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Nick had never been one for words, unless it was a steady barrage of sarcasm, and he wasn't vocal as he caressed his partner. Silent, strong, violent and protective, he had one hand around the back of Kate's neck and the other questing through her tank top just seconds after she responded to him. Feeling the heat rising off his body, Kate worked to get him out of his blood-encrusted clothes. First, the coat had to go. She would have laughed at his growling when his arms were pushed back so she could tug the encrusted garb off his shoulders, but this wasn't the time for laughter or jokes. This was the time for action.

With Nick's cooperation, the coat was soon divested, and Kate's nimble fingers made quick work of the equally stained shirt.

Once unencumbered, Kate had moved to explore the newly exposed regions of Nick's well-defined torso, but was stopped short by the bloodstains that still covered him.

"Nick-OOF!" was all Kate got out before she was pushed backwards to land on the floor. Her partner seemed more than ready to continue as he crawled over her.

A gang of Zaybar couldn't pull Kate from her partner at this moment, but as much as she wanted to continue; not with the blood, not on the floor, and not...like some quick roll in the hay.

"Nick, shower." The lapping at her neck was pleasurable, incredibly so, but not an acquiescence to her request.

Never realizing her police training would be used in this kind of situation, Kate pulled her arms from Nick's shoulders and in rapid motion knocked his arms wide at the elbows. Before he could fall on her, thus ending any remaining will to resist that the woman possessed, Kate shoved her palms into his upper chest, knocking her partner back on his knees.

The shock and betrayal on his face forced her to sit up and wrap her arms around the man. Kate didn't know what had happened on the mission, but it must have been horrendous for Nick to be this open.

"Come on Nick, I'm not stopping, but we need to get you cleaned up." This time her words seemed to penetrate, and Nick stood shakily. Kate followed him up and with an arm around his waist, began pulling Nick through the bedroom and into the bath. The bathroom was the selling feature of the whole apartment, with a double sink and Jacuzzi style bathtub. The landlord had leered when he said the huge tub could 'easily seat four' but right now it looked perfect for two, what with the thrashing that would be going on. She got the water in the tub running and as habit threw in some rose-scented bubble bath. Nick might not like it, but it was her tub and she doubted he'd complain.

But first the shower. Thankful that the glass encased shower was separate from the tub, Kate cracked open the stall to reach in and get the water going hot and pounding.

She then turned to face her partner. Nick was watching her with a guarded expression, like he didn't know what she would do next. Kate saw that the man hadn't made any attempt to change out of the rest of his clothing, and sighing the blond detective began to rethink this whole scene.

"Nick, are you okay there, partner?" Kate was worried, sure Nick had been very physically expressive on how he wanted to spend the evening, but really hadn't said anything. Was she taking advantage? Could one actually take advantage of the ever-perverted Nick O'Malley? Kate doubted it was possible, but Nick had been acting strange since arriving at her apartment this evening, and turned on or not Kate would rather be locked in a room with a wailing baensidhe than force her friend into something he wasn't prepared for.

Shaking her head, Kate closed the distance to her partner, the steam from the shower and hot tub beginning to cloud her vision slightly. Reaching out, she cupped his cheek in one hand and forced Nick's gaze up to meet her own. Seeing that the other's eyes had been hovering around chest level made her want to not even voice her concern, but even being a pervert, Nick seemed to currently be a hurt pervert and as such was deserving of a certain level of care.

"Nick, go ahead and get in the shower and clean off, I'll get your clothes in the washer while you scrub up. Then we can either hit the tub, or you can just go to sleep." She couldn't believe how hard this was to offer, which let Benson know once and for all that, yes, she was very repressed, and apparently she had been repressing a strong desire to climb Nick like a flagpole for months now. "This won't go any further than you borrowing my shower if you don't want it to."

The life seemed to return to Nick's eyes just a bit at that, though it was a husky rasp, he responded, "protecting my virtue, partner? Thanks." With a small smirk, Nick walked closer to the shower and began to remove the rest of his clothes.

Despite all that she and Nick had been doing just a few minutes before, Kate felt heat growing on her face as her partner's belt thumped onto the bath mat next to the shower. Under the guise of getting the man some towels, the flushed detective turned her attention to the cabinet she stored her bath products in. Kate listened to her partner disrobing with the level of intensity one usually would reserve for checking on a ticking bomb, but refused to lower herself to the level of peeping on Nick, even if she doubted the other man would care, or show such propriety in a reversed situation.

After what seemed like eternity the shower door opened and closed, emitting another puff of steam, and the sound of the water against the tile was altered to that of hitting flesh. With a sigh Benson pulled out two white guest towels, though guys only ever seemed to need one, and walked to the shower stall.

"Nick, the towels are hanging on the door, and I'm going to go wash your clothes, maybe two or three times, so just take your time." With a small sigh, Kate placed the towels on the metal rail on the shower door and moved to leave.

"No." was softly emitted from the shower. More indecipherable speech followed, and puzzled, Kate leaned against the door, trying to read the expression the faceless peach blob through the steamed glass.

