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Wedding Plans (G/NT)


"Nym! Can't we hyphenate?"

"I'll debate you for it," the metamorphmagus smirked.

"I want to be joined with you, but I want to retain some of my independence."

"…And you won't be doing that by being one of the most famous reporters in the Wizarding world?"

"…Fair point, but I like my last name!"

"Because you have a normal first name. Ginny Tonks or Ginny Weasley Tonks sounds ok. Would you want your name to be Nymphadora Andromeda Weasley-Tonks? Or, when we have kids, William Theodore Weasley-Tonks? Or, if it's a girl, little Hermione Andromeda Weasley—"

"Ok! I get it…Fine, we'll use yours."

Tonks walked over and wrapped her fiancé in a hug.

"Thanks," she said, "And I promise I won't be an annoying, controlling spouse…"

Ginny snorted.

"So you say," she grinned, "We still have to pick out flowers…"

"You know what I mean…"

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