Medieval II Total War - Sentinels of the Empire

Dear readers, this is a purely fictious piece of work done with sources from the game itself. Since does not have a page for M-II-TW, I have decided to use the RTW page for this. Hope you enjoy the story as it is my pioneering piece of work. The times of travel are more based on real geography instead of the stretched times of the game.

Prolouge - First Contact

Winter, AD-1214, Reign of Emperor Henry Constantinos.

Fort Aexicos, Antioch Region, The Byzantine Empire.

It is a bright and sunny day, as it was in the Middle East. Captain Selven Klinge of the 3rd Latinkon Regiment had just finished his rounds of practice of sword-fighting near the armoury tent. Instead of the standard attire of chainmail and plate for the regular latinkons, the 3rd Regiment allows their captains to wear customised battle attire, and wield as many weapons as they wished without getting themselves killed. Selven originally came from the Holy Roman Empire, and his family has a respected line of swordsmiths and mason, thus earning the name of 'Klinge', which means 'Sword'. Receiving a special diamond-edged longsword for his promotion to a captain, Selven's formidable skills has just been enhanced greatly.

The pressence of the Byzantium regiment in Fort Aexicos near the Antioch-Aleppo border is necessary for the continued trade between Antioch, Nicosia and in the long run, Constantinople. To fund the costly war against Hungary and Egypt, trade along the coastal areas of the Mediterranean is essential for survival. Along with the 80-men strong cavalry unit of latinkon, the fort has four regiments of Byzantium Guard archers as well as five regiments of Constantinople's own Varangian Guard units. The pressence of such a strong force would prevent any incursions from rebels as well as the eastern kingdoms, as three such attempts had already been thwarted by Selven's force.

Today however, the winds had died down by a large margin. The summer heat still blazing, Selven looked out from the sentry tower a score of dark specks appeared over a sand dune a couple of miles from Fort Aexicos. Squinting his eyes for more focus, Selven saw that not only were the horsemen carrying the banner of the Byzantine Empire, but were riding flat out towards the fort.

Within minutes, the riders were within the confines of the fort, and Selven made haste to find the leader of the group.

"Whos in charge of this party ?" Selven questioned the dismounting men.

"I am, Captain Marcos Pythos of the Border Guards. We made contact with a large horde of cavalry, more than you can ever imagine. Ten of thousands of them, wearing unseen armour and wielding strange weapons. They attacked my column with deadly efficiency, and we are the survivors of the attack."

Looking at the haggard men, Selven asked.

"How many of your men at first ?"

"Seven regiments of vardariotai and three of lancers, they hit our flanks and front with cover from a sand dune. We had no chance of escape."

"Dont worry, they will be stopped here."

"No, even if this fort is ten times stronger, it will take more than just swords to take them down."

Backing down a little, Selven considered what he had just heard. If the enemy is as strong as said, there is still time to take down the fort and ride for Antioch. If he wanted to face the enemy in the open, it may be suicidal, and General Alexander of Antioch may lose his precious left flank during the Acre Campaign which is commencing even now.

Turning around, Selven made his decision.

"Pack up the camp, if there really is a mounted horde out there, we are not suitably equipped to take them on. The infantry will take the head of the column followed by the latinkons. Move out now !"