Greetings to all my readers, new and old!

This is the last piece in the Shattered Arc. I can honestly say that I never thought I would end up writing so much but the storyline seemed to grab a hold of me and refuse to let go. There's something about these characters I just can't ignore.

With that in mind, I have brought you Shattered Children, a story focusing on Sephiroth's attempts to have his own life outside of ShinRa, including beginning a tentative relationship with Tseng. Not only is he dealing with the fall out from his own actions, but he is struggling to find his place in the world when all he knows is death and destruction. Will he manage to overcome Hojo's brainwashing and find peace?

Pairings: Tseng/Sephiroth, Reeve/Reno, Cid/Vincent, Rude/Shera, Nanaki/Yuffie, Zack/Elena, Barret/Elmyra, Cloud/Aeris, and a few surprises that I won't ruin!

I am taking the opportunity to warn you that this fic is based in part on the film Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Certain events and scenes will be taken directly from the plot with obvious changes since Cloud is deceased in this storyline and the focus is instead on Sephiroth. If you feel you will be spoiled and don't want to read it, I recommend that you cease now. I will not warn for spoilers in the following chapters.

Also, this fic will contain any of the following:

Homosexual and Heterosexual pairings

Graphic violence

Mentions of past torture and/or rape

Severe angst

Character death

Foul Language

I'm not going to continue warning against these thing to save me from unnecessary typing.

Also, here is my disclaimer:

I do not own the concepts of Final Fantasy VII, its characters or any derivative games and other merchandise. I am merely borrowing for my own use. However, the characters Archer Kyle and numerous other OC's belong to me and me alone. Please ask before use.

Just wanted to let you know, this fic will be approximately 32 "parts" long. That is twenty chapters, ten interludes, one Prologue and one Epilogue for the entire series. Each Interlude comprises a piece of the story that took place in the gap between Shattered Dreams and Shattered Children.

With that long introduction done, I now present the prologue and chapter one of Shattered Children.


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