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One: Foxes and Hamburgers

Danny Fenton arrived home to find himself alone; no Jazz, no Mom, and no Dad. Just him. All by his lonesome. It wasn't the first time and it probably wasn't going to be the last but Danny was comfortable with that, there were days when he needed a little 'me time' all to himself.

On the other hand, he was hungry. Throwing his school bag on a vacant chair, he walked over the fridge and started digging around inside it. Some flat soda, something that might have been meatloaf at one point in history, a couple of bruised apples, and…

"Sweet! Leftover hamburgers!" The boy straightened up, kicking the fridge shut as he turned around, opened the container, and started eating them cold, too lazy to bother warming them up. A crash from down in his parents' lab made him freeze and set the container on the counter beside him and creep towards the stairs. Something pricked the back of his mind and his ghost sense went off, making his eyes narrow and flash to green as he went 'ghost', and he dashed down the stairs only to skid to a stop, mouth a gape.

Tussling in the mess scattered across the floor were two, giant animals, snarling and snapping at each other, both slightly translucent. One was what appeared to be a tabby cat, one of its ears was ripped off and it was covered in parallel stripes. The other was obviously a fox, its fur was a deep red and there was white splotches on its feet, muzzle, and the end of its tail. The two rolled across the floor, tearing at each other, until the fox kicked the cat towards the wall where it phased through, last instant. Then the great vulpus turned its glowing eyes on Danny.

"Human child…" The deep voice was strained with pain and all Danny could do was stare, fascinated by this huge, animal ghost, "I don't know who you are but I ask you one thing and one thing alone. Protect my treasure. Do you promise this? Do you promise to protect my amethyst treasure?"

Danny could only nod stupidly.

"Then I entrust her to you…protect her with your life!" The fox ghost launched itself through the wall and, after a few moments of blinking and gapping at nothing, Danny followed.

The fight had taken to the skies but it was clear who was going to lose. The fox was being pushed back and Danny longed to help but he just couldn't find an opening. All he could do was watch and hope that the fox ghost would come out alive. But this was not to be. Clamping its jaws around the neck of the cat, the fox curled over, red energy flaring off its body in blinding waves.

"Foolish child! What're you doing! Run!"

"Run!?" Danny shouted over the roar of energy flying through the air, "From what!?"

"The blast, you fool! Run!"

"Wha-!?" But the fox couldn't contain his power any longer and an explosion of red energy sent Danny tumbling head over heels through the air, shaking the very bones in his body. When he got his bearings back, the skies were empty. No sign of a ghostly fox or cat in sight. Danny pushed his white hair from his glowing green eyes and phased back through into his parents' lab, which was a mess.

Returning to his human form, he looked around at the mess, hands in his pockets, and sighed deeply. He was always left to clean up after the ghosts that came through the Ghost Zone, picking fights with himself or each other. A low, whimpering sound cut his thoughts off and he raised an eyebrow, turning his blue eyes this way and that, searching for the source of the noise.

"Hello? Is anyone there?" He called, not really expecting an answer, "Hello? Mr. Fox dude? Are you there?" He picked his way through the wreckage, wincing at the smeared blood and broken equipment, "Hey! Is someone there!? I can hear you!"

A box shifted next to an over turned table and Danny made his way over there, kicking the box aside, wary about getting to close to what was beneath it.

"Hey little fella', what're you-whoa!" The youth jerked away from a small ghost fox that was snapping weakly at him, its hackles raised. The thing looked half starved.

"Geez, no need to get snippy with me…!" Danny muttered, scowling at the little fox as it growled and then went back to its whimpering, "I just-hey, what's that?" Hardly daring to lean closer, Danny squinted at something that was shining between the fox's front paws; a small, violet, gem set in silver on a thin silver chain.

"You…human…" The fox's eyes cracked open, a blur of deep purple sparkling at him, "Who are you?"

"Danny. Danny Fenton. Um, are you, by any possible chance, uh, some sort of amethyst treasure?"

