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Jesse Andersen sighed as he leaned against the railing of the cruise ship.

We just left Duel Academy and I already miss my friends. Jess thought sadly. The waves crashed against the side of the ship.

"What are you doing out here all by yourself mate?" The voice of Jesse's friend, Jim Cook, asked. Jesse looked over his shoulder at Jim. Shirley scurried toward him next to Jim's feet. Jim joined Jesse, leaning his back against the side of the ship.

"Just thinking Jim," Jesse answered. Jim looked down at the younger boy.

"Ya know mate, you can see them again." Jim said, trying to cheer up Jesse. Jesse nodded, knowing Jim was right. Still, it didn't make his sad feelings go away.

"I still wish we could have stayed another day." Jesse said. Jim nodded.

"That would have been nice. I really wanted to talk to Jaden, find out what happened to him." Jim said. Jesse looked up at Jim. He'd only seen Jaden once before he left. He did look different but Jesse still had a feeling that Jaden was still Jaden, just a little more mature looking.

Jesse looked back out at the ocean waves.

"Yeah, I guess." Jesse mumbled. Jim sighed and stood up.

"Come on mate, you moping is not helping anyone's mood!" Jim said. Jesse looked at the Australian, confused.

"What are you saying Jim?" Jesse asked, stepping away from the railing. Jim smiled.

"I'm saying that this a party cruise ship so…let's go party!" Jim cheered. Jesse was about to object when Jim grabbed him by the wrist and began dragging him toward the game room. "And I won't take no for an answer. Axel's already in there. He just beat me at Dance Dance Revolution." Jesse stared at Jim in shock.

"Axel plays DDR?" Jesse asked. Jim nodded.

"Yep and can that boy dance!" Jim said. Jesse chuckled lightly. Jim looked at him and smiled.

That's good; at least he's feeling a little better. Jim thought. "Now come on mate! I know you can beat Axel at DDR!" Jim said, pushing the door to the game room open. Jesse smiled lightly and nodded.

"Axel better get his game on!"


Jaden laid down on the soft grass, staring up at the cloudless sky. He was on his favorite cliff, reliving everything that happened to him that year.

He went to an alternate dimension, dueled an old monster of him that was love crazy about him, lost his best friend, when to the Dark World to find him, turned evil, killed almost all of his friends, discovered he's the reincarnation of an old prince who has a dark power able to keep the light of destruction at bay, learned Yubel was actually a boy who swore to protect him when he was a prince, fused with Yubel, and he fell in love…

Jaden sighed and rolled onto his stomach. Yes, out of everything he went through that year, the biggest thing that happened was falling in love. And he didn't fall in love with just anyone…but his best friend…

Jesse…Jaden frowned. He didn't get to say good bye to him or tell him how he felt. Now he might never get the opportunity to tell him. Winged Kuriboh appeared in front of Jaden's sad face.

Kuri kurr kuri! Winged Kuriboh chirped, trying to cheer up his depressed master. Jaden smiled meekly at the fuzz ball.

"Yeah, maybe." Jaden said sadly. Winged Kuriboh frowned and jumped into Jaden's now spikier hair. He nestled into it. Jaden looked up at Kuriboh. He chuckled.

Winged Kuriboh is right Jaden. You will see Jesse again…someday. Yubel comforted Jaden in his mind. Jaden chuckled once again. After he and Yubel had fused, Yubel finally understood everything about Jaden, mainly his own feelings. Jaden loved Jesse, a simple fact, and Yubel loved Jaden enough to let him be in love with someone else.

Yeah, thanks Yubel. You're both right, I will see him again someday. Jaden said, smirking.

Exactly. Yubel said. Jaden sighed and sat up. He leaned against a tree, bringing his left leg so it pressed against his chest. He rested his left arm on his knee and looked back up at the sky.

What? Jaden thought, confused. The sky, last time Jaden looked (which could have been no more than five minutes ago) was completely cloudless. Now it was filled with dark grey clouds, threatening to over flow the earth.

It was just cloudless, why is it so cloudy now? Jaden wondered. Before Jaden could ponder anymore, he heard his name being called off in the distance. Jaden looked behind the tree and saw Syrus walking briskly toward him.

"Jaden! There you are!" Syrus said, stopping next to Jaden. Jaden looked up at Syrus.

"What's up Sy?" Jaden asked.

"Classes are in a few minutes Jaden. I don't think Dr. Crowler would like it very much if you're late…again." Syrus said. Jaden nodded.

"Yeah, good point." Jaden said, standing up. Syrus walked off towards class, Jaden following behind him. Jaden jammed his hands into his pockets when a cold gust of wind blew through the island.

I've got a bad feeling all of a sudden…


Jesse, Jim, and Axel walked onto the deck of the ship. Jim and Jesse were laughing as if they were drunk and Axel was smiling quite warmly.

"Man, I can't believe you guys broke the DDR machine!" Jim said, laughing. Jesse laughed a little harder.

"Well, if Axel didn't play it with combat boots, we probably wouldn't have." Jesse said. Axel looked at him.

"I don't have anything besides combat boots." Axel defended himself. Jesse smiled. Both he and Jim finally stopped laughing. The trio started talking when Shirley growled. Everyone looked at her. She was on Jim's back and looking up at the sky with menacing eyes. Everyone looked up at the sky.

The sky was filled with dark clouds.

"A storm…" Axel said, his mind wondering. Jim nodded.

