A/N: So, I recently got FF unblocked, sooooooo…I thought I'd give this story an ending, you guys deserve that much I hope my writing is still as good, if not better. So, without further ado, here is the chapter you weren't expecting but got anyways :].

Recap: As Kakashi and Sakura sat down in a circle with the other guests Genma started explaining the rules.

"Okay, here's how it works. This is a mixed game. I thought of it myself," Genma said proudly. " Anyways, this is like truth or dare, spin the bottle, and seven minutes in heaven all in one. You spin the bottle, and who ever it lands on, you have to kiss and then ask the person 'truth or dare'. If the person refuses to answer or do the dare you and that person have to play eleven minutes in heaven. Ok," Genma asked rhetorically. "Now let's start."

Genma reached towards the empty beer bottle, as if to spin it, when Sakura panicked.

'Waitwaitwaitwait! What if it lands on me?! Crapcrapcrapcrap!'

'I think the real question is, what if it doesn't land on us? We haven't had any action since forever! Don't be such a prude, have some fun!'

'WHAT?! I am not a prude! I've just…been-'

'Busy lately, yeah yeah, I've heard it all before. Just shut up. People are starting to stare.'

And, apparently, Inner Sakura had been quite right about that. It seemed as though everyone was close to calling the psychiatric ward to warn about a newly developed schizophrenic on the loose. Everyone, but, of course, Kakashi, who seemed to have developed a twitch on the side of his mouth, preventing him from successfully keeping a straight face, and Genma, who was blissfully unaware of anyone besides the blonde opposite of him. She was remarkably similar to Ino, but with slightly skimpy-er clothing, if that was even possible. She also appeared to be color blind, seeing as how the makeup she chose to wear to the party must've been picked in the dark…but that didn't matter, because all of the men in the room who had even spared her a glance didn't particularly pay attention to any body part above her voluptuous chest.

The bottle spun and spun and spun, until the base of the glass bottle was facing said blonde, and the other side facing Genma, who had a very triumphant smirk on his face.

Genma braced both hands behind him on the floor, inviting, almost daring, the blonde to approach him. She, in turn, crawled towards him, almost like a cougar, if it weren't for the fact that her loopy smile, bug-eyes, and lack of grace clearly portrayed the fact that she was drunk. None of that mattered to Genma apparently, as he, when she reached her destination, pulled her into a passionate kiss, his hand on the back of her neck.

Sakura immediately felt her cheeks heat up and turn, more than likely, a very distinguishable crimson. She probably would've been able to keep her embarrassment to herself if it wasn't for the fact that, not only was Genma showing exactly how excited he was, but so was the blonde. After several moments of drunken moans and exasperated sighs from those who were not participating in the act, Sakura broke the silence.

"Hehe…okay. I think we need a time limit on the kissing…"

'Kami, that's- ewwww! Is that tongue?! Did I just see tounge?!'

'See what I mean? Pruddeeeeee…'

When the two passionate kissers did not break away at Sakura's comment, She decided to use intimidation. All she had to do was crack her knuckles. Everyone in the room, shinobi or not, knew what Sakura could do with her strength. She heard Kakashi chuckle as Genma's eyes widened almost imperceptibly, but the blonde was too drunk to notice what was going on around her. Genma had to nearly pry her off of him before Sakura started to get violent.

"Eh… okay," Genma said towards the blonde. It was time for him to dare her. "I dare you to…go in the closet with me for eleven minutes," He said with a suggestive wink.

The blonde giggled and replied with a drunken, "Hehe…okayyyyy."

Kakashi's POV

The bottle spun several times as others took their turns. Sakura had, thankfully, not gone yet, though there were a few close encounters, in which the bottle would turn towards Sakura slowly, almost ominously, and I would be forced to use a miniscule wind jutsu to make it spin just a little further. I would've had quite a bit of explaining to do (the jutsu was small, but not completely undetectable), had it not been for the fact that Genma, the only Shinobi in the room that would've easily detected it, was drunk, seemingly beyond return. As for Sakura, she was too caught up in the horror that the bottle might actually land on her to pay attention to anything but the bottle.

