FanFic 100 Challenge #:: 097 – Separation

Once more and never again

It wasn't for the first time that they were separated, that they couldn't be together. But it would definitely be the last time.

When Minerva had been his student, they hadn't been allowed to be together.

Later, when Grindelwald had become a powerful wizard, Albus had wanted to protect her and therefore, he'd told her that they would have to wait. But, one day, they would be together.

That's when he'd finally decided to battle Grindelwald.

While the whole wizarding world had been happy that this man had been defeated, Minerva had just been glad that they'd finally been able to have a relationship. They'd even married a few days later.

But they'd agreed on keeping their marriage a secret because Albus had been worried that there would be another evil wizard.

Like so many times before, he'd been right.

Then, Albus had founded the Order of the Phoenix and Minerva and Albus had often been separated for weeks while searching for some more information about Tom Riddle or just chasing another Death Eater. But they'd always survived somehow because they'd known that they'd be united once more.

And that's the only reason why Minerva knew that she would survive their new kind of separation, why she kept on fighting: Deep down in her heart, she felt that they'd be together once more … She only hoped that it wouldn't take her very long to join him …


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