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Chapter II

Wherein Lavi and Allen make with the horizontal limbo dance and Kanda expresses once more his position of apathy in regards to the sex lives of those who both surround him and astound him with their stupidity, you fucking retards. Also, robots.

The moment Kanda left, Allen wanted to leave too. Only that would have been cowardly, and so Allen turned to face Lavi, who was wearing a very sour expression on his face. The other boy was having a difficult time with the idea of being left out of something by his social group. It was his particular skill set, and even though he had been the focus of the group's secret, it still rankled.

"I cannot believe that they all…" he trailed off darkly, and Allen sighed. Lavi turned his attention to Allen, his face lightening and become contemplative. The white haired boy flushed, he felt Lavi's eye practically rake his body, and was extremely glad that the cloudy water hid his nudity

"So, what do you think, Moyashi?"

"I think that my name is Allen," he responded quickly, and Lavi threw back his head to laugh at that. Allowing a smile to come to his face, Allen continued, "and I guess I'd hate to disappoint everyone."

"Yeah, I guess you're right. It'd be a shame if all their hard work went to waste." Lavi began to walk slowly towards him, gathering strength with each step. Allen gulped at the predatory look in Lavi's eyes and the lustful feelings it woke up in his own chest. Both boys already found it hard to remember how they'd felt only moments ago, desperately afraid that the other really did hate them and unwilling to risk any contact which would bear the belief out, because it would be too painful. Now they were free from fear.

"And we wouldn't want to disappoint Kanda, he did say we should do something… disgusting," Allen said, and he could see the hairs pricking all along Lavi's skin.

"That uptight bastard has no right to judge us, we should make out in front of him!" Lavi declared this with a devious look on his face.

"So we're going to do this?" Allen asked, and then Lavi was leaning in towards him so Allen decided to get up. Lavi jerked his head back as Allen surged up into a standing position.

"I don't see why not," he steadied the smaller boy with his hands on each of Allen's biceps, gently massaging the skin with his thumbs, marveling at the difference in texture between his two arms. Need stamped itself all about Allen's face, Lavi was touching his arm and was aroused by it and god that meant so much—too much—and it was so very, very hot…

"So," Allen gasped as Lavi stepped flush against his body, able to feel the slippery soft but rock hard skin jutting out from Lavi's body. He brought the two of them close enough so that their erections were trapped between them, pushing each other slightly to the side to touch the other's stomach.

"Are we going to," another shiver wracked his slender body as Lavi backed him against the edge of the spring. Even though Lavi's erection was not bigger than Allen's, he had a great deal of girth and Allen shivered of the idea of Lavi inside of him, afraid and aroused all at once.

"Do this?" the white-haired boy finished.

"I dunno what ya mean by this, but I do plan on at least kissing the hell out of ya," Lavi cupped his face. "And then we'll see what you're up for." Allen wanted to protest that he was no shrinking virgin, that he probably knew just as much about pleasing people sexually as Lavi did, if not more. All the time spent with his master hadn't been able to avoid the more sordid aspects of Cross's habits. And there were those times when he'd found an even easier way to make money than gambling, before Cross found out and explained why prostitution was wrong and illegal. He'd made the mistake of asking why it was okay then that Cross got money and nice things from the women he had sex with, and Cross had yelled at him for a while. Later his master had sat him down, and told him that the difference was, Cross would have had sex with those women regardless of what they gave him, because he liked them. Having sex for repayment was wrong, and Allen nodded understandingly. Also, it was wrong for a child to be having sexual actions of any sort with adults. Allen had wanted to protest that the man had only been eight years older than him, barely over 20, but Cross had been insistent on that last point. Insistent to the point where, like with alcohol, Allen actually became mildly traumatized from the discipline, and he'd sought to banish sex from his min entirely.

The point was, when Lavi bent down to kiss Allen, gently as falling snow, Allen grabbed Lavi and ravished his mouth, desperate after years of not being able to release himself with another person. The red-head, not expecting such a reaction from the other boy, let Allen swirl him around in the water and push him down onto the bench so that Allen could straddle his lap and get proper access to the older boy's lips and tongue.

"Allen," Lavi said breathlessly after he pulled back for air.

"It's been a while, Lavi, but I'm not a virgin." Lavi's mouth worked. On the one hand, this news was making him, he didn't know how, even hornier than before. On the other, the idea of being the first person to ravish Allen had been really, really hot to him.

"Well, although I did want to be the first person to take you, this is better," Lavi said, drawing Allen fully into his lap, cupping his ass with one hand while the other snaked under his arm and across his back to grab his shoulder. The feel of Allen's skin was so soft, and so very slippery when wet.

