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Naruto: Makaze Mangekyou


-Six years ago-

A pale hand rested against the glass incubator as a wide grin reflected eerily against the glossy surface. After the foolish Yondaime transferred the demon fox into his child, he had taken the initiative to steal the fresh Jinchuuriki and whisk him away to the underground lab while the people were still in mourning. Even his old teacher had not noticed him sneaking into the infirmary. Laughing maniacally, he watched the baby wistfully as he placed all of his future ambitions on it. With the cells of Madara, his new body would be unstoppable! Getting the blood had come at a price, but if the gene experiment worked, this child would have all the abilities of Madara and more! All of his other subjects had failed him, but since this was the child of THAT man...

He looked over towards an empty vial as he frowned. That was the last of the blood. All of his hopes now rode with this child. It would be just a little longer until the child's DNA combined with the foreign blood sample. If the baby survived until then, his ultimate host would be born. Just a little-


The man turned as he heard a familiar voice call his name.

"Ahh... Sarutobi-sensei? Have you come for the child?" Outwardly Orochimaru showed no surprise. But on the inside, he began screaming at the machine to finish the process faster. Five minutes...

"I thought that I had banished you those many years ago. How dare you come to this village and start your experiments again. The Yondaime is dead and now you disgrace us with your abduction of his son! I thought that I had raised a strong and righteous shinobi."

The snake sannin narrowed his eyes dangerously as his gaze pierced the aged man. "Shinobi are never righteous, sensei. We do things for the sake of power. Such is the fate of all weapons." Four minutes...

"Orochimaru! I will stop you here now. Four years ago, I did not have the heart to turn my hand against my own student. But today, you will meet your end!"

A sudden alarm went off as both men turned to look at the container. The baby's vital signs flat lined, causing the snake man to swear aloud. He was so close... If only the child had just survived for a few more minutes! Deciding that it was a lost cause, Orochimaru sighed as he saw his former teacher summon Emna. He would try to attain the blood sample again and replicate the experiment with a different host.

"As much as I would love to stay and kill you, I have other matters to attend to Sarutobi-sensei."

Making some handseals, a large gust of wind tore through the cavern, allowing Orochimaru to fly away with it. Sarutobi was about to chase after him when his summon suddenly stopped him.

"Wait! Check up on the child."

Sarutobi clenched his fists as he nodded. His old friend was right. The boy came before his personal vendetta. Walking over to the glass container, he emptied the strange yellow fluid before cuddling the motionless young child in his hands. Small tears leaked out of his wizened face as he looked at the innocent child in sadness. Today they had lost two great men—one had given his life for the village and the other had died before being given a chance. Emna, the wise monkey king, sighed as he bowed his head.

However, a gurgle suddenly echoed in the dismal cavern, causing both of them to immediately look at the baby. The baby coughed out a couple milliliters of yellow water before crying.

He was alive! Sarutobi thanked the heavens as he wiped his tears. Nodding to Emna, he dismissed the monkey king and stepped out of the chilly cavern. Their great hero had fallen today, but an even greater one had stood up in his place.

Uzumaki Naruto. I hope you will continue the legacy your father has made and make it even greater. I will be counting on you in the future.

But as the wind settled and the soon to be reinstated third Hokage walked towards his office, the baby's eyes peeled open as a sudden pinwheel of black clashed against a crimson background. And then, before the old man could notice, it disappeared behind the great cerulean eyes of the child and hid, ready to emerge in the coming years...


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