Chapter One

New World

NOTE: ( ) Speaking in Japanese

A blinding pain burst through his body, but he did not yield to it. Gritting his teeth he fought back the scream that was burning in his lungs.

Images flashed before Naruto Uzumaki's eyes. He remembered how he had got there. He had been walking in the woods when he had been attacked. He hadn't even sensed the attackers. They were on him far too fast for him to fight, and within moments they had him bound and dragged back here. They were of the Akatsuki, he knew that much, they were trying to extract Kyuubi; he knew that too, what he didn't know was 'why'. But then again, these things happened to him a lot, and it was rare there was any reason at all, or at least one that he had uncovered.

A scream erupted within him, but it was not his own, it was Kyuubi's. It resounded through his mind and sent a shiver through his body. It was not a scream of pain; it was a scream of rage.

A voice rose through him that was not his own, "I WILL NOT BE TAKEN!"

Naruto felt the chakra rising within him. He knew Kyuubi was doing something, but he didn't have time to find out what, his body felt weak and he knew he was about to fall into unconsciousness. Darkness soon took him.

Kyuubi felt the pain through Naruto's body. The extraction process was working, he could feel it…but he would not let it be completed.

Kyuubi gathered up his chakra, it was difficult but he managed it nonetheless. Kyuubi's rage came out in a powerful scream.

Naruto's body bended to his will as he let himself glide and slot into every nerve and tendon in Naruto's body, effectively taking it over. Looking through Naruto's eyes, he saw a red glow before him like a veil surrounding his body.

Kyuubi thrusts Naruto's hands onto the ground and forced all his chakra into it, a blinding light erupted as the fabric of space was torn open beneath him. It was a portal, currently small and undirected, but it was still growing.

Kyuubi had never done something like this before, he hadn't even known he could, but he didn't complain, in fact…he embraced it.

Kyuubi forced his chakra into the portal, he had no idea of it's destination, but anywhere was better than here.

"What is happening?" Shouted Pein above the deafening noise. Naruto crouched before him with a look of fury rather than pain on his face. His canines were showing and his hands had become like claws. A large red aura had surrounded him.

Pein knew it was Kyuubi, the Nine Tailed Fox. He knew the extraction process was working, he could feel Kyuubi's life essence and chakra being pulled away, but somehow the demon was still able to gather his energy. He had never felt so much power being concentrated onto a singular spot.

The ground rumbled beneath Naruto's feet as Kyuubi continued to gather power, he drew and he drew, but soon he could draw no more. His essence was beginning to feel fatigued, delicate. He knew he wouldn't last much longer.

Kyuubi stretched out his tails, he needed more chakra, and he needed it now. So Kyuubi took it from the only source that was left…the Akatsuki.

There were nine Akatsuki surrounding him, excluding Pein their leader who was not taking part in the process, instead he stood back and watched; there were nine Akatsuki around him, and he needed no less than nine to take. Their bodies and faces were obscured by the darkness around them, but it didn't matter, he didn't need to see what they looked like.

Kyuubi continued to gather what was left of his own chakra while focusing his mind on the nine Akatsuki around him. The extraction process had formed a variety of link between him and them. The link that was there, was obviously their means of drawing his essence, he decided he would do the same, use their link to draw on their essences.

Kyuubi suddenly centred his chakra into the link. The power flowed through the tendrils that connected him to the nine Akatsuki, suddenly reversing the process.

The nine members screamed as pain was wrenched through them, their essence was forced down the link and into Kyuubi's body. Kyuubi instantly forced the new chakra into the portal below him.

Suddenly the Akatsuki members screamed in agonizing pain. Pein watched as they were surrounded by a red glow, barely a moment later their bodies seemed to warp. Slowly one by one they were absorbed into the nine tails of Kyuubi's aura. The red glow increased dramatically, almost to the point of being painful to the eyes, Pein shielded himself from the light and tried to make out what was happening through sound alone.

A rushing sound filled the room, and as if it was never there to begin with, the light suddenly just vanished. Pein moved his hands away from his face and looked around.

Where there should have been the boy Naruto and his nine men, there was now nothing but cold dark earth. They were gone.

"Kit, wake up."

The voice sounded far off, yet still pretty close. His head swam and throbbed with a dull pain and every limb on his body seemed to be sore.

"What happened?" Naruto asked himself aloud.

Once the world before him finally stopped spinning he gave himself the liberty of looking around. He was in a forest. The ground was soft beneath his feet and birds sang in the blue sky, even though his body felt sore, his mind felt sharp.

Despite the obvious tranquillity of the area, Naruto didn't want to stay. The area was unfamiliar and nothing like the forests back Konohagakure. He needed to find out where he was.

Gathering his chakra, Naruto leaped. The tree's smoothness did nothing to hinder his footwork. He leaped back and forth from branch to branch travelling as fast as he could to the edge of the forest. However, he had no idea where that was, he could have been heading away from it for all he knew, but he had to take his chances.

Thankfully his sense of direction paid off when he finally saw a bright light indicating the edge of the trees. He burst out of the branches and into the bright sunlight and was struck paralyzed at the sight.

