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Three obscure facts- relating to The Bastard Uchiha (Mostly cause I don't want to write three separate chapters for them! -.-; What can I say? I'm lazy.)


The current laws of marriage are a relatively new concept to Konoha. In fact Konoha's current marriage laws were decided by the Shodai when he took up the title of Hokage. Before Konoha came to be, there was no Hokage, no united shinobi force within Hi no Kuni. The Daimyo was little more than a barbarian, fighting for every scrap of land he could, his samurai defending him. Monks, and priests of various religions roamed the land, never staying in one place for too long. Who was there to say who could and could not be married? Or how?

As such, each clan or miniscule village had their own way of solidifying the relationship between spouses. Some clans stated that a couple had to recite marriage vows for five hours during a spring storm, while others insisted that the ones wishing to marry must obtain the blessing of the families summons beforehand. They also had their own rules about who could marry whom. The Hyuuga's, for example, were a nomadic clan who travelled with their cousins, the Uchiha. They had strict rules within their clan that forbade any Hyuuga from marrying into another clan. Instead their chosen spouse had to marry into their family.

This however caused many problems for the nomadic clan as betrayal became a common occurrence, and it is why the Shodai was able to entice them to join him and his brother on their quest to found Konohagakure. While other clans could marry into the Hyuuga clan, there was no way to ensure their loyalty to them. Thus the Juin Jutsu was born. The Juin Jutsu, a seal that could be placed on the married couples to ensure their loyalty to the Hyuuga, the cost of betrayal, their life. Over time the ritual evolved to what it is today, the seal being used to enforce the rules of the Main House.

Of all the odd rituals and marriage customs once in use, the Uchiha's come to mind as the oddest. At one time, the Uchiha's had one main goal, the same as many nomadic clans. Their goal was to ensure the survival of their clan. With this in mind the only way a couple could be declared man and wife, would be if the woman was pregnant. They went about this in the only way they could. The two would have sexual intercourse for one year(They took breaks you pervs!) and if by the end of that year the woman was not pregnant, they would both move on. However if the woman did find herself pregnant, she was then considered the mans wife. This all changed once the Uchiha's decided to follow the Shodai.

In return for joining Konoha, the Shodai offered the Uchiha's the position of Konoha's police force. All that he asked of them, was that they enforce the laws as well as obey them. As such, they were bound by Konoha's marriage laws as well. However there was one child who was conceived under the Uchiha clans former custom, whose father chose to marry another woman under Konoha's new laws.

Thus it's an Uchiha clan secret, that the first Uchiha born in Konoha, Uchiha Madara, was a bastard. It's an even bigger one that under the old laws, Arashi would be considered the clan heir, and Itachi and Sasuke would be the bastards.


Orochimaru first met Arashi during the Iwa/Konoha war. It was two months after his infiltration mission, and the genin had been assigned to deliver a message to the outpost he was stationed at. The Snake Sannin gave him no notice until a skirmish broke out, in which he himself was injured. It was at this time that he summoned Manda, and asked him to protect his comrades. Shortly after, the enemies were dead, and Arashi and Manda were having a peaceful chat, much to the surprise of the Konoha nins present. Manda doesn't do peaceful. It seems that Arashi was incapable of speaking any language but parseltongue when faced with a snake, and Manda is fond of any human that can speak his language. It's difficult for his snout to form human words.

The second time they met, was when Orochimaru tried bribing Minato into letting him take over Arashi's training. An Uchiha that could speak to snakes? Priceless. Unfortunately for Orochimaru, Minato was already quite fond of the young green eyed teen and both told the old man where he could shove it. Orochimaru wasn't amused. Then again neither was Minato. Manda however, had a good laugh at Orochimaru's expense when he was told what had happened. To this day Manda refuses to fight against Arashi.

The third time they met, was when Orochimaru had chosen Arashi as his next test subject. Arashi was one of eleven chosen to wear his Heaven seal, however Orochimaru didn't account just how much Namikaze Minato cared for him. If not for Anko stalling him after she was marked, the ANBU would not have found them, Arashi would have been marked, and he would not have been caught. Arashi was one of only five people that had ever seen a look of hurt on Orochimaru's face, one that unknowingly mirrored his students. He was the only test subject to escape from Orochimaru's grasp unharmed, which was ironic since he was also the one he wanted most. He was also the last to see him in his original body.

Orochimaru still hasn't forgiven him for any of that. Neither has Anko.


In the beginning, Arashi had often wondered if his Sensei even liked him, or if the man had simply taken advantage of the situation that he had been presented with. However it didn't take him long to realize, that although stern and harsh at times, the man had truly come to care for his wellbeing. While most would scoff and say that making an eleven year old train for twelve hours straight with breaks only long enough to quench his thirst and wipe the sweat from his eyes did not indicate any fondness on Minato's part, the ones that knew him best could easily tell the difference.

The way that he would insist the boy eat second helpings at dinner instead of simply falling into bed after a hard days work showed he did care. The way he fought so adamantly to keep his student out of the frontlines, and when that didn't work, how he would instead push him to reach new heights in his training, anything to give him an edge, to keep him alive another day. Arashi saw all the subtle ways that Minato used to show his affection, his approval, his pride.

Many wondered at the relationship between student and master, how a boy so young could accept such harsh training without breaking, never complaining or giving up. How could they explain to them what they would never understand? How could they make them understand that it wasn't the fact that he wished to be a shinobi that kept him by Minato's side, but loyalty to the one that had saved him?

While everyone saw the severity of their training, few witnessed the gentleness with which Minato would pick him up off the ground after a long day of training, how he would tend to the raven haired boys wounds, inwardly wishing that he didn't have to push him so far. Fewer still witnessed the patience and firmness he showed him after his first infiltration/seduction mission, the way he would lose sleep in order to stay up with the genin after he woke screaming from a memory that had crept into his dreams.

It was because they didn't see this, that they couldn't understand the single-minded loyalty he showed to the Sandaime. He hadn't done anything special for the boy, after all, it was his Shishou that had gone against the Council to defend him, Minato that had stood against the Uchiha's when they came to kill him. If anything, Arashi should despise the Sandaime, he was the one who let the Council send him on missions no genin should go on, he was the one who had put him in dangerous and compromising positions time after time. Arashi owed the man nothing.

He owed him absolutely nothing. But he owed Minato everything. That's why, on the eve of his mentor's death, when the solemn blonde stood before the fourteen year old boy, holding his newborn son in his arms, he agreed to serve Konoha unconditionally. To respect and honour his last orders and wishes.

Despite their confusing and somewhat twisted relationship they shared, Arashi has never disobeyed any of the Yondaime's requests, whether they were stated as orders or not. Because in the end, Arashi knows that Minato was the closest thing he had to a father.

That's why he'll be the Godaime.

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