"My name…is Amethyst…if that is what you're asking…My father…was the great fox…" The creature whimpered again, "Please, Danny, do you have any food? I…haven't eaten anything…"

Danny didn't hesitate to ask why a ghost would need to eat, he simply scooped up the fox and carried her up the stairs, setting her on the table as he looked around for something to feed her. The container of leftover hamburgers was still sitting on the counter where he'd left it and he picked a couple out, tossing them on the table in front of the fox. She immediately started eating as Danny reached for his phone.

"Hey Tucker?" Amethyst stopped eating and pricked her ears in his direction, "Yeah, are you busy? Can you come over for a while? No…well, it might be a problem." Danny shot a worried, blue-eyed glance at her, "Really, it's cool? Great. Get Sam for me too, would you? Sweet. See you in a few!" And he hung up.

"Who was that? Was that thing talking back to you?"

It took Danny a minute to figure out that Amethyst had been asking about the phone.

"No, see, I just called my friend Tucker on it. It's called a telephone." This was weird, even spirits from the Ghost Zone knew about modern day technology, "It lets you talk to people from far away."

"Strange." Amethyst said, licking his chops, "Is this your den, Danny? Are you Clan Leader?"

"Clan Leader? What? Den? No, this is a house." He fell into a chair at the table, "And it's my parent's house. By the way, why are you here?"

Amethyst didn't say anything, just stood and stretched, fluffy tail curling over her back. Danny watched her, raising an eyebrow. Here he was, talking to a ghost fox for no apparent reason. It felt odd. The doorbell rang and he jumped.

"Hold on, I'll be right back!" He stood up, "Don't do anything!" And he ran for the door, throwing it open when he reached it.

"Hi Danny!" It was Tucker and Sam.

"Hey, come on, come on!" Danny grabbed their hands and dragged them inside before slamming the door, leading them towards the kitchen, "You're not going to believe this!"

Amethyst was still on the table, licking the gem around her neck now. She snarled and bristled when Sam and Tucker followed Danny into the room.

"Danny…why is there a ghost fox on your table?" Sam asked warily.

"Amethyst, cut it out!" The ghostly hero waved his hands at the fox, "Bad fox, bad!"

She stuck her nose up at him, ears flat, and turned around so the trio was looking at her back. Obviously she was insulted. Danny felt his face burn.

"Look, ah, I didn't mean it and, um, I-."

"Can't take anything seriously that's small and fuzzy." Finished Tucker, "Or a ghost."

"Shut it, Tucker!"

"You think I'm a joke, Danny?" Amethyst growled, "Will you take me seriously now?"

Red energy pulsated off her, she lost her translucent look, turning solid, and stood on all fours. A blinding flash of crimson light and perched on the table where the ghost fox had been sat a girl about Danny's age. She had deep red hair, faint freckles, and bright purple eyes. Her outfit was simple; a red shirt, a hooded black jacket with white stripes, and a pair of taupe pants decorated with lightning bolts on the bottom. It wasn't exactly stylish but it seemed to fit her well. And the violet gem still hung on its silver chain around her neck.

"So there's a talking ghost fox who can turn into a real girl? What's the problem Danny?" Tucker shrugged, "Why'd you drag us over here? I was just about to beat my him score on Pac Man!"

"Ignorant human boy!" Amethyst snapped and Sam scowled at her, "I am not a freak show!" She pushed her red hair over her shoulder, slipping off the table, looking angry with herself, "I suppose…I'm hiding until things settle down in the Ghost Zone."

"Hiding from who?" Sam asked.

"Probably any more of those giant cats!" Danny put in, "Like the one that was fighting with…the…giant…" The Fenton boy trailed off, color draining from his face as he looked at Amethyst, "Uh-oh…!"

"Danny…!" Tucker and Sam said at the same time, "What did you do!?"

"The giant fox ghost who was fighting the cat…told me to protect…you…indirectly speaking…!"

"My father!?" Amethyst cried, "My father!? The Yokai Ghost Fox Clan Leader told a mere human child to protect me!?"

