Sailor Moon's Pokemon Journey

By: USA Tiger

Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon or Pokémon, never have, and never will.

Chapter 2

After agreeing to become a Pokémon trainer so Usagi could search for the legendary classed Pokémon that could hopefully send her home, Professor Oak led Usagi and her new Meowth into the nice large home that his lab was attached too. There, she was introduced to his grandchildren. His Granddaughter Mary, who devoted herself to taking care of her Grandfather, and her younger brother Gary.

Gary, Usagi had learned, had been a few years prior a trainer himself. Even made it as far as the finals to battle the elite four, whatever that was, but afterward, something had made Gary have a change of heart and now he split his time between his Grandfather's house and working as an assistant to another Pokémon expert called Professor Rowan in hopes that he would one day become a Pokémon expert as well.

Usagi also met Professor Oak's other assistant, a young man named Tracey Sketchit, who was also a talented artist, showing her a great deal of pictures that he had drawn of Pokémon. The slightly younger boy also tried to flirt with her until she firmly informed him that she already had a boyfriend, though Tracey was still cute, Usagi was sure Minako would have liked him.

Oak allowed Usagi and Meowth to stay the night as he gathered together everything she needed for her trip. Mary even lent her some for her clothing from where she was younger.

The next morning found Usagi and Meowth in Professor Oak's lab again, now dressed in a pair of light blue jeans, a white short-sleeve shirt and a pink jacket with a large image on the back of a pokeball along with a pair of white hiking boots. Her school uniform was stuffed into a pack that Gary had lent her.

"This, Usagi, is a Pokédex. You use it by pointing at a Pokémon to hear information on it or you can either call out or use the search engine to find a certain Pokémon," Oak said as he handed the device to the blond. "It's also used as a trainer ID and once you have more than 6 Pokémon, you can use it to switch them around. Now usually I would only give you a standard Pokédex that only registers Pokémon from the Kanto region and you would have to get an update in the next region, but seeing as how you're not from this world and who knows where you will have to go to find the Pokémon you're looking for, I've given you a International Pokédex that has all known Pokémon from all 8 regions."

"Eight? I have to explore that many areas?" Usagi asked, understandingly a bit worried.

"Yes, we're in the Kanto region at the moment. There is also the Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Orre, Fiore, Almia and the Orange Island regions," Oak explained, pulling up a map of Indigo Islands. "Johto and Kanto make up the main land. Hoenn, Sinnoh, and the Orange Islands are to the south while Orre and Fiore are to the north. Almia is east of Fiore."

Usagi groaned and let her head fall to the lab table top in front of her. "I am never going to get home at this rate."

"Now don't worry Usagi, we'll get you home. For now, we'll stick our searches to Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh as they are the main areas of the islands and have the most Pokémon. If nothing turns up, then we'll turn our attention to the others. Now I see Gary lent you a traveling pack, inside I'm sure Tracey packed you a few extra Pokeballs to capture Pokémon in, some medical supplies for both you and your Pokémon, and Mary packed up a couple changes of clothing. There is also some camping gear and some money as well as food. And this is a Pokégear; it has a map of all the main regions as well as a radio and phone function on it, a very popular device in Johto. I would like you to call me as often as possible so we can keep each other updated." Oak handed Usagi the bag as well as the Pokégear which she strapped to her arm.

"And last but not least, here is Meowth Pokeball. It isn't necessary to keep him in there, in fact there are some Pokémon who don't like to be trapped inside Pokeballs but you'll have it in case of an emergency." The elder man showed the girl how to attach the shrunken pokeball to a belt. Gray had already taken the time the night before to show her how a pokeball was used by calling out his Umbreon then calling it back. The boy also informed the blond how to capture a Pokémon.

"This is all I can do the help you at the moment Usagi, the rest is up to you. Trust in your Pokémon and be careful." Professor Oak said as he guide Usagi out the front door of his lab, now set with everything she needed to get through a Pokémon journey. Meowth trailed beside his new mistress. "Oh, and one more thing: there is a group here and in Johto called Team Rocket that goes around stealing Pokémon, keep an eye out for them and try to avoid those riffraff at all cost, and the same goes for Hoenn and Sinnoh as I have gotten reports that they have their own groups of thieves that steal Pokémon. You don't want to let any of them know that you're from another world."

"Arigato Gozaimasu, Oak-sensei, for your help," Usagi thanked with a small bow.

"It's my pleasure Usagi, and good luck," Oak waved farewell as Usagi walked off with Meowth on her heels.

"I can't keep calling you Meowth, it will get confusing when we run into others like you," Usagi said once she and the Pokémon were past the city limits heading to the next city. "How about...Meowser or... I know, what about Chip?"

"Meowth?" Meowth tilted his head to the side, a bit of sunlight reflecting off of the chipped coin charm on his forehead. Usagi tapped her own forehead in response as she said,

"Your little coin thing on your head, it has a chipped off place in it," The Meowth seemed to think about it, rubbing his forepaw against his chin then nodded in agreement to Usagi's suggestion. "Alright then, for now on your Chip the Meowth."

