Lorelai Jessica Gilmore-Mariano stared at the ceiling and turned her head towards her clock. The numbers 3:08 AM blinked back at her and she felt two bodies slide into bed with her.

"Hey mom, hey dad." She whispered.

"Hey baby girl! So, tell us… how is it to be sixteen?"

"I feel kinda the same. Do I look any different?"

Jess tilted his daughters head up and looked at her.

"Hmmm, she looks a little older. What do you think Rory?"

Rory looked at her daughter. She bore a striking resemblance to herself. Gilmore eyes, brown hair. But Rory could see Jess shining through in some of Lori's features.

"Oh of course! Walk into Doose's before five and you got yourself a discount!"

Lori grinned and turned to her dad.

"So, Daddy. Now that I'm sixteen can I date Jack Marring?"

"No!" Jess replied. Jack Marring had asked her out a few weeks ago and Jess had firmly put his foot down.

"Awww! Come on daddy, do you remember what you were like at my age?"

"Yes and that jacks that no up to a hell no!"


"Sure sweetie!"


"What Jess? She's sixteen. And it's hard to believe that this time many, many moons ago…"

Lori and Jess groaned.

"I was lying in this exact position swearing like a sailor."

"On leave!" Lori corrected.

"And squeezing the hell out of my hand!" Jess inserted.

"Uh hello! My story!"

Rory spoke about her adventures in labour while Lori added her comments here and there.

Jess watched his two girls with a content look on his face. He watched his daughter's eyes get heavy and her breathing even out.

Rory was also asleep; she seemed to have talked herself out.

Jess shook his head and covered them up, dropping a kiss each onto their foreheads.

'Be prepared for Nine Months of hell…'

T.J had been right about that. But he was also right about what he said afterwards.

'But once your child is born… it is all worth it.'

Jess looked at his daughter and his wife.

It was worth it.

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