"I just said I wasn't a virgin, Lavi. But I've never been fucked, so you will be first." Allen's voice could have been in a squeaky telling-a-children's tale voice, and Lavi would still have thought it was the hottest thing he'd ever heard. The fact that when Allen said that, he was breathless and moaning because of Lavi playing with his ass and the fact that hardness between their bodies rubbed so delightfully well together, well it almost made Lavi lose control then and there

"Well, I do know enough that doing it in the water will hurt you, so how about we get out?"

"If you say so," Allen said in that same low husky voice, and Lavi whimpered a bit at how Allen's tone went into his ears and resonated directly into his cock. It was simply not fair that the other boy was making him almost orgasm just by talking.

The cold air did nothing to alleviate his erection, and he wound up having to do a tuck up job when wrapping his towel around his waste. He saw Allen having some trouble, and went to help the other boy. They walked back into the changing room and sauna, where they grabbed soft full robes of the finest cotton.

"These are so nice," Allen said, and Lavi smiled. Knowing that Allen was a sensualist would definitely come in handy. God, he could not believe he'd been so stupid. Thinking that Allen hated him because Krory had revealed his attraction to the other boy, when in fact Allen thought the same thing. If anything, it proved that the universe had a sense of humor, and it was a sick one at that. They could have gone on for who knows how long, not being able to do things like this (Lavi kissed Allen, hiking up the robe so that he could properly stimulate the other boy) or this (Allen was sucking on his neck and gently raking his hands down Lavi's back and the red-head bit his lip to keep a moan inside). They almost didn't make it to Lavi's room, which was the closest. Having the entire hotel to just the two of them (Kanda had been pushed firmly out of his thoughts) proved to be a larger boon than Lavi or Allen could have imagined.

"One second," Lavi said as Allen tried to pull him straight into bed. Grabbing the "Do Not Disturb" sign he put it on the outside doorknob, and then dead bolted the door. He turned back to Allen, and gave him thumbs-up while grinning stupidly. Allen rolled his eyes.

"Great, now can you please come over here? I've waited so long for this I don't want to wait anymore, damn it," Allen snapped and Lavi tore off his robe and ran to the bed, bouncing slightly as he landed on his back, pillows beneath his head, and his size-changing "hammer" (the boy chuckled to himself as he thought that, he'd tell Allen later) fully engorged and bouncing on his stomach. Allen blinked, gaped, and then dropped his robe to walk over and cover Lavi's naked body with his own.

"Please tell me, there's something here we can use," Allen moaned into Lavi's lips. Lavi smiled.

"I always come prepared." Lavi got up off of Allen and strode over to the closet where his luggage was kept. Bending at the waist to haul the bag out offered Allen a unique glimpse of a part of Lavi that rarely saw the shining sun. He wondered what it would feel like to enter Lavi through there, would it be as good as he remembered it being with a woman? When the Bookman apprentice opened his bag and pulled out a locked briefcase, Allen became curious.

Moving to sit on his knees, his butt resting on the heels of his feet, Allen looked at Lavi with his head tilted to one side, his eyes large and quizzical above his flushed cheeks and naked arousal. The sight almost made Lavi abandon his plans to utilize items within the brief case and simply dive head first into Allen's crotch. In many ways, Allen's crotch was the opposite of his. Although the other boy's penis was no shorter, it was decidedly slimmer, and what little hair Allen had was extremely fair and light. Lavi knew that his own manhood was much thicker and surrounded by a fiery red bush, and where Allen's body was slender and almost feminine, his own was thick and masculine.

In his mind, Allen was beautiful. A lithe Adonis, no, more like Mercury. Allen looked as delicate as spun glass or sculpture wrought in silver thin as strands of silk. Skin that he knew felt like as soft as velvet-covered muscles hard as iron, and the scars… Allen's body was covered in the small scars that all Exorcists begin to accumulate as soon as they began training. Looking as soft and fragile as he did, it was easy to think of Allen as those things, and very important to remember that Allen was as strong as he, Lavi, was, if not stronger. Strength built on his beauty, making him elegant as a marble sculpture and tough as wrought steel.

The suspense was slowly killing Allen, even thought he knew his provocative pose would have to grab Lavi's focus, and he should hardly blame Lavi for staring unabashed at his naked body. Opening the case should not take this long, however, so Allen made an executive decision and got up to saunter over to Lavi and take the case from his unresisting hands. It weighed a surprising amount, and as Allen slowly walked back to the bed, taking care to slide his hips gently from side to side, he could practically feel Lavi fucking him with his eyes. A barely suppressed shiver overtook the white-haired boy; so that when he got back to bed he actually slid beneath the sheets before laying the case down to open it.

