Rachel Roth stirred as the alarm clock went off, and she swore under her breath. She rose and stretched. Then she heard a faint cry and went smiling into the bedroom.

"Hi Logan, you're up early."

She picked the baby up and nuzzled her. Logan yawned and her green eyes blinked up at her mother, smiling. Rachel carried the baby into the tiny bathroom, and changed her.

"Are you going to be a nice baby today?"


"Good for you."

Rachel placed the baby in the pin as she took a quick shower. She dried herself of and put on jeans, and a blue thin sweater.

She heard knocks on the door.

"Are you ready Rach?"

"One sec Cassie."

She picked up her daughter and opened the door for her best, and only friend, Cassie. She was a beautiful girl with long blond hair, blue eyes and looked like any normal teenager.

"You have everything?"

"Yeah, let's go."

She went outside. They walked down two stories and knocked at the door to her day-care nanny. An old woman smiled as she saw who it was.

"Hi Logan. Rachel, Cassie."

The woman almost blew her of as she took Logan and closed the door.

"Why do you let her treat you that way?"

Rachel shrugged as they went out on the pavement.

"She's kind to Logan, and with my fixed income it's not like I can go anywhere for a nanny. Besides I'm used to it. I'm 19 and a single mom. Trouble."

She chuckled. Cassie sighed.

"I would never have been so nice as you. I would have told that lady of long time ago."

"As I said, I don't have much choice. I choose to put up with it, for Logan."

"You are like the best mom in the world."

Rachel laughed again.

"Can you tell Logan that when she gets older please? She will just think I'm hopeless and boring."

"Boring? You? Never."

The girls laughed again.

"Cassie, get down."

Rachel threw herself at her friend to get her down as bolt of light flew at them. Cassie tried to get up, but Rachel held her down as a new bolt made the house next to them shake.

"Watch out."

Rachel just got to look up as the house started to fall down on them. She froze. All she could think about was Logan. Sweet, young Logan with big green eyes. What would happen to Logan now?

Suddenly a green elephant stood over them, protecting them from the stones that fell down. Rachel had only seen him on the news, but knew his name. Beast Boy.

He morphed back to a man, and Rachel could feel Cassie start to smile. Cassie was a star junkie and a big time groupie. It wasn't her fault, she just loved everything that was in the papers on a regular bases. Thou it helped that he was handsome.

"Are you okay?"

The girls nodded.

"Beast Boy, his getting away."

Robin, on a motorcycle drove beside them and shouted at him.

"On my way Rob."

He turned to the girls once again.

"Be more careful next time, okay?"

They nodded, but he froze. He and Rachel's eyes had meet, and he was stunned.


"No. I'm Rachel."

She gave him her hand, but he just stared at it. Suddenly explosions made the ground move.

"You better go help your team."

He swore under his breath as he looked behind him. He looked once more at her before he morphed to a hawk and flew of into the air, but still then he looked back.

"Oh, someone got the green kid smitten."

"Come on, you heard him. He confused me with this Raven character. I wonder who she was."

The started to walk towards the school once again before Cassie stopped.


"Could it be his old team mate Raven? She disappeared a year and half ago. It was before you came to town, it was quite a ruckus. Actually, you kind of look like her."

Cassie's eyes widened, before she started to laugh, along with Rachel.

"Yeah, can you see me as a superhero. Juggling Logan and school I barley have time to hang out with you, and I'm going to save the world."


The girls walked down the road and up the stairs to their school. College, freshman year. Cassie gave her a hug before she ran of. She was taking mythologies, and was already late.

The day was over almost to quick. Soon she was sitting out in the sun, waiting for Cassie. She had a book, so she wasn't bored. On the contrary, this was one of her favourite times a day. She didn't even look up when a shadow fell over the pages.


She didn't stir. She recognised his voice, but didn't look up.

"Still ignoring me Rae?"

"My name is Rachel Beast Boy."

"So you do remember me."

She sighed as she looked up at him. He had the biggest grin possible.

"You're green and a superhero, not easy to forget. You saved my friend and me this morning and for that I'm grateful, but I only know you from what I read in the paper. You are kind of a celebrity."

His grin faded.

"So you don't remember me."

"I think you are confusing me with someone else. Can you move? You're blocking the light."

He grabbed her arm. Rachel got startled, but for some reason she wasn't scared. She didn't know why. Something just told her he wouldn't hurt her.

"Can you let go of me?"

"No, you have to remember. Come on Rae. Please remember."

"As I said before, you are confusing me with someone else. Now can you let go of my arm? You are starting a commotion."

"I don't care."

"Are you okay Rach?"

Rachel smiled thankfully to Cassie and the two boys following her. She had never been so glad her best friend was the biggest flirt on the school. She looked back at the green boy.

"Yes. Beast Boy here just wanted to be sure we were okay."

