The Chipmunk Tour Saga, Book II:

"Sitch and Sensibility"

by William Raymer

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In terms of the Kim Possible characters' involvement in this story, this story takes place a week after the events of "Graduation," the two-part final episode of the Kim Possible series.




Johnny 5 was positioned at the Helm console as Alvin and Brittany Seville walked onto the Bridge. "I gotta think that was the best set we ever performed," Brittany said. "Congratulations on an amazing concert, you two," Johnny 5 said.

"Thanks, Johnny," Brittany said. "Set your course for Middleton, Colorado." "Yes, ma'am," Johnny said. As Johnny manipulated the controls on the Helm panel, Alvin turned to Brittany. "I want to go see how Jason and Melinda liked our song," Alvin said.

"D.E.C.A., what is the current location of Jason Archer and Melinda Crosby?" Brittany asked. "Location of specified individuals currently reads as Simudeck 1. Program currently running: Risa Relaxation Program Alpha-734," D.E.C.A. said.

Jason and Melinda were just settling into a jacuzzi as an attendant came up to them. "Mr. Archer, Miss Crosby, you have visitors," she said. "Show them over here," Melinda said. "Very good, ma'am," the attendant said.

A few moments later, Alvin and Brittany walked up to Jason and Melinda's jacuzzi, bathing suits on. "Mind if we join you?" Alvin asked. "Help yourself," Jason said.

Alvin and Brittany sat in the pleasantly warm water. "Did you like the song we wrote for you last night?" Brittany asked. "It was a beautiful song," Melinda said. "It is a great feeling to have two of the hottest bands in the world write a song just for you."

"Thanks for the compliment," Alvin said. "Now, where's the next stop on the tour, Boss?" Melinda said. "Middleton, Colorado," Alvin said. "Oh, my God! Kim Possible's hometown?" Melinda said. "It's been my dream to meet her."

"Well, hopefully, you'll get the chance," Brittany said.

A few hours later, on the Bridge, Max and Roxanne Goof were talking to someone from the communications console as Alvin and Brittany walked on the Bridge. "Well, thanks, Doctor," Max said

Alvin looked at Max and Roxanne, a worried look on their faces. "Max, Roxanne, what's wrong?" he asked. Roxanne turned to face Alvin and Brittany, tears streaming down her face. "Nothing's wrong, Alvin. Something's right. I'm pregnant," she said.

Max and Roxanne reached behind their backs and withdrew their Toon Force morphers. "This, however, will require us to relinquish our Toon Force duties," Max said, handing his morpher to Alvin. Roxanne handed hers to Brittany.

"We'll keep these safe until we find someone who is worthy to succeed you-at least until the baby is born," Brittany said. "Babies," Roxanne corrected. "We're having twins." "Well, congratulations," Alvin said, clipping the Red T.F. Morpher to his belt.

"Will you be leaving us in Middleton?" Brittany asked as she clipped the Pink T.F. Morpher to her belt. Roxanne shook her head. "We'll remain with you throughout the remainder of the tour," Roxanne said. "We're approaching Middleton, Colorado airspace," D.E.C.A. said. "Slow to 1/3 and sound the brace for landing alarm in all compartments," Brittany said.

Meanwhile, Kim Possible walked into the local Smarty Mart. Her boyfriend, Ron Stoppable, was at the customer service desk. "Hey there, K.P.," Ron said. "Hey there yourself, Ron," Kim said. "Listen to this. Wade told me that the Astro Megaship is landing any moment at Middleton Airport. Think your manager will let you come with me and see it?"

"My manager is me, K.P., remember?" Ron said. "Ned, I need you to hold down the fort for about an hour. Kim and I are going to go see the Astro Megaship landing." "Will do, Boss," Ned Brown said as Ron walked out from behind the desk. Ron and Kim walked out of the Smarty Mart, hand in hand.

On the Bridge of the Megaship, Eleanor sat and spoke to the air traffic controller. "Very well, Middleton Control," Eleanor said. "I'm forwarding the landing coordinates to our Helmsrobot. Astro Megaship, out."

Johnny looked at his displays. "I have received the coordinates, Eleanor," he said. "Standing by to take us down." Alvin walked on the Bridge after storing Max and Roxanne's morphers in the Power Vault. "All compartments note as ready for landing procedures," Jeanette said from Operations. "Very well," Alvin said. "Mr. Five, take us down." "Aye, sir," Johnny said, pulling back on the thruster controls.

Kim and Ron watched through the huge glass window as the gigantic blue Astro Megaship landed in a hangar close to the main terminal. Ron always had wanted to meet the Chipmunks and Chipettes, just like Melinda always wanted to meet Kim. Two worlds were about to collide.