It was a city. He was sure of it. But it was unlike any city he had ever seen. Silver and reflective building stood majestically against the blue sky, their glamour paling in comparison to their height. It seemed as if they were scraping the clouds themselves.

Naruto had to know more, more than that, he needed food. He was reminded of this when a loud grumble emanated from his stomach.

'Wonder if they have ramen?' He thought.

But before he could eat, he needed to check the place out for any hostile individuals, he couldn't quite eat ramen while kunai's were being thrown at his back…at least, not easily anyway.

The tallest structure before him was on small island in the large gape of water that lay between him and the city. It was shaped like a giant 'T'. Naruto headed for it.

He ran at breakneck speeds across the water, using his chakra to propel him easily as he ran. The water beneath him felt like a brick road as he pushed on towards the giant building.

Once he reached the island he might've stopped, instead he kept on running. He ran up to the bottom wall of the structure and propelled himself up it. Gravity ignored him as he sent his chakra into his feet, grounding himself to the vertical surface.

He was at the top in moments. He flipped up and landed in the centre the centre of the roof. He gasped at the sight.

He could see the entire city from here. Lights and sounds that he didn't recognise reached his eyes and ears; he was so fascinated he almost didn't here the strange sounds coming from somewhere nearby.

They sounded strange and inhuman. Naruto turned round and watched as alarming silver and blue things unfolded themselves from out of the roof's metallic surface.

He wondered what they wanted or at least, what they were, he didn't really have time to find out though. Suddenly, they began glowing and a large ball of bright energy shot at him. He quickly jumped out of the way, he span in the air and retrieved three kunai's from their confines and threw them at the one of the objects that had attacked him.

It blew up in a cloud of smoke leaving only three remaining.

After landing he clasped his hands together and rapidly said, "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" Suddenly, six exact duplicates of Naruto appeared in a puff of smoke.

They attacked without order, quickly dispatching the last of his attackers. Afterwards he made the clones disappear.

He stood there trying to catch his breath. Just when he thought he was safe, a strange voice called out from behind him in a language he didn't understand.

"Hey, who's up here smashin' my turrets?"

Naruto spun round to see a group of individuals before him.

He quickly assessed their appearances. The one that had shouted at him was amazingly tall. He was dark skinned and appeared to be wearing some sort of silver and blue armour that half covered his face.

Next to him stood a skinny boy roughly the same size as Naruto himself, he had spiky black hair, a red top with a yellow 'R' on it, green tights and a black mask that covered his eyes except for a pair of white slits for him to see out of.

Next to him was a very strange one, the boy was even skinnier than the masked one, he wore a purple jumpsuit and a silver belt. The most peculiar aspect of him was the colour of his skin. It was green. More than that, he also had pointy ears. His appearance was somewhat unsettling.

Above them floated a yellow skinned girl with deep red hair. She wore a purple tank-top and purple tights. She was currently floating above all their heads…seemingly…flying.

Next to her was a person that caught Naruto's attention. She was floating like the other girl, but it was strange, as if her presence sent a shadow across all that which was near her. She wore a dark blue cape that was rapped around her tightly, effectively cutting Naruto off from viewing her other garments. Her hood was up and it surprisingly hid her face completely. He could see her eyes though, he could see them very well; they glowed a bright white that sent shivers down his spine. The glow of her eyes illuminated a certain part of her face caught Naruto's attention completely. It was a small jewel in the centre of her forehead, right where the ojma chakra is. It was possible she knew about chakra.

Together they were a strange bunch.

The one in the mask spoke up. "Who are you?" He yelled.

Naruto didn't understand a word.

"(I don't understand what your saying.)" He explained.

A momentary look of confusion crossed their faces before they changed to one of understanding. All but one that is. The green one looked at Naruto with a blank stare.

"What did he say?" Asked the green one.

The others looked at him with a weird expression.

"He's speaking Japanese." The masked one explained.

"Oh…DOES ANYONE KNOW JAPANESE!" He suddenly yelled.

The rest of the group slowly provided an answer of yes, apparently everyone but the green one knew the language.

The one in the mask looked back at Naruto. "(Who are you and what are you doing here?)" He asked in Japanese.

"(I'm Uzumaki Naruto, future Hokage of the Konohagakure village. What I'm doing here though is…erm…I kinda don't know.)" He said laughing slightly and scratching the back of his head.

"(How can you not know?)" The tall metal wearing one asked.

"(I just don't. One moment I was being tortured by the Akatsuki, the next I wake up in the forest. I just wanted to get a better view when I was attacked by these things.)"

"Dude, what's he saying?" Asked the green one.

"I don't think he's a threat, I think he's lost." The mask one replied.


"I'll ask him." The masked one answered. "(How did you get up here?)" He asked.

"(I ran)" Naruto shrugged.

"(What do you mean, as in…up the wall?)" Asked the masked one. A wide eyed and shocked expression was shared through the group in front of Naruto.

"(I think you better come inside.)" Said the masked one.

They all turned around and began walking.

Naruto followed.