Childish Antics

Jessie returned about an hour and a half later, noticing that both girls were still asleep. A quick glance told her that Dawn was wet, while Misty was still dry. Jessie walked over to Dawn's crib, and gently lifted her out of it, causing her to begin waking up. Dawn rubbed her eyes as she was carried, and noticed the cold, moist feeling from her wet diaper. She held back her own tears, not wanting Jessie to get the satisfaction of seeing her cry. Jessie silently laid Dawn onto the soft padding of the changing table, and gave a big smile.

"Boy, you're quite a heavy-wetter, aren't you?" Jessie asked, condescendingly.

"N-no…" Dawn replied, sheepishly, afraid of the punishment she would receive if she said some of the other things on her mind.

Jessie let out a small laugh, and then un-taped the blue-haired girl's diaper, sliding the sodden garment out from under her. After tossing it out, she used some baby wipes to wipe the urine off Dawn's privates, causing Dawn to blush, and shudder a bit. She then elicited a larger blush after she rubbed the baby powder onto Dawn's privates. Jessie slid a new diaper under Dawn's still sore bum, taped it up, and lifted Dawn back up from the changing table.

"All done!" Jessie saccharinely stated, causing Dawn to blush once again.

Dawn almost uttered a "thank you", but managed to stop herself from doing so in time. Jessie carried Dawn over to the playpen, and gave her her pacifier back after placing her in it. Jessie then walked over to Misty's crib, and then woke her up the same way she did Dawn. After placing her into the playpen, she slid her first two fingers into the waistband of Misty's diaper, causing her to blush.

"Hmm, still dry," Jessie stated.

Jessie then pulled two bottles of milk out from a bag next to playpen, and replaced each girl's pacifiers with one of them.

"Why don't you two play for awhile," Jessie said, "If you need me, I'll be over here"

Jessie then walked over to the infamous chair, and sat down, pulling out a book from the bookshelf next to it. Making sure she kept an eye on the playpen, Jessie began reading. After finishing her bottle, Misty looked around at the toys and stuffed animals in the playpen, and looked back over at Jessie, noticing that she was watching them as well as reading. Misty sighed, and then absent-mindedly played with the rattle in front of her, before getting bored. Dawn watched, and decided to try to have a conversation with Misty. Dawn took the half-full bottle out of her mouth, and placed it on the floor next to her.

"Finish your bottle, Dawn," Jessie stated, looking up from her book.

Dawn sighed, and picked the bottle back up, suckling the warm milk out of it. When she was finished, she let the bottle fall, and crawled over to Misty.

"Um, what are you doing?" Misty asked Dawn, giving her an odd look.

"Huh?" Dawn asked, not getting what she meant.

"You just crawled over to me…" Misty said.

"O-oh…" Dawn said, blushing, "I didn't mean to, it just felt right."

"Uh-huh…" Misty replied, still giving Dawn an odd look.

Dawn just looked away, and began playing with a stuffed animal, not wanting to look Misty in the eye right now. Misty felt bad about embarrassing Dawn like that, and tried to cheer her up by playfully poking her with a different stuffed animal. Dawn turned to look at the Piplup plushy, and wanted it instantly. She grabbed it, and began pulling on it. Misty, thinking Dawn was playing, began pulling it too. After a few seconds of tugging on it, Misty realized Dawn wasn't kidding, and was truly being a brat about a stupid stuffed animal. Misty let go of the plushy, which caused Dawn to get thrown back, and sit the side of her playpen with her head. Dawn began tearing up instantly, while Misty gave her an angry glare.

"If two certain girls don't play nice, they will once again find themselves with a red bum…" Jessie stated, not looking up from her book.

Dawn and Misty just crossed their arms, and looked away from each other, each giving off a "Hmmpf!", while the plushy lay on the floor, forgotten. At that second, both girls realized just how babyish they were acting, and blushed.

"S-sorry for letting you fall back…" Misty said, not looking Dawn in the eye.

"Yeah, sorry for being a baby about that plushy…" Dawn said, wiping the tears from her eyes. Both girls hugged after their apologies, and were interrupted by Jessie.

"Aww, isn't that adorable…"Jessie said, mockingly.

Both girls blushed once again, and stopped hugging. Jessie put her book down, and walked over to the playpen. Without warning, she checked each girl's diaper, causing each girl to blush, before she pronounced each dry.

"Hmm, you haven't eaten yet, have you?" Jessie asked, looking at Misty.

Misty, not wanting to endure the embarrassment of a highchair feeding, wanted to say no, but the rumbling from her stomach overwhelmed the embarrassment, and caused her to shake her head.

"Ok, then, let's get you fed!" Jessie said, with another big smile on her face.

Misty sighed as she was lifted from the playpen, leaving Dawn to play by herself. Once Misty was out of the playpen, Dawn reached over, and grabbed the Piplup plushy, giving it a big hug. Misty looked at the highchair as she was carried over to it, mentally prepping herself for what was to come.