"You know, Wesker, "Ada said, "If I'd known you had this in mind, I would have worn something a little more provocative."

She thumbed the chain of the handcuffs securing her wrists above her head to a metal hook. The large and mostly empty room they stood in looked like it used to serve as a storage room. The series of pulleys and winches that held the hook and chain that Ada was currently cuffed to supported her theory. The room was empty now, but in a few weeks it would be full of the organization's supplies.

Wesker slowly paced back and forth in front of her. He would walk a few meters, pause for a second, then walk back, then pause. He did this over and over. Ada lost track of how many times he passed her, and her attempts at "small talk" were only met with silence. He seemed to be thinking, but then again, he always seemed to be doing that.

Ada always wondered how this day might come, if it ever did. It stuck in the back of her mind like a splinter. When a dozen of the organization's soldiers came and subdued her, she was sure that was it: she had been discovered, and her plans were over. She couldn't fight back, not against that many armed men. Still, she remained calm and collected. They didn't shoot her outright, which meant she might have a chance to escape. They brought her to the storage room and to Wesker.

"Honestly," Ada drolled on, "If it's going to be you and me alone in a dark room with a pair of handcuffs, you could have at least served me dinner first."

"Tell me, Ada," Wesker said slowly, "Why is it that I sense that there is a traitor in our midst?"

Ada smirked and cocked an eyebrow. "A traitor? Whatever do you mean?"

"That's right, just keep casual," she thought cautiously. "He doesn't have anything on you yet."

Of course, Wesker didn't need evidence to make her disappear. He began to pace again, still not looking at Ada.

"I've always had my suspicions, but recent events have begun to strengthen my theories. Take for example this situation with Miss Redfield."

Ada frowned inwardly. She wasn't able to anything for the Redfield directly, but at least she got the note out to Leon. She just hoped that he would follow it. Wesker had decided not to kill Claire, at least, not directly. Ada was disgusted when she saw Syrcher finish mutilating her arm over the security camera. The girl had almost folded in half during the torture. Ada was glad that the Ecuador complex's didn't pick up audio. Still, Ada could here her screams in her head. After Syrcher put away his pliers, he shoved a rag down her throat and gagged her.

At this point, Ada had had enough. She asked Wesker the point of the gag.

Wesker simply responded, "So she doesn't bite her tongue. I wouldn't want her to unexpectedly pass away before we are finished with her."

Ada had turned and rolled her eyes. She couldn't see Claire trying to kill herself by biting her tongue. She probably didn't even know about that technique. Wesker was just being cruel. He wasn't going to kill her quickly. He was just going to let her waste away when the organization abandoned the facility. Luckily, this worked perfectally for Ada's plan. Leon could save her without any problems from the organization.

"What about Redfield?" Ada asked him lazily. Her arms were tingling from the lack of blood flowing to them.

"After she parted with the knowledge she was holding, I was simply going to kill her," Wesker said, shrugging. "One less Redfield to worry about. But then I realized that I still had a use for her. Why not leave her behind? Surely someone would rescue her..."

Ada could only listen and pretend she was interested.

Wesker continued. "My head of security assured me that they left no trace of themselves when they secured Redfied." He stopped pacing and faced Ada, his black sunglasses locking onto her face. "So why is it that someone infiltrated the Ecuador complex, conveniently after we moved?"

Ada's heart beat faster. She finally saw the trap that she had unwittingly walked into. Claire had been the bait. Wesker knew someone might try to get her out. He was right; the men who had abducted her left a blank trail. Ada narrowed her eyes, playing the role of a concerned subordinate.

"Someone located her? Who?"

Wesker smiled and folded his arms across his chest.

"Leon Kennedy."

Ada felt a wave of relief. She was glad she knew how to pick her men.

"Thank God."

Ada chuckled. "That man certainly gets around, doesn't he?"

Wesker resumed his pacing. "My only concern is that someone knows him personally. Someone who works for this organization. Of all people, why is it that he shows up?"

Ada laughed, hoping that her hot face wasn't turning red, and that her laugh sounded genuine. This conversation wasn't going in a good direction.

"Do you really think that I would betray this organization?" She gave him a crestfallen look. "I'm hurt..."

Wesker didn't laugh. He habitually fixed his glasses, then stared at her.

"I know you have an infatuation with that man, and it almost cost you your life in Raccoon City," he said.