"Nick, I don't think I caught that-" Kate began when the door opened and a hand shot out to latch onto her wrist. Kate let out a small 'eep!' as she was dragged into the shower, through the spray, and against the wall directly under the showerhead. A split second later all conscious thought was eradicated in the detective's mind as a very warm, very wet, and very hard body pressed her into the wall. His response was breathed heavily into her neck.

"I said 'no, don't worry about the clothes, come here.' I thought about the going to bed, or getting in the tub, and after careful consideration, I've decided that both choices would take too damned long." Impossibly, Nick pressed even closer to Kate. She could feel him through her soaked clothes, she could feel how ready he was, even through her jeans. Her whole body salivated as she gazed at him. He'd been shirtless around her often enough that she hadn't been awkward with him as she'd gotten his shirt off, now though, faced with parts previously unknown, her heart fluttered up to her throat.

She knew she would never live down what came out of her mouth.

"Wow" She bit her lip and looked up to meet his eyes as Jonathan's catch phrase for every new factoid in the universe was uttered.

He was smirking has he bent his head and took her lips.

Half lying under the shower spray and half lying under his partner, Nick recollected his wits after he came down from his bliss.

A small chuckle escaped him as he gazed at Kate, who he now had to tease for passing out after sex.

With a moan, Nick slid himself out from underneath the dozing blond, and sitting up waited a few moments to let the shower rinse them both off, before finally turning off the now tepid water and reaching outside for the towels. He dried quickly and wrapped the towel around his waist, before scooping Kate into his arms and levering the towel around her. He had a feeling that she would be annoyed tomorrow morning for her hair dripping a trail of water across the bathroom, bedroom and into her pillow as he laid her on the bedspread, but he couldn't bring himself to care at the moment, he wasn't sure he had ever been happier than he was laying in Kate's bed, and holding the wonderful woman in his arms.

Lethargically he reached over to her nightstand for the glass of water she kept handy. He doubted she'd care if he had some, what with all that they'd just shared. The sight of Kate's gun, muzzle pointed at the bed, made him jump slightly. Honestly, its amazing she had lived this long if this was how she kept her room, she'd likely blow her own hand off at best. The alarm clock read 12:15am, amazing how little time had passed since the...mission, he was still in a bit of shock over all that happened, but in hindsight he knew had done all he could to save the other detective, and was almost certain he had seen the downed detective moving slightly as she was loaded into the ambulance. That she was alive was great, and that they would blow the hell out of the monster that took out one of SU2's finest was icing on the cake.

As Nick set the water back on the nightstand he knocked over something on the heavily burdened furniture. Reaching blindly over the edge of the bed he grabbed it and pulled up Kate's thermometer.

Ah, that's right, Nick had forgotten that Kate had been sick earlier. So sick, in fact, that she had nearly collapsed in his arms, and had had to be carried back to bed with a high fever. She had seemed lucid and well when he arrived this evening...but, hell, she had been completely coherent when he had been here just hours ago as well.

Rolling over he looked at his slumbering partner. Her face was slightly flushed and she seemed to be sleeping deeply. Laying a hand across her forehead, he could tell she was warm, but whether it was from a fever of the shower he couldn't be sure. Like hell he couldn't, he had left here at three with her nearly unconscious, then returned around eleven and took her, in the shower, against the wall.

Nick rolled on his back as panic began to set in. It wasn't the normal panic he felt when someone was in danger. No this wasn't like a splash of cold, this was being dragged under a glacier and left to drown. How could he have let this happen?

He knew how. Because when he looked down and saw the inert, bleeding form of Detective Owen's, his mind had implanted Kate's face over the image. So he had fled, fled to Kate's apartment and into Kate's arms, so relieved that she was safe. Now, he had to deal with the aftermath. Even if Kate had enjoyed it, had been willing, who could be willing with a high fever? Had she even been dragging him into the bathroom and running the tub for sex, or had she not even thought about what she was doing?

Still frozen in his partner's bed, Nick's mind reeled. What would happen when she woke up? Would she be happy, angry, would she cry, or be afraid? The last two thoughts made a lump well in his throat. The idea of his Kate crying, or pulling away in fright...it was too much. Nick was in the bathroom and gathering up his bloodstained clothing before he could even thing about it. They were stiff and vile, but he would wear them and he would get out of here.

He quickly donned all his attire, checked that his coat still contained his keys and wallet, and then made for the door. Panic was putting him into pure fight or flight mode and for the first time ever, flight, was winning. After all, how on earth could he fight Kate? Hand on the door handle, Nick finally stopped and took a deep breath. He nearly chuckled as he thought of the last time he left, mentioning sleeping naked. Now here he was, a naked Kate in bed after just being with him, and he was fleeing. Fleeing because he was fairly certain that he had just betrayed his partner, his best friend, and the woman he probably loved all in one fell swoop. Well that's what happens when all three are the same amazing person, and you rank lower than slime.

Nick had always been a pervert, but generally only with those equally perverse, and now, for perhaps the first time ever, Nick hated himself.

"I'm sorry, Kate, so sorry." Nick shut the door softly as he left.

End Ch. 4

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