Beast Boy let go of her arm. He then morphed to a hawk and flew away.

"This is Rex and Tex. They have volunteered to walk us home so we don't get another house on us."

They where big, muscular, and completely alike. How boring, she thought, but she didn't want to offend her friend, so she grabbed the arm offered and let him lead the way.

"So you girls want to do something later?"


"I'm very flattered, but I have a date."

The boys didn't seem too upset.

"Are you sure?"


"Well, talk to you tomorrow."

She waved the threesome away, and smiled gratefully for having an excuse to not go.

Most teenage parents say that not having a normal social life is the hardest part, but Rachel was glad to not go. She wasn't a party girl. She ran up the stairs, got Logan, and went up for her stroller. She wanted to get some more fresh air, before it was dark.


Beast Boy paced back and forth in the common room. He couldn't be wrong. It had to be Raven. She even smelt like her. Like herbs, ink and fresh clothes. Only Raven had that smell, and that's way she had to be Raven.

"Can you calm down Beast Boy, I'm getting dizzy just looking at you."

"I can't calm down, I finally find Raven, and you guys don't believe me."

"It's not that we don't believe you Beast Boy."

Robin, the political one.

"But you did see Terra after her disappearance too."

Starfire, the unsure one.

"You better be careful Star, or he'll get a crush on you, and then you'll have to run away too."

Cyborg, the jerk.

"That was uncalled for."

Robin laid a protecting arm around his girlfriend, who looked honestly scared. Beast Boy was just hurt. He started to pace again. What could he say to convince his friends?

"Tell you what. Get this girl to come here, and we can take a DNA test. We still have some of Ravens blood."

Beast Boys face lit up.

"That will prove I'm right."

Robin sighed.

"But how do I get her to come?"

"Just tell here you won't bother her any more if she does."

Beast Boy grinned as he morphed and flew of. His friends made a sigh of relief. Finally they got some peace and quiet.

He flew over the town; suddenly realising he didn't know where she lived. He cursed himself, when he got an idea. He landed at her school, and went into the reception. He was quite famous now, and the receptionist was fluttered when she saw him.

"Titans. Oh my. Is there anything I can do for you and your team today?"

He leaned over the counter and gave her a grin that almost made her pass out. God, he loved being famous.

"Yes, we are looking for one of your students. Can you help me out?"

He took her hand.

"It is, of course, very important."

The old woman blushed desperately, and turned to the computer.

"Okay, of course. Name?"


Beast Boy froze. He didn't know her last name. He cursed himself.

"There are 264 Rachels in the school. You don't have a last name do you?"

What would Raven use as a last name. What was her mother name, Roth? Yes, Roth.

"Try Roth."

Beast Boy was quite proud of himself for remembering that detail. Especially since she had told him years ago.

"Yes, we have one Rachel Roth. Do you want her address?"

"Yes please."

Hold on Raven, I'm coming.

He knocked on the door. The door opened and Ravens face popped up.

"You again. You know, there is a law against stalking."

"Please, just hear me out."

"No, now get away before I have to call the cops."

A baby's cry stopped them both from uttering another word.

Raven turned her head back into the apartment, and before she could turn back, Beast Boy morphed into a mouse and ran into the apartment. Raven turned to close the door, just to find him gone. She found this puzzling, but made a sigh of relief before closing and locking the door.

She turned and walked into Logans room.

"Hi baby, what is it? Can't sleep?"

The child smiled sweetly to her mother, and made her heart melt.

"You are going to drive me made one day. You're just like your father."

The child nuzzled for a second or two by her mothers chest before falling a sleep once again.

She smiled sweetly before placing her back in the bassinet, and walking back into the common room. She didn't mind giving her daughter the bedroom when she could only afford a two-room apartment. She pulled out the bed in the couch and lay down, with a small smile on her face.


Beast Boy looked smiling at the sleeping woman. Carefully he straitened a loose strain of hair. She was still as beautiful as the last time he saw her. She was different. Not so calm. But she glowed. Something motherhood had given her.

Motherhood. He turned and walked into the baby's room. She was a mother? How? He looked down at the smiling girl. She looked just like Raven. Was that why she ran, disappeared?

Or did she get pregnant after she left? The thought of Raven in bed with another man made Beast Boy almost crazy. Suddenly he felt the urge to hurt the sleeping girl. She was the child of a competitor. But Beast Boy stopped. He took a step back, away from the girl.

She had opened her eyes, and looked straight at him. Grass green eyes. His eyes. The girl was his. She stirred and smiled sleepy at him.

"Don't wake up now. If your mother finds me here."

The girl opened her mouth. Beast Boys eyes widened. If Raven found him here, then he would never know if the girl was his.

I pure desperation morphed Beast Boy into a pterodactyl, and carried the child away. He needed to know if she was his. Or at least he could prove that her mother was Raven.