"So let me get this straight," Ada said, shifting on her feet. This position was damn uncomfortable. "You think I called in an old boyfriend to save Claire?" Leon wasn't an old boyfriend, but Ada knew Wesker wouldn't take to kindly to the fact that she still had feelings for him. "You're too funny Wesker."

"You'll have to forgive me if you're the only one I suspect," he said dryly.

Ada rolled her eyes. "And what if I did?" She turned, then slightly pushed her hips in his direction. "Are you gonna spank me for being a bad girl?" She grinned alluringly and raised an eyebrow suggestively, knowing all too well that it wouldn't work on Wesker.

"Would you rather spend an evening with Syrcher?" Wesker asked. "I'm sure he's feeling a little neglected after Redfield. You'd be just the thing to brighten his day."

The threat was real, and Ada saw that. No more messing around. She looked into the blackness of his sunglasses, seeing her own reflection cuffed to the hook.

"I didn't have anything to do with this, Wesker," she said coolly. "We both know that the only reason I'm still alive is because you still have a use for me." She cocked her head, her face expressionless. "Do you really think I'm stupid enough to compromise that with petty relationships?"

"I suppose not," he said. He dug into his pocket, procuring the key to her handcuffs. Ada smiled sweetly, like a child trying to get a cookie. Wesker worked the key between his fingers slowly, still staring her down. "You and Leon won't be a bother to this organization?" he asked. Ada suppressed a grin; it sounded like she was getting scolded.

"Please, Wesker," said Ada, rolling her eyes again, "The man might be good looking, but he's more trouble than he's worth."

"Then you won't mind the little experiment I performed."

Ada's eyes narrowed again, this time in confusion.


Wesker nodded. "I released the M-virus into complex. The scientists there gave us useful data to it's effects."

Ada blinked a few times, but otherwise kept a straight face. "You what?"

Wesker smiled. "It was extraordinary. The sample you provided us with shows great potential."

"That bastard!"

Ada was furious. Wesker had laid a trap within a trap. One was for her, the other for Leon. Was he able to save Claire? How bad was the virus? And did he make it out alive? These were just some of the questions racing through Ada's head. She forced herself to remain blank, although she longed to know if Leon was safe. But one wrong facial expression would mean her death.

"We don't know if Leon survived or not," Wesker continued, "The complex's video surveillance last saw him and Redfield entering the elevator shaft." He cocked his head thoughtfully. "Leon is quite the competent soldier. I can see how he survived Raccoon."

"Please be okay," she prayed, thinking of her man. She knew how tough Leon was, but this was something different. She pushed the thoughts out of her head, saving them for later, and gave her usual charming smile to Wesker, though to her it felt cold.

"I'm glad I could help." Talking to Leon in that manner made her sick. She shook her wrists slightly. "Do you think you could...?"

Wesker paused, thinking once more, then reached up and unlocked her restraints. Ada let her arms fall, then rubbed her wrists. There was a red ring around each one.

"Thank you," she said, and began to walk off.

"Ada," said Wesker, turning to her as she walked away. She paused at the door. "Make no mistake; betray us, and I will kill you."

Ada smiled softly. Of course he would.

"I'll keep that in mind." With that, she left the storage room.

As soon as Ada was a few hallways away, she leaned against the wall and breathed deeply. That was close. Any closer and she would have been in Claire's position, then most likely in the bottom of a hole.

"I can't have that," she thought. "Not until I've completed my own objectives." She brushed some hair out of her eyes. "Besides, I want to leave a beautiful corpse."

She composed herself, then resumed her walk. What she had told Wesker was true: the only reason she was still alive is because he had a use for her. Her life would end when her usefulness ended.

"I guess I'll just have to stay useful until then."

Her thoughts turned to Leon. Did he make it out alive? The thought was killing her, but she had to remain cool. She had cast too much suspicion over herself, and almost paid the ultimate price. She would have to bide her time, and begin to reinforce her trust with Wesker again. If Leon was alive, he was alive, and that was all that mattered. If he was dead, there was nothing she could do.

Ada headed back to the locker room to resume packing her things. As she rounded a corner, she literally bumped into someone. It was Syrcher. It looked like he had pulled patrol duty. He gave Ada a dirty look, suggesting that Wesker had perhaps had told him that they might be seeing each other. Ada smiled, then kissed her index and middle finger and pressed them to his lips.

"Maybe next time, handsome," she said. He recoiled from her touch, and she sauntered off.

The End