"Oh my god, Lavi," Allen said, his eyes wide with shock. The flush in his cheeks had turned to a blush, and he realized that for all his history with Cross and his own sexual experiences, Lavi was undoubtedly his senior in these matters, judging by all of this… equipment. At first glance, Allen could see at least three different kinds of whips packed away, fuzzy and non-fuzzy handcuffs, strips of cloth for blindfolds and assumedly other uses, oils and scents, candles, feathers, strips of silk and leather, a very large carved wooden penis with some sort of smooth finish and—

"This is what we want," Lavi had reached across and plucked out a bottle from the case. Allen looked at it and Lavi blankly, still in shock. Lavi gently closed the case, and moved it to the floor. He turned back to Allen with a grin and gently closed his mouth with a finger.

"Ya need to keep that shut, Moyashi, or a fly might wander in. Worse yet, ya give a boy ideas with a mouth just sittin' open like that," Lavi teased as he slid under the coverlet next to Allen. The white haired boy smiled back a little shyly now, he didn't know if Lavi would find him up to snuff. The briefcase had intimidated Allen more than he would admit, so he dropped his eyes to Lavi's chest, looking at the hard nipples and lines of his chest muscles. The chest moved forward and Allen found himself pressed against it, with Lavi cradling him with his arms and body, his head inclined forward to rest his cheek on Allen's hair.

"Like I told ya earlier, we don't gotta do anything ya don't wanna."

"You didn't tell me anything, you just kissed me like you'd kiss your grandmother," Allen teased him. Lavi huffed indignantly.

"Here I was trying to take your feelings into account, cuz what I really wanted to do was throw you on your back and take you then and there. Would you have liked that more?" The question wasn't teasing anymore, and Allen felt his throat go dry and tight.

"I—I want you," Allen said. His voice so low that Lavi blinked as if he needed to hear it again, but he just smiled and shifted so that he looked into Allen's eyes directly, their faces level with one another's.

"That's nice, Allen, but I really like ya, in case ya hadn't noticed, and this isn't just about me, it's about you too. I know ya wanna make me happy, but ya need to remember, I wanna make you happy the same way, okay?" Lavi kissed Allen on the nose, and the white-haired boy smiled. If he was worried about not being good enough for Lavi, well Lavi was worried about the same thing, wasn't he? Besides, he'd been told once that he was a natural, so he would just trust his instincts. After all, if Lavi wanted the same things he wanted, then he probably would feel good from the same things. With this in mind, Allen scooted up close to Lavi, pressing their naked bodies together, and settled his mouth on the other boy's neck.

Lavi gave a small groan of satisfaction at Allen's ministrations. Small teeth against his skin, and that wet hot tongue, provided a sharp contrast to the general all encompassing soft warmth of Allen's body. Reaching behind him for the jar of oil, Lavi quickly dipped his fingers into the lubricant. Leaving the jar on the nightstand, Lavi brought his slicked up fingers under the sheets and straight to Allen's backside.

A soft grunt was the only reaction from Allen as his index finger pressed its way past the tight ring of Allen's anus. The other boy no longer kissed or nibbled on him, but had pressed his forehead against Lavi's collarbone. As the older boy gently worked another finger into Allen, the younger boy gasped and grunted in time with Lavi's fingers moving inside of him. Lavi kissed the top of Allen's ear and whispered little phrases of comfort and encouragement. Relaxation helped reduce discomfort and made the entire process easier, so he deliberately went slowly and spoke as soothingly to Allen as he could. With his free hand he stroked the line of Allen's spine up and down, feeling the slight ridges of his backbone and gently tracing lines along his back. Peppering Allen's head and face with kisses, Lavi told him how tight he felt and how hot he thought Allen was.

Allen responded that Lavi wasn't so bad himself, and began to kiss the other boy insistently, which Lavi only too happily shut up to oblige.

When he'd had stretched Allen out with three fingers, he withdrew his index and ring finger so he could press up with his middle finger, and really reach into Allen, crooking his finger to press against the tight ring located essentially at the base of Allen's cock. Allen made a noise that Lavi could only describe as a keen, but there was no hint of mourning in his voice, just sex. Just the sounds Allen made were enough to drive Lavi to moan and groan himself, just the way Allen smelled was enough to make him hard, just the way Allen's skin felt beneath his hands was enough to make him so hungry with desire that he couldn't resist tasting every bit of Allen he could, licking his neck, his ear, his nipples, his stomach, hips and down to his sex.