Of course, I had never contemplated the fact that the bottle would land on me.

A devious smirk placed it's self on Genma's face as he sent a glance in Sakura's direction. As the bottle stilled it's self in Kakashi's direction, a gasp from the other players was heard. This was the first time Genma had spun the bottle and had it land on a guy. It was dead silent then. I began to hope that maybe, just maybe, Genma would say something ridiculous like, "Uhh, I get a re-spin," that maybe I'd escaped that mischievous glint in his eyes.

But my hope was soon crushed.

"Look man, I'm not gonna kiss you," Genma said as a girl in the circle visibly slumped, disappointed, "But I'm still getting the other stuff. Truth or Dare Kakashi?"


The light in Genma's eyes seemed to leave, as he was momentarily stumped, but, sadly, it returned in a flash.

"Is it true that you want to ravish Sakura's body?"

There was a long pause. I was suddenly more grateful for my mask than anything in my possession, seeing as how the blush spreading across my face would've been very visible without it. I glanced imperceptibly at Sakura, who was indeed blushing as well. Her head was hanging in embarrassment, her ears a cherry red. And then I saw her hands fidgeting and fisting in the bottom of her black skirt…her black skirt that had ridden up several inches and was showing quite a bit of milky, toned thighs.

'Kuso, Kakashi! Get it together! Don't do this, especially now, in front of Genma! He'll hold this over me for the rest of my life!'

The silence was endless as I refused to answer. Sakura was still very interested in the design of her skirt, and, said skirt was beginning to be very distracting.

" Alright then killjoy. Since I obviously don't want to spend eleven minutes in heaven with you of all people and I'm the maker of this game, I'm deciding to give my eleven minutes in heaven to Sakura."



I was slightly startled, thinking maybe I had accidentally thought out loud, but I was reassured when I saw Sakura's facial expressions. It appeared she had been thinking along the same lines as I.

"And no, you can't refuse," answered Genma with a very delighted grin on his face.

When neither of us made an action to move towards the, what I now liked to call, the closet of doom, Genma got up and made shooing motions at us. I stayed put until he looked at me, raised his eyebrows, and started to walk after Sakura into the dark, dark closet, as if to take my place. I promptly got up and shoved him out of my way before he could get anywhere close to her. If anyone was going in that closet with her, it sure as hell better not be Genma.

Sakura's POV

'Crap! I knew this was gonna be hell! I knew it! Why'd I let you talk me into coming to this party?! KAMI! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?!'

'Would you just shut up already? You're always in denial. You can't deny that Kakashi's sexy as hell. You really need to just relax and enjoy! Besides, it'll be dark. You won't be able to see him anyways.'

'It doesn't matter if I can't see him! I still know he's there! Kami, this is gonna be hell! You can do this, Sakura. Come on! I will not kiss him! I will not get carried away! I will not…'

My train of thought stopped immediately as the door to the closet was shut with both Kakashi and me trapped inside. I soon realized just how small the closet was. My chest was pressed against Kakashi's muscular one, his leg wedged between my thighs, his figure hunched over (more than usual) closer to my face than would normally be appropriate.

His breathing was heavy, almost labored, his muscles taut with tension. My vision was starting to go blurry, my heart racing in my chest. Kakashi was nowhere near out of shape. Belatedly, I realized my hand was grasping his forearm, as if to have something, anything to hold on to, to keep me anchored to reality. This action seemed to break him, as if my touch had shattered his self-control.

I'm not sure who leaned in first. My mind was focused on other things, like, how incredibly masculine he smelled, or how amazing his lips felt against mine, or his tongue, kami, his tongue.

My breath was pushed out of me, stolen by Kakashi, the way he was touching me. I was on fire. Vaguely I was aware of Kakashi making the hand signs for a teleportation jutsu, but there was one thing that filled my head at that moment.

'What a great hell.'