Author's Note: I have debated this with quite a few friends of mine and they all seem to agree that though it is never stated in the show, Andrew was first promoted to case working long before the year 1775. I happen to agree with this as well.

But I am a big history lover and had a few ideas for this particular story in this particular year. But it required Andrew being fairly new to case working. So I decided to make an exception this time.

Also thanks to a certain friend who without their help, the army sequences in this story would be very dull and I imagine extremely unbelievable. ;-)

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A Revolutionary Love
By: Victory-Starr

Chapter One

It was the morning of April 19, 1775 in an empty green field right outside the town of Concord, Massachusetts. An angel named Tess looked at another angel standing in front of her. This was only the very first day for him as a caseworker. He had previously been in Search and Rescue, and before that he had had many other jobs. But never before had he spent a great amount of time on Earth at one time.

She had to smile as she watched him observing his surroundings. His name was Andrew and his long blonde hair fell softly to his shoulders. He had gentle green eyes and a friendly smile. His brown breeches fit him neatly and while his shoes and stockings didn't look brand new, they were clean; The loose cream colored shirt he wore also looked nice on him, covered with a plain beige waistcoat; and to top it all off, he wore a simple white kerchief tied loosely around his neck. All in all, the supervising angel decided that her new protégé looked ready and suitably dressed for his first assignment.

"Andrew," She smiled, "Today is the day. It's time for your first case working assignment."

He looked a bit apprehensive. "Tess, are you sure? I mean, by 'assignment' you mean dealing with extensively with humans, right? Not just dropping in and saying a few words, and then leaving?"

"Not dealing with them Andrew." She shook her head as she explained. "You're here tohelp them. Live with them for a while and help them learn the truth that God wants them to see."

"But are you sure?" Andrew wrung his hands nervously. "I don't know that now is the right time. I am not sure I'm ready."

Tess patted his shoulder reassuringly. "Baby, the Father would not have given you this job if He did not think you were ready." He started to protest, but she interrupted him. "Yes, there are things you have to learn and there are mistakes you will make, but now is the time. You show great promise, Andrew. I'm sure the Father has big plans for you in the future."

Looking somewhat more at ease, Andrew sighed. "Okay, then. Where are we going?"

Tess smiled and took him by the arm. "You just follow me and you will see."

Andrew followed Tess through the field, but all the while he couldn't help but get more and more nervous about the impending assignment. At the present moment, he almost felt like going back Home to God. He loved it there in Heaven and felt comfortable. Being on the earth was so much different. He had spent very brief periods of time there before in Annunciations and Search and Rescue, but only very brief minutes at a time. Now he was expected to spend much greater amounts of time there. And what bothered him maybe even more than that was the fact of having to live among the humans while also in human form, all the while trying to teach and help them.

And that was another thing that was different. On earth, he used a human form. He looked just like any person he might come upon, and they would never know that he was an angel. And the human forms came with the whole package; which included aches, pains, tiredness, and hunger. Andrew's stomach then grumbled loudly and he blushed when Tess looked at him.

"Are you hungry, baby?" She asked him.

He shrugged, and then nodded. "Yes, I suppose I am maybe a little hungry."

"That doesn't sound like any 'little' hungry to me." She told him, looking him in the eye. "Listen, we'll be at our assignment in about another twenty minutes of walking. But you're going to have some work to do once we get there. I saw some apple trees a few minutes back. I am going to go back and get a few."

"Don't you want me to go?" Andrew asked, unsure of whether he was supposed to follow or not.

"No, no, baby." She shook her head. "You stay here under this tree and rest up. I'll be back in just a few minutes." She turned to go, and then looked back at him, somewhat sternly. "And I mean it. Stay right here and don't you go anywhere. I do not want to have to track you down, you understand me?"

Andrew nodded meekly, and sank slowly down into the grass. "Yes, ma'am."

"Good. I'll be back soon." And then she turned and began to walk back in the direction they had already come from.