With a quick roll of his hips, Lavi pressed Allen up (the white-haired boy inhaled with a moan that made Lavi tingle) and rolled him over. Pressing Allen's chest down with one hand, he slid his middle finger inside Allen, hooking his finger and trying to press as far as he could. Leaning forward he allowed Allen to crane upwards for a kiss. Tongues fierce with desire licked at each other, mingling taste as they talked with their sense of touch. The kiss lasted for a long time, and it was comprised of far more than just lust. After the first couple seconds, it became a love poem written by two people at once, a moment of total intimacy and affection. So when it ended very abruptly, as Lavi pushed Allen back onto the bad, the white haired boy felt surprised and empty. But when Lavi lowered his head while scooting down the bed, his finger still pressing into a place no one had ever touched Allen in before, he did something that literally shocked the other boy.

Engulfing Allen in his mouth while pressing upwards with his middle finger, he pushed Allen over the edge. Lavi nearly choked as he pressed his mouth further down on Allen's cock so he could swallow more easily. He could feel the flexing of Allen's muscles moving through his mouth, he tasted tensing of Allen's sex, but he could barely gulp down the cum fast enough to prevent overflowing. It wasn't even that there was a great deal of semen, but there was no room in the back of Lavi's throat, except down into his stomach. Constant swallowing motion made Allen, who was already in the throes of the best orgasm he had ever had in his life, literally scream out in pleasure. When Lavi rose up from Allen's still hard erection, he could only smile in satisfaction at the way Allen stared at him. His silver eyes, the cursed one looking exotic and dangerous as ever, shone with awe, pleasure and powerful passion.

"You are so beautiful," Lavi murmured. Allen's softening erection gave a twitch at Lavi's voice, as the warm air of his breath ghosted over hot flesh. The white-haired boy looked positively wanton, with his hair mussed up, his eyes half-lidded with desire, his mouth puffy from kissing and being bitten to stop himself from crying out. Cum was dribbling out from the corner of Lavi's mouth in a way that made Allen's erection fail to soften up further, and within seconds he was so hard again that he ached.

"Lavi," he murmured, and with his thumb gently wiped his seed off of his companion's lips. The redhead gaped as he watched Allen neatly suck the semen off of his finger, and even though the other boy made a face at how bitter it was, somehow that made it even hotter.

"Allen, I want you," Lavi said, and when he curled his finger deep inside of Allen, he left nothing to the imagination about what he wanted to do to Allen. Fear of pain had deterred Allen from even finding the idea of, well, that arousing, as well as the whole sanitary issue. Washing before the hot spring, and then soaking in the hot spring, and Lavi's very, very excellent fingering, solved all of those issues. There was nothing prevent the idea from being acceptable, and now that he knew how good it could feel, and how much he wanted Lavi to feel good, it really wasn't a difficult decision at all.

"Yes, Lavi," Allen said in his light, almost feminine voice, completely at odds with his slight but muscular frame, which was very masculine. For a split second, Lavi focused hard on the sight before him. As a Bookman, he had a memory of astounding ability and capacity. Similar to the technique to listen to a dozen conversations at once and decipher them, was his ability to expand on picture perfect memory to Perfect Recall. By completely opening his mind up, forcing every thought out of his awareness and becoming in-sync with his physical senses to a degree that would drive an untrained mind into sensory overload, if they could achieve it.

Allen's hair lay pooled about his head. Colored darker near his forehead where it was damp, and lighter and whiter where it splayed against the pillow supporting his head. The curse on his face practically glowed in contrast with the rest of his skin, while both of his eyes smoldered like hot coals from under heavy eyelids. His chest heaved with each breath he took, each and every muscle in his torso flexing ever so slightly as he breathed deeply to recover from his orgasm. The particular look that a person gets after experiencing the ultimate pleasure available to, well, anyone, was stamped on Allen's face and body. He looked at once relaxed, and yet tensed enough that Lavi could, if he wanted to, trace every line of strength in the white-haired boy's body. His underarms showed just the hint of white hair tufts, while only a few very light hairs dusted the area the below his navel. Covering his skin with a delicate sheen of sweat made him look only hotter, the hint of wetness that allowed him to practically gleam in the low light. Lavi's eyes traced the gently curving line of his waist, the way his hipbones pressed against his skin and the glistening red erection just below them. His fingers ached to touch him, his tongue was wet with desire to taste him, and he could feel himself dribbling pre-cum. Allen's thighs begged to have themselves nestled once more on either side of his face, even Allen's calves looked sexual, solid strips of muscle that Lavi knew flexed hard when the boy beneath him was being pleasured. Tracing the beautiful curving lines of his ankles which attached to perfectly proportioned feet and adorable little toes, the smell of Allen, the look of Allen, the taste of him… All these things, Lavi committed to a memory in a way he never had before. Because a Bookman does not have a heart, he'd never put passion, true passion, behind a memory like this. With Perfect Recall, he knew that if he summoned this memory, it would be more exact than anything else in his life.