"Nahhh!" The now dubbed Chip smile widely, giving a small "V" for victory with his paw. Happy now that the issue of a name was out of the way, Usagi looked around properly. There were a few trees that lined the road; she could see a few birds here and there. She also spied a furry head or two popping up in the tall grasses that looked like a big purple rat. She didn't really want a rat and what if Chip wanted to eat it; cats like to eat mice and rats after all.

"Owth?" Chip called up to Usagi, drawing her attention to her Pokémon. The feline Pokémon waved a paw in the direction of the Rattata and the bird looking Pokémon further away, asking her if he was to battle them so they could be captured. It only took a moment for Usagi to understand what the cat meant, not completely in sync with her new partner to understand the Meowth-Poké-language quite yet.

"Hmm, not now, I'm not quite ready for that just yet," Usagi finally said, starting to walk again. Chip shrugged, remembering that his mistress wasn't from this world so wasn't use to the idea of poké battles and capturing other Pokémon but he was sure she would come around soon. And she didn't seem like the Rattata type person anyway. The Meowth ran off after Usagi, catching up with his Lunarian.

Meanwhile, back in Usagi's home universe...

A meeting between the remaining 8 Sailor Senshi, the two Moon cat advisers, and the reborn Earthling prince Mamoru Chiba, who hadn't tried again for collage in America but opted to stay in Japan so he could stay close to his princess.

The news that Usagi was missing came, to him, about mid-morning. Sailor Pluto had shown up at his apartment, he luckily had no school that day, almost frantic. Once he had the time-warrior calmed down enough for her to tell him what was wrong, he learned that Usagi had been kidnapped. By who, she didn't know and still didn't at this point in time. There had been no sort of warning for her what so ever that this was going to happen, it didn't show up at all in the time gates until after the blond had been taken.

After giving him the news, Sailor Pluto had left, going to tell the other senshi he had guess while he had grabbed a coat and rushed out the door. He had found Luna at Rei's grandfather's temple with his girl's book-bag. The black cat had shown him where Usagi had disappeared at, but there was no evidence at all that the blond had sunk into a black hole the ground and was now who knows where.

It was now after school, everyone at Rei's home as they discussed what they could do. Sailor Pluto had gone over the moment of Usagi's kidnapping again and again in the Time Gates.

"Before today, this event wasn't even hinted in the time lines. Now there's a haze around the time of the hime's disappearance. In response, I cannot see any future events clearly," Sailor Pluto explained, one hand coming up to rub at her forehead with long fingers.

"So, what does that mean?" Minako asked, reaching up to tug at her long hair in worry. Beside her Ami tapped away on her advance Mercury-made computer, trying to analyze any strange spikes of energy around the time Usagi was taken.

"It means that until we find a way to bring Usagi home, it's possible Crystal-Tokyo will never come about... ever," Sailor Pluto let that sink into the other's brain, giving a soft sigh as Mamoru gave a stricken look.

He didn't like the fact didn't know where Usagi was, if she was safe and unharmed. He may have sought the little blond out at first because she was the princess of his dreams and because they were together in a past life but he had quickly came to love the girl as she was now. Usagi lit up his life and now that she was gone it was killing him.

"I found it!" Ami said excitedly, drawing Mamoru's attention back to the present. The senshi of Mercury blushed heavily as she saw everyone's attention on her.

"Found what Ami?" Artemis asked, padding over to look down at her computer.

"The spike of energy when Usagi-Chan was taken, I almost missed it, it was so slight," Ami said, pointing out the spike to the cat.

"You think we can reproduce it, bring Usagi back?" Luna asked as she joined Artemis in looking at the information on the screen.

"I... I don't think so. But, maybe if we combined all of our powers, we could send at least one person to her to help her until we find a way to bring both back," Ami said, typing into the computer again.

"But... who would we send?" Artemis questioned, everyone looked at each other, not sure themselves. Each wanted to go but who was best suited to help their princess?

"Alright, it says the attacks you would know is... scratch, growl, and tackle so far," Usagi said as she read the information that popped up on the screen of her Pokédex after pointing it at Chip. She was sitting on her hunches beside Chip as she read off the attacks to the cat-like Pokémon. Chip had finally got his wish; Usagi was giving a Pokémon battle a try. Not far from them was a Pidgy, peaking at the ground for food. (1)

"So I guess you can start with... tackle?" Usagi looked down at Chip who gave her a thumb-up and a wink before running full tilt at the bird Pokémon.

"Pidg!" the Pidgy cawed in surprise as an off-white blur blind-sided it. The bird took for the air, telling the Meowth off. "Pidgy, pidg pidgy!" It started to flap its wings rapidly, sending a Gust of wind into the prepared Meowth.

"Oh! Dodge it Chip!" Usagi called, Chip giving an 'Owth!' of acknowledgment as he dodged to the side, the gust attack passing by him. "Now, scratch!" Chip leapt into the air, claws out as he raked them across Pidgy's back.

