Rory Gilmore stood by the counter of the diner.

"Jess please!" she begged, pounding the coffee cup on the bench with each word.

"No! Our child is not going to come into this world high on caffeine!"

"But I'm only one month pregnant!" she protested, "Mom drank coffee when she was pregnant with me!"

Jess shook his head firmly and moved away; ignoring the withering stare he was receiving from his wife.

Luke and Lorelai came down the stairs, hand in hand. Actually it was more likely Lorelai had taken Luke's hand and refused to let it go but it was a cute sight nonetheless.

"Aahhhh! How are my offspring's husband and my offspring and my offspring's offspring?"

"He won't give me coffee!" Rory pouted, pointing a finger childishly at Jess.

Lorelai looked scandalized, "Oh my gosh! How dare he? I drank coffee while I was pregnant with you!"

"I know!" Rory sniffed, thrusting out her lower lip and holding out the cup, eyes shining.

"No!" Jess and Luke said at the same time.

Rory sniffed turned away from Jess, Lorelai threw a withering glare at Luke and then cast a sad glance at her full coffee cup before swiveling around on her chair as well.

Jess sighed and filled the cup on the bench with a small amount of coffee.

"This is the only cup you are getting Rory."

Rory spun around and nodded, making it clear that she would be getting far more than one.

"Hey Luke's going to be a granddad!" Lorelai laughed, fingering her wedding ring.

Luke, much to her surprise, smirked at her. "Yeah, and you'll be a grandmother."

The smile slid off Lorelai's face and replaced itself with one of utmost horror.

"Oh God! I hadn't even thought of that!"

Luke smiled at his wife and filled her coffee cup.

Jess looked at his wife savor the contents of the cup before looking up at him and placing a hand on her still flat stomach.

Jess recalled the conversation he had had with T.J. a few weeks after he had found out Rory was pregnant.

"Now Jess my boy, now that she's got a bun in the oven I gotta tell you. Be prepared."

"For what?"

"Nine months of hell!"

Jess hadn't taken the words literally until Lorelai had seen fit to clue them in on all the tales of her pregnancy. That was when Jess decided that if Rory was anything like her mother…

He would need to be prepared.

A/N- Yes, Red n Black Roses has gone and started yet another multi-chapter fic. You think she would learn but apparently she hasn't. Anyway long story short this is going to be a 9-10 chapter story, each chapter a month of Rory's pregnancy until she goes into labour. Anywho… read, review, tap dance. I really don't mind. Chapter Titles are as follows.

One Month… NO Coffee!

Two Months… NO Magazines!

Three Months… Fears

Four Months… Mommy/Daughter Discussions

Five Months… Mood Swings

Six Months… Cravings

Seven Months… Baby Names

Eight Months… False Alarms

Nine Months… Labour

Epilogue… Her Sixteenth