Yeah, this is a one-shot WITHOUT a song. Also, it's gonna be pretty short.


I turned around at the noise. "Firepaw?" I meowed uncertainly. "Is that y—umph!" A loud crackle exploded in my ears and I slammed to the ground, my face against the familiar stone, blackened from paws walking, and eternally scented with lavender and herbs. I recognized, even, the patch of blood from Mousefur's shoulder, so many moons ago.

A stink of crow-food and rat's meat filled my nostrils, an unpleasant adaptation from the sweet smell of my den. "ShadowClan!" I managed to squeak out before a clawed foot pressed itself against my throat. Struggling onto my back, I stared into a brown-furred face. I remembered him from Gatherings. "Clawface! What are you doing?"

"Taking the kits. Sorry, kitty, but…I don't want you to get in the way." He grinned, showing terrible teeth and stretching a scar on his lip. He'd relaxed, thinking I was weak. Quickly I shoved with my hind paws, throwing him into a tree.

I could hear the snarls of fighting from outside, but I gave a warning yowl anyway. No one came. No one heard. Firepaw! Oh, Firepaw, the most valiant, handsome apprentice…where are you when I need you? Clawface quickly recovered. I could see his face, twisted with anger, and his muscles, taut with boundless stamina.

"You'll pay for that, pretty!" he hissed. The tom launched himself at me. I dived away, bouncing off my hind paws to jump on the ugly cat. This time Clawface had the upper paw—he flipped us and slashed my stomach. Yowling in pain, I hissed and clawed at his cheek, giving him his rightful name. Fury fueled him, because only a moment ago he was losing energy. With a snarl of pure evil, he ripped his claws upon my ear.

"Clawface, you are nothing but a heartless piece of foxdung, and you will most definitely go to The Place of No Stars!" I shrieked at him, tearing my outstretched talons against his thin sides. He looked offended.

"Well, be that as it may, but you, dearie, will watch in StarClan as ShadowClan becomes the almighty!" he yowled, and thrust his teeth into my jugular vein.

I gave a strangled gasp. My amber eyes hardened to rock, and I spat at him, pattering his face with my own blood. I garbled a few slurred last words: "Never. Never will ShadowClan reign. Firepaw, my love, be he younger or older, Firepaw…" Blackness began to fuzz the edges of the scene. It blurred my vision until all I could see was his face, staring into mine, with gasping horror as he discovered I loved an apprentice.

I saw Redtail, and Rosetail, and Sunstar, even. They all smiled at me proudly. "Go ahead, Spottedleaf. Say what you must. StarClan still love you," the large golden tom said.

Gathering all my strength and breath, I gasped out, "Firepaw, my love, my fire in the rain, he will kill out evil. Firepaw will save the forest. Firepaw will save us all."

And willingly, I swirled upward into the coming rain, walking toward those already passed, fairly or unfairly, but always to watch the one who gave my life meaning, who showed me the road, but couldn't bear to show the end…Firepaw. After a moment of silence, I whispered, "I love you, Firepaw." Firepaw.

Firepaw, my love, my fire in the rain, he will kill out evil…Firepaw will save us all.