"Let's go to my room mates, it's the closest." Jim said. Both Jesse and Axel nodded. The three of them headed toward the rooms.


Thunder cracked through the air. Rain was coming down in sheets and making it nearly impossible to see anything. Wind howled and lightning lit up the sky. Jaden looked out the window in Crowler's room. The nice, sunny day was long gone by now.

I have a bad feeling about this storm Jaden. Yubel said. Jaden cocked an eyebrow.

What do you mean? Jaden asked.

I'm a little worried. What about the ship? And Jesse? Yubel asked. Jaden chuckled lightly.

Yubel, this is so unlike you. Jaden teased. Yubel sighed.

I'm serious Jaden. Yubel said. Jaden nodded.

I know you are Yubel but they're on a huge ocean liner. They're completely safe. Jaden said.

If you say so Jay…


Jesse slammed painfully into the wall of the ship.

"This isn't good!" Axel yelled over the howling wind. Jesse pulled himself to his feet and looked at Axel.

"Ya think!" Jesse yelled. Ruby appeared on Jesse shoulder, cowering in fright of the storm. Jesse stroked her cheek.

Sush, don't worry Ruby. Everything's going to be fine. Jesse thought lovingly. Suddenly, the entire ship went dark.

"What's going on?" Jim yelled.

"I don't know!" Axel yelled. Suddenly, the ship jerked backwards, throwing the boys against the back wall. Cobalt Eagle appeared in the darkness.

I'll go see what's happening! Cobalt said, taking off in flight. Jesse nodded. Cobalt took off out the door and around the ship. Jim, Jesse, and Axel stood up slowly on the bed. The back up lights came on.

"What's happening?" Jesse asked; panic lacing his southern accented voice. Jim and Axel looked at each other.

"I think the ships power just went out." Axel said, looking at Jesse. Jesse's bright green eyes grew wide with fright. Before Jesse could question what Axel said, Cobalt crashed through the door.

Jesse! We're in BIG trouble!


"Mr. Yuki! Please answer the question!" Dr. Crowler shrieked. Jaden looked at the front board, which was covered in some chicken scratch he only assumed was Dr. Crowler's hand writing.

"What's the question again?" Jaden asked. Dr. Crowler let out an exasperated sigh and looked at Jaden.

"What is Just Desserts effect?" Crowler repeated though clenched teeth. Jaden sighed and opened his mouth to answer when Chancellor Sheppard appeared on the large screen in front of the class. Everyone looked at him.

His face was calm but looked very grim.

"Attention students and faculty of Duel Academy. Please go to the Auditorium immidently." Chancellor Sheppard ordered. Once he finished, he cut out. Jaden looked up at his friends in the Obelisk Blue section, confusion on his face. They shrugged.

"Okay, you heard him, everyone to the auditorium now!"


"Why do you think Chancellor Sheppard called us here?" Bastion asked, looking around the auditorium. Alexis shrugged.

"Who knows but by the way he looked, I don't think it's going to be very pleasant news." Alexis said. Everyone looked down at the platform in the middle of the room. Chancellor Sheppard stood there. He flipped on his microphone and cleared his throat into it. The auditorium grew quiet.

"Students, I'm afraid I come baring bad news." Chancellor Sheppard said. He took a deep breath before continuing. "The ocean liner carrying our newest friends Jesse Andersen, Jim Cook, and Axel Brodie," As Chancellor Sheppard said each name, a picture of them appeared on the screen behind him. "suffered a serious power failure, causing the ship to…" Chancellor Sheppard broke off. He took a deep, shaking breath. "I can't drag this on. The ocean liner was struck with a large tidal wave and…sunk."

Everyone froze. Jaden couldn't breath.


"As of now, it is now known if there are any survivors." Chancellor Sheppard stated in a sad voice.

"God…" Chazz mumbled. Jaden couldn't take anymore. He stood up quickly and ran out of the auditorium.

"Jay!" Syrus yelled, looking at the retreating Slifer. Jaden broke through the doors, which slammed with a large thunk. Chancellor Sheppard looked up at the door.

Jaden…I'm so sorry.


Jaden ran through the icy cold rain, which froze him to the bone. The wind howled, making Jaden even colder.

But he didn't care one bit.

He ran through the woods, pushing branches out of the way. The ones he missed cut though his uniform, slicing his skin, causing it to bleed.

Still, he kept running.

No, this can't be happening. It can't be true. Jesse…he…he can't be…damn it! Jaden broke out of the woods, right on his cliff. He fell to his knees. The tears were flowing freely from his eyes, mixing with the rain. Winged Kuriboh appeared a few feet away from Jaden. He looked sadly at his master.

In Jaden's mind, images of Jesse flashed like a slideshow. From the moment they met, to when they dueled Yubel, ending with the departing ocean liner…

Jaden looked up at the sky angrily.

"NO" Jaden yelled. He pounded his fists on the ground. "NO, NO, NO!" Jaden continued to scream, pounding his fists on the ground till they were swollen and bloodied. Jaden looked back at the sky.

"I NEVER GOT THE CHANCE TO TELL YOU I LOVE YOU!" Jaden yelled, more tears running down his face, though it was hard to see though the rain.

"JESSE! NO PLEASE! NO! THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING! THIS CAN'T BE TRUE!" Jaden buried his face in his hands and sobbed, Jesse's smiling face flashing in his mind, only making him cry harder.


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