"Well, I was ghost then!" The black-haired youth cried defensively, clenching his fists.

"You're that halfa!" Shouted the fox-girl and then jumped about a foot in the air as the door opened and slammed shut again.

"DAAAAAANNNYYYYYY!" Jazz called, walking into the kitchen, "DAA-oh!" She'd noticed the four kids standing around the table with an empty food container, "Did I interrupt something important?"

"Uhhh…!" Tucker stuttered, looking from, Danny, to Sam, to Amethyst, to Jazz, "Ummmm…n-no…!"

"A…uh…friend…!" Sam gave a nervous smile and threw an arm around Amethyst's shoulders, the other girl stiffening at the touch, "From…over seas…! Just…visiting!"

"Well, whatever, just get your homework done, okay Danny?" Jazz smiled a little too sweetly and walked up the stairs.

"Wonder what's bugging her…" Danny muttered and then turned to Amethyst who had pushed Sam off of her once Jazz had left, "Look, Amethyst, you can't stay here!"

"She can stay with me! I've got plenty of room!" Sam replied hurriedly as Amethyst opened her mouth to snap at Danny, "Plus, I can help her blend in."

"But she can't stay at your house alone when you're at school!" Tucker said, "What if one of those ghost cats Danny mentioned shows up!? What then!?"

The three friends looked at one another and then at the fox girl who was apparently fascinated with the refrigerator.

"Guess she's coming to school with us." Danny said, "Oh boy…she's just the kind of person Dash would pick on too! And I'd hate to think of what would happen if she went all nasty-fox-ghost in the halls!"

"Guess you're doing the dog training this time Sam…!" Tucker snickered.

"Oh no!" Sam shook her head, "That's Danny's job! He trains the ghosts! I stand back and watch the drama unfold!"

"I can't keep her in this house!" Danny shouted back, "GAH!" The boy slapped his forehead, exasperated, "Okay, okay, okay…! Look, Sam, please, I'm begging you, just make sure Amethyst stays out of trouble since she's obviously not going to go back into the Ghost Zone anytime soon…!"

"Why don't you just use the Thermos and make her go back?" Sam scowled again, crossing her arms, suddenly deciding she didn't like her own plan anymore.

"Well…um…" Danny rubbed the back of his neck, looking over his shoulder at Amethyst while Tucker continued to stifle his laughter, "Well…she's not exactly bad or anything…"

Sam shook her head and sighed. Despite the fact of him being totally clueless and a slight goof-off, Danny Fenton had a point.

"Alright, fine, I'll keep her at my place until she's ready to go home…!" The Goth girl stalked up to Amethyst and snatched the other girl's upper arm; Amethyst barred her teeth, "Cut it out! You're coming with me and you're going to listen to me unless you want some ghost cat to find you!" Amethyst quit snarling and shut her mouth, "Good!" Sam dragged the fox-girl out the door, glaring daggers at Danny the whole time.

"I think you owe her your soul now, Danny." Tucker muttered and the other boy laughed nervously.

"I think you're right, Tuck," Danny shrugged helplessly, "I'm gonna be her slave for life."

The two friends burst into peals of laughter and high-fived, almost forgetting about the fact that Amethyst was a ghost fox from the Ghost Zone, almost forgetting that her father had sacrificed his life to destroy a ghost cat from the same place, and almost forgetting that they could all be in more danger than before. Almost.


Next time on 'Melody in Red'

Danny: Hey, who does previews anymore? That's for old lame shows! My show's so cool, I don't need previews to be popular.

Tucker: Okay, so, then what're we supposed to do?

Sam: (looking extremely bored)

Danny: Oooh, oooh, I know! We can call it 'Mirror Phantom'! You can do anything you want and we'll make it a flippen' party!

Sam: And you expect EmptyHeart to take that lying down?

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Danny: Psh! I don't care! (sticks his tongue out) She can kiss my butt!

Sam: This is going to be bad…