"Are you sure about this?" Misty asked, looking at Dawn with a nervous look.

"Look, it's not like we have a choice," Dawn said, sighing, "We agreed to play along".

"I know, but still…" Misty said, looking at the house before them.

Dawn began thinking back to the day that brought about the current situation. Ash and the gang were travelling to their next city, and were surprised to find Misty waiting for them. Apparently, she was tired of being a Gym Leader, and wanted to travel the new region of Sinnoh. After a few quick introductions between her and Dawn, the group of four continued towards their destination. Not more than ten minutes later, a wild Ditto showed itself, and Dawn, eager to prove her skills in front of Misty, leapt into action. She quickly threw her pokeball, and after the red immateria subsided, Pachirisu stood poised, ready to battle. After a few electric attacks (one which resulted in Dawn getting zapped), the Ditto was only slightly damaged.

Before Dawn could contemplate her next move, a familiar mech with a large "R" on its chassis plowed its way through the trees. A capsule quickly shot out, and ensnared the Ditto, and Pachirisu. Dawn grabbed the capsule as it was pulled back towards the mech, and Misty grabbed onto Dawn's legs. Team Rocket took this moment to begin chanting their usual dialogue. After they had finished, Jessie tried to wrestle Misty and Dawn away from the capsule, while James and Meowth prepared to fight the "twerps". Ash wasted no time in throwing Pikachu into the ring.

"Pikachu, thunderbolt!" Ash screamed.

"Ash, no!" Misty screamed.

Misty's cry had been heard, but Pikachu's lightning was already on its way to the mech before it could be processed. The last thing Dawn heard before the mech exploded, was Misty cursing out Ash.

Dawn and Misty woke a few hours later, and found themselves in the middle of the forest, with an unconscious Jessie lying a few feet from them. The explosion must have "blasted them off" somewhere far into the forest. The two trainers were surprised to find out that Jessie had a radio to contact James with, and she was able to use it (although reluctantly) to arrange for there rescue. It would take a few hours, so the three girls decided to uncharacteristically play a game to pass the time. They eventually decided on truth or dare, with only a few stipulations, those being that Pokemon cannot change hands, and any dares cannot be death defying. At first, the only dares were stupid ones, but they soon escalated into more embarrassing endeavors. As Dawn's turn rolled around, she reluctantly chose dare, and watched Jessie get a smile more evil than usual.

"Ok, then, Dawn. I want you to come to my Sinnoh residence after we're rescued, for a little, Pampering…" Jessie said, still smiling evilly.

"Pampering?" Dawn asked, wondering why shewould say something like that.

"Yes, Pampering" Jessie replied, "but believe me, it's not what you think..."

Dawn, a girl of her word, hesitantly agreed, and accepted the paper with the residence's address on it. It was then Misty's turn, and embarrassed after the last truth she revealed, and confident that Dawn would not do a dare that was too embarrassing, decided to say dare. Dawn looked at her, and blushed.

"I dare you to do the dare Jessie just challenged me to with me" Dawn said, still blushing.

Misty sat in stunned silence, unable to do more than nod her head weakly. She didn't think that her new friend would do something like that, but she assumed that Dawn only did it so she wouldn't be doing it alone. Before Jessie could choose either truth or dare, James arrived, followed quickly by Ash & Brock. After that ordeal, Misty and Dawn lied to Ash and Brock, saying that they needed some time off, and would do so when they reached town (which is where Jessie's residence was). As soon as they arrived in town, they split from the boys, saying they would meet back up with them in one week. After some hesitance, the girls searched for the place they didn't want to go, and found it much sooner than they expected.

Dawn's train of thought was broken as the door opened, and revealed a familiar face. Jessie was standing in the doorway, with a large smile on her face. Her red hair, was styled long, and in a way that succumbed to gravity, instead of the usual style which had it jutting from the back of her head, almost straight out.

"So, you actually showed up, huh?" Jessie said, still smiling.

"Let's just get this over with…" Dawn muttered.

"Well, let's go inside then," Jessie said.

"Right…" Misty sighed.

Jessie led the two inside, and down a corridor.

"So, what exactly are you going to do with us?" Dawn asked, inquisitively.

"Oh, I think you'll find out after we head into the room" Jessie said, her smile growing even more.

Jessie opened the door, revealed the room in question. Misty and Dawn could only stare in shock at what lay inside.