"Lavi?" Allen's voice was suddenly vulnerable, and Lavi realized he'd been staring at the other boy with what had to be a very intense look for a while now. Allen's eyes had changed from lustful to anxious, so Lavi smiled at him. Time to stop looking, and start doing.

"Sorry, I was just—looking at you."

"I know that," Allen said mischievously. "I'm just wondering when you'll stop looking, and start doing." Lavi had to let a laugh loose, because Allen's thoughts so exactly mirrored his own.

"I'm terrible sorry, I'll get back to work right away, master." And get back to work he did. Hiking Allen's legs up onto his shoulders, he grinned at the boy and then gently took one of Allen's testicles into his mouth. His lover (holy crap, why did that word not feel wrong to think when it was so close that one four letter word that scared everyone shitless in the best way in the world?) made some very appreciative noises, as Lavi worked his finger back into Allen's body. Lavi released his mouthful and gave a lick, like he would an ice cream, to Allen's cock.

"Turn around on your hands and knees, Allen," Lavi said, his voice felt like it was coming out of somewhere lower in his body, like his breath was filled with his own desire. The look Allen gave him said that the other boy felt it as well, and with a small nod he got up and turned around, offering the small pink hole for Lavi's… perusal. Lavi gently rubbed a hand up and down Allen's back; he could feel the anxiety in the other boy's body.

"Remember, if at any point you want, we stop," Lavi said, pulling Allen up and turning his head slightly so he could look into Allen's eyes. "Your first time is important, even if it isn't your first." Allen smiled shakily at the other boy

"It's my first time with you, Lavi, that's important enough. Please, just keep going. I want this, I want you." Allen gently kissed Lavi on the cheek, cupping his face with his cursed hand. Lavi nuzzled into Allen's hand, closing his eyes to savor the sensation of skin that felt rougher than normal skin and hotter, too. Even more than those physical sensations, he relished the knowledge that in being so intimate with a portion of Allen that had only brought him ridicule, and pain, for his entire life, he could redeem those experiences, and replace them with loving and caring ones.

Moving his nuzzling to the back of Allen's neck, Lavi caressed the other boy and gently moved down his back, kissing the line of his spine until he reached Allen's ass. The other boy dropped back onto his hands and knees, and Lavi placed one hand on Allen's hips to brace him, and the other on Allen's cock, gently stimulating it.

"Uh, don't you have to—you know—prepare me, again?" Allen sounded so nervous that Lavi had to chuckle. The poor boy had no idea what he was in for.

"That's what I'm about to do," Lavi said in a superior tone, his hands firmly grasping Allen's hip and erection.

"But your hands are—oh, oh, oh, oooooooh," Allen moaned as Lavi's tongue moved into a spot that he didn't think people ever put their mouths. But it felt so good… Like nothing he'd ever imagined. He'd heard that there were ways to pleasure someone in their rear, but this was above and beyond what he'd thought it could be like. Lavi's tongue was hot and wet, and the skin he was licking could feel it so clearly. Hot pleasure was shooting from Lavi's mouth straight forward to where Lavi's hand was stroking him and playing with his balls. Allen dropped to his forearms and buried his face in a pillow, biting down so that he wouldn't scream, because as soon as he dropped forward somehow Lavi's tongue went further into his body, as he opened up to allow to greater access.

The hand bracing him open left his hip and then joined Lavi's tongue. Allen couldn't take it anymore, he'd never imagined that he would say this, but…

"Lavi, please, fuck me," he whined, and he could feel the other boy shudder in excitement.

"Christ, Allen," Lavi said, his voice plaintive, "do you have any idea how you sound?" Allen raised his flushed face up from the pillow to look back at Lavi, his pupils dilated in lust and want etched into his face.

"Please, Lavi," he begged and if Allen had asked him to conquer the world, bring him the head of the Earl or anything else that seemed impossible, Lavi would have leapt up to do it then and there, and probably succeeded. Instead, he nodded, not trusting his voice, and Allen turned back around to brace himself.

