FanFic 100 Challenge #:: 034 – Not enough

What becomes of a Heart of Stone

Minerva McGonagall had always been a complicated person.

As a child she'd wanted to read books that had been written for much older children.

As a student she'd wanted to learn more and quicker instead of going to parties like her classmates did.

Now that she was a grownup woman she wasn't even sure that she knew what she really wanted and what she needed.

She was pretty sure that she had been in love with Albus Dumbledore since her last year at Hogwarts when he'd started giving her private lessons to help her become an Animagus. Then, she'd told herself that it was only a crush, but now she wasn't sure if that had been the truth.

Albus Dumbledore, now Headmaster of Hogwarts, had asked her to become the Transfiguration Professor and his Deputy Headmistress, and the moment she'd read the letter her heart had started beating faster. Way too fast if one would ask her. She really shouldn't be so silly.

In the years following her graduation, she'd had many boyfriends, although you couldn't really call them that. Most of the men had only spent one night with her. She'd never allowed herself to get really close to anyone. Minerva had been wise enough to know that love – had it really been love? – only hurts in the end.

So she'd told herself that she had a heart of stone.

That she was cold and couldn't feel anything.

It had hurt her in the beginning to be alone, but she had gotten used to it.

A good-looking man here, a kiss under each mistletoe, … For years, it had been enough …

So how could her heart betray her at a moment like this?

She was stronger than that …

Minerva McGonagall was a person who always knew what was expected of her.

In her job as an Auror, she had learned to speak with the heart of an angel or held the hand of an devil if needed.

She'd really become a good actress.

At the moment, Albus Dumbledore expected her to become his Deputy Headmistress. This could be a good character to play, right? She would have to be strict in the classroom and nice to her colleagues and obeying Dumbledore, …

She could do that …