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Neville had outdone himself. Gorgeous white flowers, frosted with blue and under domes of silver snow, lined the aisles. There were white roses lining the small platform at the front of the hall. Draco's three tier, red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting stood at the back of the enormous hall, glittering to match the flowers. Tonks had somehow scored one of the Ministry's larger ceremony halls for that day. It was a good thing, too, since Ginny's entire family had shown up. Something about being the youngest Weasley, and a girl, had made her relatives, from close to extremely distant, flock to her and Tonks's big day.

Each witch had, just now, entered a state of calm so complete, that their respective wedding parties were a little weirded out. Tonks wouldn't stop grinning. Sure, she was nervous, but she couldn't think of anything that she would be this happy to be nervous about. Fred and George were taking bets on how long it took their sister to get…ahem…distracted, by Tonks's choice of outfit. That should have annoyed Tonks a little, but again, in her current mood, the only thing that could have annoyed her was Voldemort coming back from the dead and crashing the wedding…She simply rolled her eyes at the twins and let Padma put her now jet black hair into barrettes on each side.

Ginny's calm was a little different; it actually wasn't. Ron smiled brightly as his sister skipped around the waiting room. She wasn't nervous anymore, but had gotten incredibly hyper in the last few minutes. Ginny ignored the amused looks she was getting and began to amuse Rose by casting her Patronus and letting her niece try to catch it. She was in such a good mood, she couldn't waste it.


They had decided that they would both walk down the aisle; Tonks going first. Since she had popped the question, she thought she should be the one to wait at the alter.

As the music stuck up again, she smiled at her father and mother, who both blew her kisses before turning to watch Rose come up the aisle, scattering flower pedals in front of her aunt. The smile never left Ginny's face as her father walked her down the aisle. When they reached the platform, he kissed her cheek, placed her hand in Tonks's, and sat down with her mother next to Tonks's parents. Their mothers were already in tears…

Grinning at one another, Ginny and Tonks turned to the wizard who was presiding over the ceremony. Ginny indulged in a quick once over of her wife, privately thinking that it was going to be a long reception…Their bonding wizard cleared his throat softly. With a warm smile at each of them, he began,

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here today to witness the union of two faithful souls. Today we celebrate as Ms. Nymphadora Tonks and Ms. Ginny Weasley embark on the next stage of their lives, together. As a testament to their love and devotion for one another, they share this beautiful occasion with you, their loved ones."

"Do you Nymphadora Andromeda, take Ginevra Molly to be your wife?"

"I do," Tonks said with a supremely happy smile.

"And do you Ginevra Molly, take Nymphadora Andromeda to be your wife?"

"I do," Ginny grinned.

"Then, I declare you both bonded for life!"

He raised his wand over their heads and a shower of silver, blue, and purple sparks cascaded down and swirled around them. Ginny and Tonks kissed; lost in their own little world for what felt like forever, but was actually only about six seconds. When they broke apart, everyone was on their feet, applauding the happy newlyweds…


It had been hell, since it was a Muggle song, trying to find a way to play it. Ginny had, a week ago, finally taken the problem to her father, who had come through magnificently.

Tonks had let Ginny pick the song for the first dance; mostly because it wouldn't have gotten done if it had been left to her. They had so many that they loved, for so many different reasons, that the metamorphmagus wouldn't have been able to choose. So, when it came time for them to open the dance, Tonks was pretty curious to see what Ginny had chosen. She quirked an eyebrow and smiled at her new wife when she heard the opening bars of the song:

I've been staring at the sky tonight
Marvelling and passing time
Wondering what to do with daylight
Until I can make you mine
You are the one I want, you are the one I want

I've been thinking of changing my mind
It never stays the same for long
But of all the things I know for sure
You're the only certain one
You are the one I want, you are the one I want

I won't find what I am looking for
If I only "see" by keeping score
'Cos I know now you are so much more than arithmetic

'Cos if I add, if I subtract
If I give it all, try to take some back
I've forgotten the freedom that comes from the fact
That you are the sum
So you are the one
I want

When the years are showing on my face
And my strongest days are gone
When my heart and flesh depart this place
From a life that sung your song

You'll still be the one I want

You'll still be the one I want

You'll still be the one I want

You'll still be the one I want

Neither witch even registered the clapping or the people now making their way onto the dance floor. At that moment, the only thing in the world that mattered to them, was each other…


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