Andrew watched Tess leave and idly began picking grass out of the ground, twisting it in between his fingers, and then dropping it. He wondered who his assignment was. Tess had said he would be working. So what would he be doing? His stomach grumbled again and he blushed, even though there was no one there to hear him.

Tess had only been out of sight for a few minutes when Andrew thought he heard someone coming. A moment later, a man ran past without noticing the angel's place at the foot of the tree.

Andrew listened and thought he could hear someone calling. "Andrew! Andrew Harrison!"

He slowly peaked around the tree and saw some men gathering together. They all looked hastily dressed and wore three-pointed hats. They appeared very agitated and waiting for someone. He wondered what the men wanted. Curiosity got the better of him, and Andrew began to rise from his spot on the soft green grass. He bit his lip as he looked around uneasily. Tess had directly instructed him to stay where he was at until she came back. And he knew that he was supposed to and most definitely should listen to her judgment, yet he wanted to know what was going on.

If I hurry, He told himself,Then I can see what's happening and make it back before Tess even knows I'm gone.

He told himself that over and over, but it didn't help erase the guilty feeling he had in the pit of his stomach. But he pushed the feeling aside as he quickened his pace. He walked through the trees and was soon standing closer to the men.

"Where the devil are Andrew, William, and Peter?" said one of them to another.

"I don't know. I told the messengers that they were to meet us at rally point three as soon as possible. Blast these country volunteers! Much longer, and we will have to go on without them." Another man replied, obviously agitated.

Just then another man burst through the forest and skidded to a stop in the clearing.

"William Carter, reporting as ordered." He said breathlessly.

Andrew stood there in awe, gazing at the somehow strangely orderly chaos. There were about 15 men standing there, but what were they doing? They appeared to be getting ready to fight, was what the inexperienced angel gathered, but he wasn't entirely sure. Whatever it was, it fascinated him.

He was suddenly aware of somebody standing behind him. He turned, half afraid it would be Tess, but instead he found a tall middle-aged man with a musket in his hands. The man looked at Andrew, then after seeming to come to some sort of conclusion of who the young man before him might be, he spoke up.

"Are you Andrew Harrison?" He asked, although it was more of a statement than a question.

Andrew was baffled at first. "Um, I'm Andrew..." He stammered. Who was this man? And he didn't remember Tess ever telling him he had a last name.

The older man nodded with approval. "Good. I thought you must be him. I'm Peter Smith. Come now. I think they are waiting for us."

Without considering any other options, Andrew obeyed the man and began to follow him to where the other men were beginning to form some sort of group.

"Peter Smith and Andrew Harrison?" A man asked and Peter nodded. "Finally! All right then, come on! Double time!"

At this, the man started moving like he wanted to march, but he didn't really have the time. Andrew jog-marched with him through the trees and over a hill crest and was greeted with an amazing sight.

A large army of soldiers dressed in red was lined up down the road. A far smaller number of troops in blue were apparently in their way. Andrew was on the blue side. He didn't know what this meant, but he knew it couldn't be good.

"Captain Parker!" said the leader to a senior looking man who at least appeared to know what he was doing.

"Rally point three?" The older man guessed, then nodded with approval. "Good work, Sergeant. Snipers… William, Jack, and Andrew, come with me. The rest of you, follow the Sergeant."

Everyone set off at once. Most of the group followed the other officer, while Andrew tried to keep up with Captain Parker.

"Sniper?" Andrew asked the man.

"Sorry son, but we need you up there." The captain shrugged. "I heard you had an excellent shot. How about using it today?" The man looked about at his army before him. "The Lord knows we could use all the men we can get out here today."

Andrew said nothing in reply and just silently followed him. He wasn't sure what he was supposed to do. He knew that he probably should have been back waiting for Tess at that moment, but this man and his army seemed to need all the help that they could get. Wasn't he kind of under some sort of angelic duty to try and help him?

The angel had to wonder though, why was it that the man seemed to know him? Andrew didn't know this man. But then it occurred to him. Maybe Captain Parker was his assignment. Maybe he was where he was supposed to be after all.