"You have to relax, Allen," he managed to croak out. The white-haired boy took a deep breath, and let it out, trying to let his muscles go slack. He felt something press against him, far larger than a finger, and not nearly so gently as a tongue. It pushed against him, and thanks to all the attention Lavi had been paying to him; it went in and barely hurt at all. Allen groaned, he felt full of Lavi, as if the other boy had pushed his whole body into Allen. It was wonderful, it was glorious, it felt incredible, and—it was barely in.

"What?" Allen said weakly, as he craned his head to look and see that really, only a third of Lavi's thick cock was inside of him. The other boy didn't even have the energy to grin or make a comment; his face was red and strained from the effort of not pushing ahead and fucking Allen like an animal. "Lavi, I—" the other boy pulled out and Allen made a noise of disappointment.

"Here, this might be better," Lavi said, as he maneuvered himself so that he now sat legs akimbo and leaning against the headboard. Allen looked at him quizzically, and Lavi motioned him to come forward. Dragging Allen onto his lap, his erection pressed against the crack of Allen's ass but not inside of him. Allen knelt on Lavi's groin and without thinking; he began to slowly move up and down on the other boy.

"Ya feel so good, Allen. But, as awesome as this," Lavi added, "this, is what we're after." He grabbed Allen's ass cheeks and spread them while lifting the smaller boy up, settling him on the head of his dick. "Now, we can go at your base, my little Moysahi." Allen frowned at him.

"My name," he said, as he slid in Lavi's head, "is Allen." And with that, he sat down. And screamed bloody murder.

"Allen," Lavi shouted as the other boy shot up and fell back, clenching his legs together and gritting his jaw in pain. Lavi's immediately grabbed the other boy up in a tight embrace and began showering him with kisses.

"Ya big silly, I did that so you wouldn't go so fast, not try and take me all at once." Allen blushed with shame and between the incredible pain between his legs, his shame and the generally high running emotions going on, he began to cry. Not sobbing or anything, but a few tears slid out of his eyes and he began to sniffle. In response, Lavi just hugged him tighter and kissed him more firmly.

"I'm sorry, Lavi, I just, I just wanted," the other boy choked but Lavi just shushed him with a kiss, no tongue, just a pressing of lips to lips.

"I know, it's okay, please don't cry or feel bad or anything, it's all okay." The constant reassurance of Lavi's voice calmed Allen down, who wiped the tears away from his eyes with a final sniffle.

"That was really embarrassing," he confided in Lavi.

"First times usually are. My first time I myself was a bit… premature."

"Well, that's not unusual," Allen said, but now he fought a smile instead of a few tears.

"It is when we were really only just kissing, and he hadn't even touched me anywhere," Lavi said with a happy grin. Allen had to giggle at the self-deprecating tone the other boy used, and he felt a lot better. Lavi dragged them back into the same position, but he began to roll Allen over as if they were going to sleep. Allen stopped him.

"We're doing this, Lavi."

"We really don't have to, I understand if you just want to sleep," Lavi said but Allen shook his head.

"No, I told you, I want this, I want you." Lavi hadn't wilted, but Allen began to thrust against the other boy, rubbing their sexes together. Lavi made another groan, and Allen realized he was beginning to grow addicted to the noises his redhead friend made.

"Allen," Lavi breathed. It took only a second for Lavi to once again be at full mast, clear fluid pooling at the top of his circumcised member. This time, Allen was prepared, and as he began to lower himself onto Lavi, he took his time. Lavi was clutching the sheets, but Allen clasped his hands together, lacing their fingers together so he could feel Lavi's reaction as he moved the other boy inside of him. It took a while, Allen was still sore and hurting from his over-eager attempt, however after a few minutes of grunting, groaning, inhaling so sharply it sounded like a hiss, and one time a "Allen, I'm begging you, please, please, please… oh God," Allen could feel the slightly scratchy red-hairs of Lavi's bush at the place where men made love to other men.

Because as he grabbed Lavi's shoulders (as Lavi had fully penetrated him, he clutched the other boy and buried his face in his neck, while Lavi held the back of Allen's head with one hand and his dick with the other) and Lavi stimulated him while massaging the back of his neck, laying kiss after kiss after kiss on the shoulder where his cursed—he meant Innocence blessed—arm grew out of him. Because of what that meant, and what Lavi knew it meant to him, and what it meant in how tenderly Lavi held him and how much he wanted to pleasure Lavi, and how they saw that in each other. Because there was no possible reason for any of that, except that this wasn't just sex between two people who deeply liked each other, because as stupid and clichéd as it sounded, they were making love.

