I don't own anything involved with SU2, if I did we would currently be on season 13 with no end in sight. As I don't know the names of any other SU2 officers, I made some up, but I promise their existence will be of little consequence to the story at large.

The Heat

"All right people, we have an unknown female link who is slaughtering women in the Hyde Park area."

It was a typical day at Special Unit 2; the department was gathered for their morning debriefing. Currently on the menu was a series of gory violent deaths targeting women walking alone at night, through the Hyde Park region of Chicago. While the deaths were being spun in the news as a separate mugging gone wrong, a murder, and a traffic accident, they seemed to be a series of attacks perpetrated by one female link. This lead came from a homeless man who had been resting, or rather boozing, a few yards away on a park bench.

Captain Page's booming baritone continued, "Jonathan! Given the rather vague description from the one witness found to the last attack, do you have any idea what we're dealing with?"

"Umm...not really, sir..." Came the muddled reply from SU2 link expert.

"Do you know what it might look like?"

"Female was the only description the homeless guy could give us, sir." Came Jonathan's chagrined response, while he stared at his sneakers. Looking like a grade school student caught playing hooky, Jonathan continued, "but in comparing the umm... carnage that was left at the three crime scenes, I think we are looking at the same link, or at least the same type of link for all the murders."

"But we don't know which, link, despite the crime scene evidence AND a witness. How many female links could their possibly be that can rip apart helpless women with their bare hands, then apparently vanish without a trace?"

"Umm...lots?" The glare Page leveled at his link expert would have quelled a troll, to say nothing of the timid researcher.

If possible, Captain page swelled to even larger proportions as he prepared to dress down the second greatest annoyance in his life, nothing could top Carl, when he was interrupted by a voice at his side.

"Trust me Captain, I talked to this weasel myself, if he knew anything about our link, or any other crime, or the recipe for the secret sauce, he would have gladly coughed it up. As it was the two main words in his vocabulary were 'Jack' and 'Daniel's'." O'Malley quipped.

"Geez O'Malley, not content with killing links and torturing small animals, you've taken to beating on the human populace too?" As the sarcasm was emanating from around waist level, O'Malley didn't bother to look down.

"Don't worry Carl, I wouldn't harm the cities rodents or stray cats, so your dating pool should be unaffected."

"If you two are finished, we have murders to solve, so perhaps your juvenile theatrics can stop before I throw you both in a cell for a while." Page paused in his tirade, and hearing no stupid commentary from either 'men', he continued to address the whole department.

"Okay people, this evening we will have every officer staking out Hyde Park, and we'll use a decoy to hopefully draw out the attacker." Captain Page was unfazed by the forthcoming interruption.

"Ooh a decoy! Kate did you hear that? You get to be a hooker again!" O'Malley waited for the caustic retort that usually followed such a declaration, but received none. Looking around the chaos of the office, he realized that his blonde partner was not among the rapidly scattering officers.

Captain Page watched his best and most destructive detective flounder for a moment before filling him in on the situation.

"Had you actually been on time for the debriefing, O'Malley, you would have heard me say that Detective Benson called in sick today. That being the case, Detective Owens," here he nodded to the middle aged, red haired detective that had been with SU2 for several years, "will be acting as our decoy in this maneuver." Announcements completed, Captain Page retreated to the pleasant solitude of his office.

Distracted by the news that his partner was sick, O'Malley whipped out his cell phone.

He stared a few seconds then shook the phone, and then turned it upside down. Finally, Carl decided to ask him what the hell he was doing.

"I have no messages, and no missed calls." Came O'Malley's slightly confused response.

"Oh, well I can understand that must be hard for you, but with a face like that O'Malley, I would have thought you'd be used to it by now." Carl responded, then broke Olympic track records as he ran for his life before O'Malley realized what he'd just said.

O'Malley contemplated calling his partner, the discarded the option, either she was so sick that she hadn't wanted to make more that one phone call this morning, or she didn't want to talk to him. Since the latter possibility was inconceivable, he prepared to go pay a visit to the wayward detective. Ignoring his Captain's bellowing about how his presence at the stake out was mandatory, Nick headed out of the office. The stake out wasn't for hours, and the Captain should know that he would never miss the change to take out one of these murdering link bastards.

Filled with mild concern for his partner, and a budding joy in his heart at the thought of the evening's possible destruction, Nick jumped in his car and headed out for Kate's apartment, after deciding that it would be completely inappropriate for him to call on his sick comrade without an offering of donuts.

End Chapter 1

The first part of this story will focus on the crime aspects of the plot as much as the relationship, most likely, but may evolve into more shipness later. Hope you enjoy!