.

"Um, thanks, bye," said Kuro and they shook hands awkwardly.

"Write your friends will you?" asked Matt as he hugged her.

"Yes I will," said Kuro.

"Or I'll hire KJ to kick your ass," said Keiko hugging Kuro.

"Sure," said Kuro.

"Or I'll come for free," said Mello as he awkwardly hugged her.

"You're nothing compared to KJ," said Kuro.

"Everyone knows it, Mello, why can't you just understand that? Well call and don't forget to visit," said KJ as she hugged Kuro who just nodded.

"I'll miss you," said Near and they hugged. When they were hugging Near slipped something into Kuro's backpack and whispered in her ear, "Open it when you land in America." Kuro nodded and they parted.

"Well time for you board, don't be afraid to come back, you're always welcome at Wammy's," said Watari. Kuro nodded and said bye one last time and with a wave she entered the plane.

She finally reached home and began to unpack. She saw the gift from she got from Near and opened it up. Inside on top she saw a card and opened it first. Everyone had signed it and each one told her how much they would miss her and that she should come back as soon as possible. She then saw different gifts wrapped up.

The first gift was from Keiko and it was drawing of the entire group. Matt's gift was a bracelet with Mario mushrooms on it. Mello's gift was one of his bars of chocolate, which was interesting because she hates chocolate. KJ's gift was a picture frame with a picture of the group that B had taken from his bush while they were eating ice cream. Near's gift was one of his transformers, her favorite one. And last was L's gift which was a locket with a picture of Kuro on one side and on the other was a picture of Near. It was silver and in the shape of a small heart. She put it on and never took it off.

She then laid down on her bed and held onto her transformer.

"Thank you," she said before she fell asleep.

The end of Week at Wammy's, but just the beginning of further stories. Next is Time to Follow.