For a second, the image of the two of them as they looked now, but dressed in baker outfits, and with each movement Allen made that Lavi would thrust into, out would pop heart-shaped red cookies and muffins. He giggled and Lavi stopped kissing long enough to lean back and ask him what he was giggling about. Allen told him.

"You are so completely weird and adorable, Moyashi, that I don't even know what to do with you," Lavi told him, before kissing him soundly. Allen finished licking the inside of Lavi's mouth and as they separated Allen leaned back until he was lying down.

"I have a suggestion," the white-haired boy said. Lavi, without being told anything by Allen, grabbed a couple of pillows and slid them under the lower part of Allen's back. Shrugging Allen's legs up onto his shoulders, he grabbed the boy's hips and began to thrust, very slowly at first and not very much. Watching Allen's face for any sign of discomfort, Lavi began to pick up speed. With each movement, Allen would give a soft grunt, or at least a sharp breath. After a few minutes, Lavi pulled out so that Allen could get back up on his hands and knees, promising that this way he could reach deeper and more easily into Allen's body. Sure enough, the feeling of Lavi entering him this time was very different. Although it felt better and deeper, Allen missed seeing Lavi's face, but the sounds coming from the boy behind him made it worth it, Lavi was clearly enjoying himself, and Allen could feel his dick swell inside him each time it was shoved back inside.

As Lavi sped up, the wet, squelching noises of their bodies moving together became louder, as did the moans and noises Allen made. Finally Lavi was thrusting into Allen hard enough to cause a short slapping sound every time his pelvis met the meat of Allen's ass. His testicles were swinging forward enough to gently caress Allen's own, he could see a ripple in the perfect porcelain skin as he pushed himself back and forth, in and out of the pink ring opening in that skin that grabbed at him so tightly and with such heat. Sweat dripping down his neck and forehead, one drop even landed on Allen's back, which shone as it was with the gentle exertion they put their bodies through. Allen's moan had started to become interrupted by the thrusting motion, so that he began panting and giving staccato grunts and groans.

Arousal gripped Lavi's entire body with an iron fist and did not let go. He felt like he had barely been inside of Allen for any length of time, but already he could feel the heat building in the pit of his stomach, like a giant tidal wave waiting to sweep everything out of its path. Falling forward so that his stomach aligned with Allen's back, he began to kiss the other boy's damp neck and shoulders, so that he could pinch his nipples and pull at his hard cock. The slap of flesh on flesh stopped when Lavi leaned forward; now he had no room to thrust so far in and out. Now he was just make quick pushing movements with his hips, pressing his erection deep inside Allen so he didn't have to leave his Moyashi's hot embrace

Shudders told him that Allen himself was on his way towards orgasm, and the fact that he could finally feel himself pressing against the tight spot he knew was the special spot in men told him he might as well try and see if they could cum together. Allen started to shake in a way that had already become familiar to Lavi, and the redhead let all feelings of restraint free, practically slamming himself into the other boy in the tight motion their position allowed. With a shout, Lavi felt himself begin to ejaculate with force like he'd never felt before, just in time to catch the beginning of Allen's orgasm. Each pulse of his release fell almost in time with Allen's, pushing them both into making noises that, honestly, Allen thought only animals could make.

Falling back onto the bed, and sliding out of Allen with a wet sound, Lavi sighed in great contentment. Allen moved up so that he was snuggled against Lavi's side, and began to nibble on the other boy's chest. Casting a smile in Allen's direction, Lavi gently rubbed his soft white hair with small circular motions of his fingertips. Making his own contented noises at the massage his scalp was receiving; he draped himself over Lavi so that he could lap at his pert, pink nipples. Lavi looked at the other boy and watched as he licked and nibbled at his chest, thoroughly enjoying the sensation. Eyes looked up at him in a way that was difficult to describe, but he had been told that anyone who has ever looked down into the eyes of someone pleasuring them knows that look, and how hot it is. Lavi most definitely agreed with the opinion, and he wished he could remember which one of his boyfriends, or rather, his boy-toys, coined the term "blow-job eyes." Cuz Allen had them, in spades, and the sight of his own semen almost dribbling out of Allen's tight bubble-butt drove him insane…

"Careful, Allen, you make me want to go again." The other boy laughed, flashing a dazzling smile at Lavi's eye.

