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Five years later

The bright sun seeped through the curtains of Sam and Dean's bedroom. Sam had his head resting on Dean's chest who had both arms wrapped around him, shielding him from the cold. Dean's eyes slowly open and he smiled down at his lover, he pressed a soft kiss to his forehead. He then felt a soft kiss to his cheek and turned his head to see his daughter.

She smiled brightly at him, her long dark hair was hanging over her shoulders and puppy dog eyes were filled with cheer. He smiled back at her then scooped her up into his arms. He pressed a soft kiss to her forehead then wrapped both arms around her.

"Happy birthday Princess" he said with a soft smile.

"Thanks Daddy" she said kissing him on the nose.

Dean smiled at his daughter then he felt Sam start to stir beside him, when he looked down he was met by a sleepy smile. Sam slowly sat up and took Destiny into his arms.

"Happy birthday Munchkin" he said cradling her.

She giggled as Dean tickled her "Thank you Daddy" she gave him a soft kiss on the cheek then jumped up and stared at her parents with her big puppy dog eyes.

"Alright kiddo" Dean got out of bed, sweeping her up in his arms "Let's go open your presents."

"Great" she smiled happily up at her father.

Sam smiled for what felt like the thousandth time that morning; he loved his little girl so much. He rose to his feet and walked from the bedroom with Dean following suit. He took a seat on the couch as did Dean after placing Destiny on the ground. She sat herself down on the ground and looked at he presents.

"Go on sweetie" Dean said.

With one last look at her parents she turned to her presents. Sam and Dean watched happily as she undid all her presents, having a daughter had changed their lives so much but she was worth it. She made every day seem that much brighter to them; she made their love grow so strong that nothing would ever tear them apart. She finished un-wrapping her presents and she turned to face them, a pink unicorn in her right hand "Thank you" she embraced them both in a tight hug "She's just what I wanted."

"Well missy what do you want for breakfast?" Dean asked pulling her into his arms "It's your choice."

"Pancakes" she said happily.

"Pancakes it is."


Later on that day Destiny sat on her bed, wearing a pretty white dress. Her long brown hair was brushed neatly and she had a small tiara on her head. She looked up as Sam entered the room, a soft smile gracing her face "Hey Daddy."

"Hey baby" he said sitting beside her "You all right?"

"Oh I'm fine" she replied with a smile "Just having some me time."

"Ok well we have a surprise for you" Sam said standing and pulling her with him.

"What is it?"

"You'll just have to follow me" he took her hand and walked from the room. They entered the lounge, which was dark, Sam flicked on the switch and the room lit up. The lounge room was brightly decorated with streamers and balloons. A table stood in the centre of the room with all sorts of snacks on it, but the best was the people in the room. Bobby, Ellen, Missouri, Jo, Angela, and Lucas were all there to wish her a Happy Birthday.

"Happy birthday" they shouted together.

"Thank you," she said with a bright smile "this is amazing."

"Anything for our Angel" Dean said with a smile.

She smiled back at Dean then turned to face the people that were practically her family; she smiled at Lucas then walked towards him. "Hey."

"Happy birthday Destiny" he passed her small red box with a white ribbon on it "I hope you like it."

She took the present from him and undid the ribbon; she lifted the lid to reveal a silver bracelet that had 'Destiny' engraved into it. "Thank you Lucas, it's perfect."

"I knew you would like it" he took it out then slid it onto her slim wrist.

"I do" she gave him a peck on the cheek "it's the best."

Lucas gave her a small smile then blushed "No worries Destiny."


"Hey Dean" came Jo's voice "haven't seen you in so long" she stopped before him "How have you been?"

"Real good Jo" he said with a smile "Life is prefect right now."

"Destiny is cute" she stepped closer to him "she looks like you" she ran her hand along his jaw line.

"She has Sam's eyes" he reached out his arm and grabbed Sam's wrist as he walked past then pulled him in for a passionate kiss. He let go of Sam's wrist and let him continue on his way "So Jo hows hunting?"


"Well I'm glad I have Sam and Destiny" he smiled at his daughter who was talking with Bobby "She's amazing" he turned back to Jo "You really should start a family of your own."

"Guess I should" she then turned and walked off.

"Dean" Dean turned to face Ellen.

"Hey" he said embracing her in a quick hug "How've you been?"

"Real good Dean" she replied "You and Sam been keeping good?"

"Yeah life is smooth right now but Destiny keeps us on our toes" he added with a soft laugh "she's amazing."

"She is" Ellen said smiling at her "She looks like you."

"Yeah but she has Sam's eyes" he grinned, "So you still on your own?"

"Well I have met someone," she said with a smile "But its nothing serious."

"Well lucky you."

"Hey Dean" Sam walked up to him "I need you in the kitchen."

"Ok" he smiled to Ellen then walked off.

Sam and he entered the kitchen and before Sam could go any further Dean grabbed him and pushed him against the wall. He pressed his lips to Sam's in a passionate kiss. He pulled back and stared at Sam with a loving smile on his face "Great party huh?"

"The best" he kissed him back "but its time for birthday girl's cake."

"One more kiss" he pressed another kiss to Sam's lips then stepped back "ok maybe one more" he pressed another kiss to Sam's lips but this time Sam ended it.

"Got people to see and candles to light" he walked towards the counter where the cake was "Can you think with your upstairs brain until after the party?"

"I can't promise" he grinned "But I'll try."

"Great" Sam said placing five candles on the cake "Let's roll."

Dean picked up the cake and winked at Sam. Sam sighed then led Dean out of the room, they re-entered the lounge room when everyone saw them with the cake they all started to sing 'happy birthday'. Dean placed the cake on the table then turned to face his daughter "Don't forget to make a wish sweetie."

"I wont forget Daddy" she turned to face the cake, she lent forwards and blew out the candles. She then turned to her parents who were smiling down at her.

"You make a wish?" Dean asked.

"Yes but I can't tell you! Otherwise it won't come true."

"Well that's true" Dean said sitting down on a chair besides her then holding up a knife "You want the first piece Munchkin?"


"Thanks for coming Bobby" Sam said as he waved the last guest off. He then shut the door and turned to face the quiet house, Dean had just taken Destiny to bed and Sam was heading there himself. He left the lounge room and headed to the bedroom. He pulled down the covers then kicked off his shoes and made short work of his clothes. He climbed into bed only clothed in a pair of sweat pants.

"She's sound asleep" Dean said walking into the room and removing his own clothes "she was out like a light."

"She looked tired" Sam said sitting up "Just like me."

"Hey" Dean crawled onto the bed dressed only in his boxers "What about our after party fun?"

"Dean" he kissed him softly on the lips "I'm tired as."

"Aw" Dean pouted, "don't you love me?"

"I love you more then the world"

"Well I still think you're amazing" he kissed him again "smart" he kissed him once more "and sexy" one more kiss to the lips.

Sam raised his eyebrows "is that it?

Dean grinned, "P.S I love you."

The End

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