"Pidg!" Pidgy spiraled out of the air, hitting the ground hard, sending up a small cloud of dust and a few blades of grass.

"Ok, tackle it again before it gets up," Chip rushed the slightly dazed Pidgy, slamming into it and knocking it several feet away. It made a few chipping 'pidg' sounds before falling over knocked out. Usagi, who was standing by with a prepared pokeball to throw at the flying type Pokémon, shoulders slumped and a mushroom shaped cloud escaped as she sighed. "Gary said you can't catch a Pokémon if it's knocked out, the pokeball won't take it," she said to herself, shrinking the ball and putting it back in her bag.

"Well I guess that was a bust, huh Chip?" Usagi asked the Meowth as it walked over.

"Meowth meowth, owth?" Chip asked as he sat at Usagi's feet, as if asking what she wanted to do now. He wasn't disappointed that they wasn't able to catch the Pidgy, it was worth it for the experience as far as he was concern.

"I guess we move on," Usagi said, going back to the path to the next city. It was starting to get late but she could see the lights of Viridian City as the skies darken. She couldn't wait to get to the city, it had been a long day and she wasn't use to running around all day. Usagi wanted a hot bath and a soft bed, not to mention hot food. As the girl and her Pokémon walked toward the welcomed lighted city ahead, Usagi could faintly hear the roar of a motorcycle which was getting louder at it got closer to her. Soon, she could also see the single headlight on the bike as it got closer, causing the blond to squint as it shined in her eyes and had to hold up her hand to block out the bright light.

The bike made a swerve and sudden stop at Usagi's feet, causing her to jump at the sudden closeness of it and look at the person driving it, ready to tell off the person for their lack of driving skills. She quickly bit her tongue as she saw the driver was in fact a young woman cop with spiky teal colored hair wearing a blue uniform.

"Stop, where are you going with that Pokémon?" Officer Jenny asked, holding up a hand.

"Ermmm, me and Chip are heading to the... Pokémon Center I think it's called?" Usagi said, looking down at Chip questioningly.

"So this is your Meowth? Let me see your Pokémon license," Jenny commanded, holding out a hand to Usagi. The blond frowned slightly at how rude the other female was being but placed her pink Pokédex into the older woman's hand. Jenny opened the Pokédex and pressed one of the buttons.

"Usagi Tsukino of Japan, Trainer ID number 3947023," The computerized voice of the Pokedex intoned loudly. "Pokémon register to this trainer: Meowth."

"Alright, everything seems to be in order," Jenny said, with a smile. "I'm sorry for being rude, but we have bad run of Pokémon thefts around here."

"Oh, those Rocket guys right?" Usagi asked as she took back her Pokédex, tucking it into her pocket.

"Yes, Team Rocket. Look, just in case I'll give you a ride to the Pokémon Center, the thefts are more likely to happen at night than during the day. And some of the males in Team Rocket might take joy in roughing you up before stealing our Meowth," Jenny said, jerking her thumb to the side car on her bike. Usagi bit her lip but just nodded her head in the end, climbing into the side car and holding Chip close after he climbed into her lap. The Lunarian gave a yell of fight as Officer Jenny drove off back to Viridian City in her usual wild way.

"Alright, according to these readings, we should be able to send Mamoru to where ever Usagi-Chan was taken," Ami said, showing her read outs to the other senshi, Mamoru and the two moon cats. It had been a hard and long thought out decision on who would be sent to assist their princess but in the end, Mamoru had won the honor and reasonability to protect his young girlfriend. The 8 remaining senshi would combine their powers and teleport the Earth prince to where ever Usagi was at the moment.

"How close will I be to her location?" Mamoru asked, tugging at the straps of the small bag of supplies he packed up for this trip then swinging the pack into his back.

"If we're lucky, only a small walking distance. But, it's hard to tell as we don't really know where she is, as it is we have to use a link to the Crystal to guess where she is, if she's moved from her location when she first arrived," Ami said as she turned her hand held computer around to type something else into the device then setting it on the ground.

"Then I guess it's time to send his highness to the princess," Pluto said from her position in the corner of the room, hands wrapped tight around the key shaped Time Staff. The rest of the girls in the shrine room nodded, each of them transforming into their Sailor form then standing in a circle around Mamoru, holding their hands. Luna and Artemis sat in the sliding doorway, watching the proceedings closely. Each of system's princesses started to glow softly, a circle of light springing up around Mamoru then filling with light.

"Sailor Teleport!" All 8 women/girls yelled focusing the power on Mamoru, the circle flashed brightly, causing everyone to look away. When the light died down, Mamoru was gone.

Edit 8-5-14: Mostly grammar and spelling fixed. Did add a little bit to a couple of parts to reflect what happens in later chapters.

(1) Meowths cannot use Tackle but when I wrote this chapter a long time ago I didn't remember that. I decided against changing it since Chip uses the move in later chapters so we'll just say he's an oddball Meowth.