"What could possibly be wrong with that?" Lavi laughed as well and grabbed his flaccid member.

"Well, it's time for my other size-changing hammer to grow, grow, grow!" Allen giggled at him (Lavi smiled at how awesome he was), and as Lavi tossed them both over so that he was on top and rubbing against Allen's naked body, they both were interrupted by the door being thrown open and an extremely irate Kanda glaring at them.

"Would you two shut the fuck up?!" he screamed at them. Lavi blinked at him even as Allen frantically grabbed the sheets to cover up their naked bodies.

"Hey, Yuu, wassup? You here to join us?" Allen froze and Kanda's face actually dropped all of its anger to replaced with the same look Allen was wearing. Complete and utter terror.

"Just… please keep it down," Kanda said softly. Fear of a ménage e trois had done what generations of Exorcists, Finders, Akuma, and others could not. It had made Kanda retreat, and what's more, do so apologetically, and in fear.

"Oh well, that's too bad," Lavi said, and went back to making out with Allen. Except that Allen wasn't responding.

"What is it, Moyashi?" he asked, curious as to why Allen looked so awed.

"I can't believe you just did that."

"That I offered for him to join us, that he said please and left without killing us, or that he didn't hop in?"

"I—what? No, not at—Lavi, I hate you," he finally ended with.

"Well, I hope that doesn't get in the way of us having sex," Lavi said with a laugh in his tone, and Allen rolled his eyes but grinned at the same time.

"You really are incorrigible."

"Well, yeah, obviously." And then he proceeded to show Allen just how incorrigible he really was.

It was on their third round of sex that disaster struck. The second round had Lavi once again slowly making love to Allen, except this time they tried a much wider variety of positions, trying to find one that might suit them better than others. Lavi's favorite stayed with taking Allen from behind, except he preferred to clutch Allen to his chest than to have the other boy on his hands and knees. Allen on the other hand most enjoyed it when Lavi was facing him, preferably lying on top of him, Allen's legs wrapped around his waist. This time, Lavi had Allen in his favorite position, but instead of being on the bed, Lavi had pinned Allen to the wall, using gravity to force Allen deeper onto his cock. As he rammed into the moaning white-haired boy against the wall, he noticed Allen was knocking his head every now and then, so he stopped and reached over to the bed to grab a large pillow to but behind Allen's back.

"Thanks, Lavi," the other boy said, and then gasped sharply as Lavi practically slammed into him, feeling free to bang Allen against the wall much harder now that he was behind cushioned. Allen began making a sound that already Lavi had decided was his favorite noise during sex. His beautiful pink lips and delicate mouth would hang loosely open as he panted, each breath coming out as a fast, high-pitched moan, until he was practically yelping, sounding helpless beneath the assault of lust and pleasure on his senses. Lavi thrust and thrust into Allen, each slap of flesh on flesh echoed by pants and groans

Just as Lavi came inside of Allen and the white-haired boy enjoyed his fourth orgasm of the night, the wall of their room and ceiling caved in as a giant metal lag stamped down near them. Staring in horror, they watched a giant red eye descend into the room, while the robot that resembled a giant spider/octopus with 4 legs to stand on and 4 tentacles to grab with.

"Error—error, objective already engaged in coitus, request new orders, request new orders," the machined blared in a horrible voice.

"Default mode engaged, destroy all humans." A battle cry echoed out and the head was neatly sliced off the robot. Kanda Yuu stood there, breathing heavily but looking satisfied, until he turned to see the two boys, both still naked and looking completely stunned.

"I hate you two," he said, before turning to leave.

"Well, I guess we should go find another room," Allen said, as he stared at the hole in the ceiling, and the still smoking robot corpse. "Lavi, I have no idea what that is, but do you think Komui is behind it?"

"Yeah, probably. It's just as well, though, we made kind of a mess." Gesturing at the damp soiled sheets, covered in various sexual fluids from semen to sweat. Nothing that would be enjoyable to sleep on.

"Gather up your stuff, Moyashi. We're moving to another room."

And so they did. Move rooms that is. Actually, they moved rooms twice that night, because they kept making a mess. By the time the three Exorcists left the resort nearly a week later, the staff was thrilled to be able to finally stop washing so many stains out of their sheets, and preparing massive meals for that one white-haired boy. So they went back to the headquarters, and everything was hunky-dory. Allen and Lavi got to have lots of sex and cuddling, and everyone supported them, except Kanda. In fact, Kanda's threatening to kill to his not threatening to kill ratio became even more heavily skewed.

And then they lived happily ever after (with great sex all the time).